Sunday, October 28, 2012

SE Fail: Half the new "2-hours" have been junked!

Update on the Test Server indicates fully 10, or half, of the new SP Abilities ("2-Hours") have been taken out and shot!


all gone.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some more things I probably need to explain slowly and use small words on the BluCheater crowd...

1) Eurell, the idiot, comes back with this zinger"I think the best line was one of his recent ones, and explains everything about him perfectly. He was shocked and appalled(sp) that SE would rather have people happy than enforce rules like not being able to name yourself Cloud or starcade."

Your spelling of appalled is probably correct -- it doesn't come up as erroneous on my spellcheck.  *shock!*

Anyhoo:  Not only shocked and appalled, but, frankly, Square-Enix should not be in the business of making players happy at all.  Because if they were, they're not only Doing It Wrong, but their entire User Agreement and the list of Prohibited Acts runs abjectly contrary to the concept of player satisfaction:

First:  The players should then be allowed, at their sole discretion, to remove any player for no reason more than that the Game Experience is lessened by the presence of those who would be eliminated under this clause.  You're Gimp/Confused/WTF?  See ya.  You don't use the "necessary" tools for "proper" advancement in the game?  There's the door.  (That takes care of "PS2 Limitations" and probably would do away with worldwide 24 hour play on all servers.)  You aren't hardcore enough?  Get off our game.  You're done.

Basically, at that point, the dominant communities in the game should determine who plays and who doesn't, because they are the only reason the game still exists, in a world where the business is making the players happy.

It is the current Internet environment and the like which makes me a complete non-believer in the concepts of freedom and liberty.  You cannot give me those things without serious infringement on others.  You cannot give them to others without serious infringement on me.

Second:  The absolute ownership rights to the in-game materials which Square-Enix has would have to be immediately revoked, and RMT made legal.  Why?  Take an HONEST look.  When there were 32 servers and a claimed two million accounts, it was pretty much a given that half of the characters, at least, were RMT.

This probably has not changed.  Take a look at the remaining major LS'es, take a look at the number of RMT mules out there, and take a look at the multitude of abuse in this game.  I've had it said in rather hushed tones, and I'm going to bring it out into the open.

In the eyes of many players, the only satisfactory economy in the game only exists because people can buy and sell gil for advancement in the game (illegal under User Agreement 2.2), or for real money (same).  In short, RMT drives the economy of Final Fantasy XI, and the Special Task Force (as I laughed in Baccanale's face on Tuesday night) has been able to do NOTHING to stop it.

(And, as a side comment, the further down the road Seekers gets pushed, the more likely that the game becomes even MORE RMT-driven.)

Evidence: still exists.  It is known as the definitive RMT-spam mechanism for years, and, under the current Agreement, should've been shut down in court as the counterfeiters they are, no different than if they were selling counterfeit Final Fantasy items on the open market.

Square-Enix cannot be in the business of catering to law-illegal play.  Hence, it cannot be in the business of making it's players happy, because, at best, it can insulate the Japanese player-base (and, hence, give them preferential treatment) from a clearly socially-engineered-as-illegal player-base here in North America.

2) Ahhh, BorkBorkBork rears it's ugly head"LMAO at he GM'd himself for copyright violation and basically got told to find something better to do. Must suck to get all puffed up to free the world from injustice and get told to piss off."

You realize what that means, do you not?  (Of course you don't, Swedish Chef...)  Since you probably read the longer post, I'll give you the Cliffs' Notes version:  It basically renders any act in the game legal as long as it does not disrupt the player-base "too much".  They asked me to review the Agreement before I returned.  I have.  I have taken actions consistent with the reading of the Agreement.

What has happened gets dangerously close to my hypothetical "if Square-Enix wanted to make the players happy" clause above.  I mean, think about it:  Blizzard already understands that people want to make real money and a portion of a living off their gaming (Diablo III RL AH, with all the e-mail spam fishing that goes with it.).

Simply playing the game is not enough, especially in a game which is clearly dead or dying, even in the eyes of most of the dominant players.  Especially the longer it goes before Seekers of Adoulin comes out, why else continue to play?  Most of the dominants claim they have a superior position in the game, and, as long as Square-Enix continues to cater solely to lining it's own pockets and being blind/deaf/dumb to everything else, that won't change.

If there are not enough players who wish to play the game under the Agreement, the Agreement cannot be enforced on any of us.  At that point, see that large cord and interface coming from the back of the server machines, guys in Japan?  Give all of them a good, hard, permanent yank.

