Sunday, October 16, 2011

And so Game Informer has finally had enough -- that took about two weeks of Dark Souls bullshit...

I really have to be careful, because I'm not in the business of getting arrested again -- yet.

I still have commitments to friends and the like to take care of, but too many more gamers like the pieces of shit I have to deal with on Game Informer slamming me because I basically gave up on Dark Souls and said it was a Tournament of Champions RPG and I may well have to give up gaming if I don't want to end up like that guy in the last post I wrote to you.

But, basically, I try to log in tonight and find about a five-day ban for "Aggressive".

Aggressive? Hey, Game Informer Mods, you ain't seen fucking "Aggressive" til you come over here -- and I left your head editor the link to this blog in my Tweet to him.

And these little fucks can call me an ass, but when I call them on their shit, that's "Aggressive". If that's the case, ban me now, revoke my subscription to your magazine (which I pretty much asked Customer Service to do!), and be done with it.

My contempt for the US gamer knows only enough bounds that I can keep myself out of jail for a few hours at a time. And that's basically ONLY because I have commitments in the real world -- otherwise, I'd be in prison and I'd probably like it (or be dead soon enough that it wouldn't matter).

Too many more like the elitist Dark Souls players, and that might not be the case much longer.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

There is the occasional story which makes me think there are some people who get it...

I was running around the different gaming forums when I came across this little gem on Game Informer:

Grown Man Tracks Down and Chokes 13 Year-Old Black Ops Player

LinkGlory, hallelujah! We finally get a gamer who has had enough and uses the one recourse that is going to actually provide a deterrent for these little pieces of shit who do this all the time!

Kids are not "going to grow out of it", and you are an ignorant fool if you think otherwise.

Yeah, he's going to jail for it -- since we seem to honor violence by those who are allowed to perpetrate it like the little piece-of-shit who got him to snap...

But still, good on him. Seriously.