3) Ronin Sparthos basically mirrors something I said earlier"He's not [a god-tier troll]. Guys clearly a psych patient who should be in a hospital or speaking with a therapist rather than further damaging himself through posting in an environment where the audience ranges from people looking for entertainment to people looking to egg him into something stupid.   Waiting for the inevitable psychotic break from this guy."

Take this from about eight-plus years of therapy:  Hospitalization, and I told the authorities in California they probably don't have another option.

The fact of the matter is, as I said earlier, the psychotic break has basically already occurred, in the eyes of many of the BG animals, to the point where the authorities should be involved for the outside safety of the community.  If you don't believe me, I re-point you back to what you guys said just today -- and, then, I would highly suggest holding yourself accountable.

I have no illusion that the desired end result is another run on the evening news.  Fact is:  I don't need to be pushed in that direction.  It's going to happen anyway. (at the rate things are going)

4) I would suggest Churchill contact the local authorities here if he believes what he has posted here.  He's basically accused me (probably trolling) of being Jerry Sandusky.  (For the record, I usually can't stand walking past schools anymore, because the little shits basically will be more than happy to terrorize anyone around them.  You BG motherfuckers would love the little shits at John W. North High School.  Basically a thinly-veiled gang incubator...  Place looks like a prison complex, and, given the kids I see come out of there when I have to go to the stores, has about that feel too.)

The thing is:  It frustrates me that you have no idea of the ownership of what you are saying.  You're like the "Debheads" back in the day, and my one major regret was, if I knew I was going to get arrested, not committing a heinous act on one ore more of them instead two years before at a convention in New Jersey.

5) To give anyone else an idea of how fucked in the head these idiots are:  I submit to you this mocking scorn they heap on Square-Enix for going after RMT...

HELLO -- they legally ARE forced to go after RMT.  (Or, do we get to the point that we revert to the point that, in the interest of player satisfaction, that RMT be made legal?)

"All sorts of angry"? Sure. But not at what you think...

Saw that gem later this morning.

Of course, I guess, since we now take pride in this country in being the stupidest nation on the entire fucking planet Earth, I can see why you take great pleasure in not only your complete refusal to read anything that doesn't feed your fapping fetish, but in that your collective mindfuck of everything reasonable makes you the dominant force in the North American FFXI player community.

It's so bad that:

1) I'd rather be incarcerated than share society with you.

and 2) If it were practical, I'd renounce my American citizenship and leave this sinking Titanic.  (Too bad I know that no other nation would take me.)

You are not only a bunch of criminal shitheads who should have your website shut down for the usage and promotion of illegal tools, but you are the STUPIDEST MOTHERFUCKERS I've seen in a long time.

In fact, I'm going to give you some free advice.  If you believe half of what you post there about me, you'd best get in contact with the Los Angeles office of the FBI.

Because, at that point, I'm far too dangerous to your personal safety to be allowed to continue on the outside.  If I'd go 1,000 miles for Deborah Gibson, who the fuck are you to think you'd get any better?

Think about that.

There are BluGartr posters in bad need of an immediate lobotomy...

I can't believe I have to do this...

But just before I take a nap this morning, I see THIS on the Order of the BluCheater:

Eurell from Bismarck needs a lobotomy, a slap upside the head, or just a simple brain transplant:

"He's also trying to get John Cena suspended from WWE. Is he aware that wrestling is fake?"


Let's get down to all this so that people can understand how idiotic Eurell (and the current WWE creative team) is...

Last Monday, AJ Lee, for about 2-3 months, the face General Manager of RAW, was forced to resign by the apocryphal "Board of Directors" for fraternizing with a superstar while GM of RAW and under probation for other incidents while in office.

(Now let us also understand that the "evidence" was planted by Little Miss Excuse Me (Vickie Guerrero), who has taken an equivalent of the position as a heel.)

Now, it is, later that episode, learned that John Cena was the superstar AJ was fraternizing with -- though he believes it was a business dinner.

Here's where Eurell got involved:

John Cena, in character, wrote this on his Twitter account to Vickie:

"Bit of advice I know u r proud of your 'actions' but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask "

(Forgetting of course that The Rock defeated him at Mania 28 and made him look bad at Mania 27!)

I responded to him with the only sensical outcome of this situation:

I would be careful of that Board of Directors if I were you. If what you did merited AJ's resignation, they should suspend you." 

I am fully aware that wrestling is fake, you dipshit Eurell.  I've been watching professional wrestling longer than you've been alive.

But, in so doing, I at least ask that they do a credible job of actually doing something which makes sense, idiot.

It is completely non-sensical (and misogynistic) to hold only the female half of that purported affair/fraternizing/etc. responsible for HER actions without holding the male half of it responsible for HIS.

(I made a similar comment to Vickie's in-character Tweet on the same subject.)

There are also other non-sensical things about this angle, but I feel like I'm dealing, in Eurell and his ilk, with a four-year-old brat who needs to be slapped upside the head.


I guess I should read the rest of the overnight developments in the Bash Starcade Beyond All Sense of Recognition Sub-Thread to the Official Forums thread (God, do these pieces of shit deign to remember that I've been banned from the Official Forums for over 18 months now???)...

Guitarman is trying to work his way back up the list, I see...
"Apparently a few months ago he decided I was "first in line" yet my ass remains unkicked. Apparently if you're not Debbie Gibson you're not worth getting off your 2-ton ass for."

 It's not that, moron.  I have other things than to spend my time fapping at everyone else's demise in a video game/life.

Trust me, though:  At the rate things are going, much of the impediment to asses getting kicked may well be removed in the next few weeks or months.  Then, it just becomes a matter of which of Edward Elric's "so many asses that need to be kicked" shows itself in front of my foot.

You ain't worth it because you are a steaming pile of shit.  You are the perfect representative of why I openly told a GM and an SGM that I have absolutely no respect for the player-base of FFXI.

You're a disgrace, boy.  But, if the time comes and you let me know exactly WHERE I need to "get off my 2-ton ass" to, we can make arrangement.

Churchill:  You just didn't announce your presence until after you left, bitch.

Ahh, I see your argument, and it is not surprising, Kohan, that you would state this from the steaming pile of puke that is the Asura Server.

Much of my problem with the game is not with the administration, but with YOU (collective).

I will be more than understanding if you can't differentiate between cowardice and having something else in your life that makes you understand that you have to basically only openly state that the day is coming, but is not here yet.

If that happens, the first target might well not be the El Segundo offices of Square-Enix NA.

You see, I'm old-school.  You want to have your little playground where you are God with your illegal tools.

That's not going to end well.

And even more example that your User Agreement is a sham, Square-Enix...

So, I report my username as an illegality in Final Fantasy XI (and here's the page -- Starcade at Disneyland still exists, it is a Disney trademark).

So I get a form letter from the GM telling me that it falls outside their purview...


I have produced a prima facie violation of the User Agreement of Final Fantasy XI, clause 3.5 -- Naming Rights.

(Yes, I will admit on the blog that I was trying to draw another visit to Mordion Gaol to discuss the other issues further and perhaps begin the process of a full Account Administrator disqualification, should that (and it almost certainly WILL) become necessary...)

And it's outside your purview...

So what rules am I supposed to abide by and which ones can I openly ignore?  Because it's obvious to me that you, as a company, Square-Enix, are only going to give a shit when I get my ass back on the evening news and you and your North American honchos over there are going to get some very real questions from the police and FBI as to how you could allow it to go on for so long...

You keep this shit up, fuckers, and I WILL start RMT action, in protest.  I could use the cash.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Upon Further Review, Square-Enix: Your FFXI User Agreement is a Legal Impossibility, and hence a Fraud and a Sham

When I got the form letter last night detailing my 24PB, one of the things they asked me to is to review the Final Fantasy XI User Agreement before I return.

The fact is, though I will return, it is impossible for me to agree to the UA in doing so, and I will have to lie to return to the Game.

It is no longer possible to play this game under the User Agreement and the Terms of Service Square-Enix imposes.

There is no reason that I should not RMT Starcade to death.

There is no reason that any player who chooses to play the game should not commit acts to openly disrupt the game play of other players -- because it is the socially-accepted way to play the game.

Why do I say this?  Well I did review the User Agreement, and, when you add one further reality to the equation, you realize fairly immediately that the Agreement of this game (the only rules which, purportedly, prevent anarchy and open hacking) are legally impossible to perform.

That reality goes back to my second visit to Mordion Gaol last night.  I sent a GM call after being warned for my altercative language, saying, simply:  "If the preservation of the community makes my language more harmful than the usage of Windower and other 3PP (third-party programs), then you will have to suspend me."

Well, the preservation of the community appears to be the final law.

At that point:

The acceptance, by a North American community of shitheads, lowlifes, and criminals, of a widening array of illegal third-party programs and other disruptive practices either forces the individual player to violate the User Agreement of Final Fantasy XI by taking part of that array (Section 2), or forces the individual player to violate the same User Agreement by not taking part in that array, Disrupting the Game Experience of those players who do (Section 3, especially Section 3.2).

I quote the following from the Square-Enix Support Center and the User Agreement:

3.2  Disruption.  You may not in any way disrupt or interfere with the Game experience of other players, including the disruption of SQUARE ENIX’s computers and servers.

I could GM probably 80% of the North American player-base.  No joke.  And I will do it to make the point if the hierarchy of SE forces me to do so.

So let me lay down several in-game scenarios and explain exactly what is going on.

1) Yellow = Fair Game

This is a ruling that has been a great contention of mine with Square-Enix for a very long time.  To allow this practice is, in fact, in and of itself, a violation of the Disruption of the Game Experience for the Beastmasters in Dynamis. 

Often, while in Dynamis, my main M.O. would be, take one mob, proc it, make sure the pet has hate, run to a second mob, (hopefully) proc it, and as long as the first mob didn't link anything, Snarl the pet on the second mob and then go run off to a third.

Under the GM rulings, it is legal for a player (and this has happened from time to time, and the fuckers who do this should get their asses kicked RL) to steal the mob that I am fighting, as long as the mob is yellow when they gain the killshot.

That is a violation of the Terms of Service under User Agreement 3.2 .  The stealing of that kill interferes and disrupts the Game Experience of me, as a Beastmaster, in Dynamis.

You can reverse that and then say that having enough players in the camp (either alone or in conjunction) is ALSO a violation of 3.2, as written, because it not only disrupts the Game Experience of players attempting to enter the camp, it disrupts the Game Experience of players in the camp.  This could mean that a BST who starts grabbing 4-6 could also be considered in violation of 3.2 .

(This could probably be the best case that anti-BST/DNC crusaders could use to nerf BST/DNC in Dynamis.)

2) To use the BG designation:  "Confused/Gimp/WTF Players"

In short, any player who attempts to complete a task for which he or she is wholly unqualified to do through their gear or skill level is, in fact, committing an illegality under the Terms of Service through the attempt.  Again, 3.2 .

And this CAN include "gear" that is illegal under section 2.1, as well.  (Necessary illegal third-party programs for the completion of events such as Neo-Nyzul Isle.)

2.1  Cheating and Botting.  You may not create or use any cheats, bots, automation software, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized software designed to modify the Game and gameplay. In addition, you may not take advantage of game system bugs and exploits during gameplay.
2a) If the player is part of an alliance:

Especially in the reliance of everything from outside-game audio-chat to Windower and other player-created illegalities for much of elite-level content, the refusal to use that may, in fact, result in the defeat of the alliance.

Hence, at that point, the player refusing to break Section 2 of the User Agreement has, BY THAT ACT, broken Section 3.2, because that action alone is, in many major elite hypergame entities, ensured the defeat of the party, Disrupting the Game Experience of the other players in the alliance.

2b) If the player is either alone or with non-Section 2-infringing players (how few that remain):

Even this would be a problem.


Because the presence of what is seen by the community as "lesser persons" infringes on the ability of the community to foster what they see as proper play.

If the community is the final law, then Windower should be required, under the User Agreement, for every player capable of using it.  Any player not making their fullest effort to get the best gear and the like is infringing upon the play experience of all other players.  Perhaps through content denial, perhaps through simply non-acceptance by the community, perhaps through forcing every Voidwatch shout group to have to filter them out, which is still a Disruption act.

In fact, it could easily be concluded that simply to request to join a group that you are not declared fit to join could also be an illegality under the User Agreement:

3.9  Non-Commercial Spamming/SpimmingYou may not use (or abuse) the in-game chat and message services to harass other players.

... in that your request serves no legitimate purpose.

3) The user-run casinos, which have been declared legal to advertise for by GM's (I GM'ed this question a couple months back after the controversies surrounding Vana'fest 2012.) are, in fact, illegal under the FFXI UA:

3.6  Any Illegal Activities.  You may not conduct any illegal activities whatsoever in connection with the Game.  This includes every illegal activity not specifically highlighted above, including without limitation gambling, defamation, harassment, and fraud.

4) The players who have put, on their Bazaars, single Ancient Currencies for 100-piece prices should be GMed for illegal acts under this same situation, but have not been because of the acceptance of the community of open defrauding of "lesser persons".

It is common knowledge to most of the players that these acts are committed intentionally, with the intent to defraud another player of the use of "their gil".

5) In fact, if we really want to get technical:  The name "Starcade" is, in fact, the same name as the arcade in the Walt Disney themeparks (and a 1980's video-game game show hosted by Geoff Edwards).  It was also based (incorrectly, the wrestling card has two R's in it's name) of the old Jim Crockett Promotions/NWA/WCW holiday wrestling supercard.

Why do I point this out?

The use of the name Starcade is, in fact, then an illegality under the User Agreement!

3.5  Naming Right.  You may not use any name or other intellectual property belonging to SQUARE ENIX or any other third party in your use of the Game (for example, naming a character after a celebrity, company, product, or superhero).

And, in fact, under the same "brand confusion" rulings which result in decisions being levied against the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment, any player using a derivative of a Final Fantasy name is committing a similar offense.  (This means all the names based on Cloud, Sephiroth, I know there's at least one based on Rikku on Leviathan, etc. and so forth.)

6) I am not 100% sure on this one, but I will call about 95% because of the possibility that Test Server situations use may use GM Invincibility, which might require making the players appear as GMs on the Test Server.

I've seen a number of the BG crowd, in various screenshots, post pictures of themselves with their character names appearing to be GMs.  Now, unless this is Test Server GM Invincibility, this, too, is a violation:

3.4  Impersonation.   You may not impersonate any person or entity or fraudulently hold yourself out as a SQUARE ENIX employee, representative, or any other SQUARE ENIX-connected person or being affiliated with any such person or entity.  This means you cannot log into someone else’s account, or deceive or mislead other people as to your identity.  For your own safety, we encourage users to safeguard their privacy, remain anonymous, and never give out personal information to other users. 


And this list will increase over time.

The point I'm making, to the brass at Square-Enix is that your User Agreement is Invalid, a Fraud, and a Sham.

(Maybe that's why Baccanale cut off the conversation the moment I even MENTIONED the word "fraud".)

This raises the very real possibility that you have attempted to insulate your Japanese player-base from your North American, and that you are openly allowing these criminal shitheads on BluGartr and their supporters to run the show over here since the preservation of the Community is the Final Law.

At that point, you don't want me back.

At all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little note for the GMs and SGMs of Final Fantasy XI

I'm going to give you a list as to the Terms of Service my very presence in the game at all violates:

3.2  Disruption.  You may not in any way disrupt or interfere with the Game experience of other players, including the disruption of SQUARE ENIX’s computers and servers.

In the present FFXI player community, my very presence in the game and the demand that the Terms be imposed on all players is a violation of the Terms in and of themselves.  And some of them may well learn this come Thursday my time/Friday JP.

The demand that Windower cheats be removed is a Disruption to the Game Experience of Windower players, the preferred class, up to and including GMs.  In fact, if one wanted to take a fully-BluGartr view of it, the fact that I don't use Windower, in and of itself, might well be a Disruption to the Game Experience, because my waste of computer and server space is lagging the Experience for other players.

In fact, on edit, it would also be a Disruption to the Game Experience of the other players for me not to use Windower and bots and third party programs if they are the expectation of any real level of play.  It would very easily deny people the opportunity to play certain aspects of the game which are community-accepted to require such otherwise-illegal content.

Hence, I either violate Cheating and Bots, or Disruption.  Hence, I could not play Final Fantasy XI legally even if I wanted to!
3.3  Profanity and Offensive Language.  You may not use profanity or any language that a reasonable person would find offensive.  The Game is for players aged 13 and older.  You agree to behave accordingly.

That's how we got here.

The game does not want me in public communication with the other players in any way, shape, or form after this incident.

3.6  Any Illegal Activities.  You may not conduct any illegal activities whatsoever in connection with the Game.  This includes every illegal activity not specifically highlighted above, including without limitation gambling, defamation, harassment, and fraud.

The very fact I'm even in the game is harassment.

The very fact that I am in the game is also a threat, express or implied.  And one got stated to SGM Baccanale too tonight.

3.9  Non-Commercial Spamming/SpimmingYou may not use (or abuse) the in-game chat and message services to harass other players.

Hell, let's tack this on too.  Anything a "reasonable person" does not like and serves no legitimate purpose is harassment under the law, so...

You don't want me back, Square-Enix.  But if you want me to try to do as Baccanale asked, you'll find out how many people I believe to be in violation and will probably draw another violation on my account to attempt to enforce!

24PB for Swearing -- 3PP?? Appears to be perfectly fine with Senior GMs...

Somebody's gonna get their ass kicked.

Just not sure who, when, or where.

Suspended for 24 hours (effective JP Midnight tomorrow -- it's a 24PB (a 24-hour Penalty Box)) for a second swearing violation.  They wanted to leave it as a second warning, but I wanted a few more words with an SGM.

Before that, I gave Baudle the business when he administered the warning.  We're talking umpire-rhubarb level, here.

Then I left a GM call that basically said if the community of the game is more important to you than the enforcement of the rules, then, frankly, they'd better suspend me.

That eventually (after about 10 minutes in Mordion Gaol -- my second trip there) drew Supervising GM Baccanale.

What followed, I almost wish I could've screen-captured, and I know I will never get the log for.

It was about a 20-minute animated discussion (nothing I haven't been saying on this blog for four years), which of course Baccanale was referring to his cheat-sheet/macros/form letters to respond.  He was trying to get me to go through the typical channels I've done hundreds of times for GMs, and dozens for the STF.

(If they seriously want me to do that, I'll spend my in-game time GMing/STFing the fuck out of people.  If they want me to try to do it through the normal channels, the bulk (if not all) of my game-time will be rule enforcement.  They'll have to ban me for harassing the players through the GMs.)

I will go vigilante on not only Leviathan, but on everything I can have tools to go with.

And I openly called BULLSHIT (at least twice) when the SGM tried to tell me some of this was working.

At the end, I asked him this question:  "Are the Terms of Service still valid, or are they a fraud?"

Magic Word Invoked.  That ended it, since I declared a legal term on him.

He's right, though:  I would consider legal action if I weren't aware of decisions like Leong vs. Square-Enix and Mayer vs. Belichick, New England Patriots, and NFL .

(Of course, that action would've taken place 18 months ago.)

(And, ironically, that was a subject that I was animatedly talking to another player about while I was going at it with some Neo-Nyzul cheater-shitheads in Jeuno.)

Including these three, which were what drew the initial GM call:

"1 more idiot needed for Neo Nyzul I see. Get your gear now before the nerf fucks you cheaters up"

"Fuck you and your cheating bullshit, Staren. Stop lying to me or answer pchan's challenge and win his marrows."

"Most of you fuckers can't win shit without Windower and God knows what else you need to enjoy this game"

And I stand behind each and every one of these statements.

I have NO RESPECT for the FFXI player community in any way, shape, or form.  And that is a fact I made intimately clear to both Baudle and to Baccanale.

Unless I get an assurance (and far more than I got from these two GM's) that the rules are going to be enforced, don't expect me to start abiding by them.

Right now, I would probably be less likely to draw a 72PB and ban-investigation (which is next penalty) by using Windower and bots than I would by demanding the rules be enforced.

Especially because I'm about thisclose to taking matters into my own hands.  At this rate, I'm giving it about two weeks, and I may well have a freer hand than I want to have in that regard.


Tohi:  I know you'll read this.  Effective with the information I have, I should be back Friday, JP midnight.  You will have to solo tomorrow night.

Let the rest of Dynamis Tonight know.

I could probably use the break anyway.  It's not like, now that I have the Gungnir to 85, I really was doing much of anything anyway.  Outside of Dynamis runs, there may not be much for me to do outside of lower jobs.

And that's something a lot of motherfuckers on Leviathan had better get ready to deal with come Friday, if I decide to take Baudle/Baccanale's advice.

And I also let Baccanale know, in so many words, that if I were to come to another FanFest here, I'd bust somebody's head.

WOO HOO!! Hypergame-cheaters get blown to bits!

Say goodbye to Neo-Nyzul -- nice to know you.

Square-Enix just blew it up with the expected nerfs on Perfect Defense and Embrava:

Perfect Defense:
  • Old:  90 seconds.
  • New:  30 second base, 1 additional second for every 20 summoning magic.
Embrava gets nailed HARD:
  • Old:  5 minute duration, Regain effect, haste capped at > 25%.
  • New:  90 seconds duration, Refresh instead of the Regain, Haste is now 15% + 1/20 Enhancing capped 25%
I am dancing in the end zone at these nerfs.

Will people quit?  I'm probably talking to one who will, pissed off at me already for me shouting it in Jeuno.

The facts are simple:
  • As far as SE JP is concerned, there are no legitimate players.  Between yesterday's blinker nerf and the upcoming nerfs here, it's a clear signal that, at best, cheaters are being tolerated as needed to be on the game until SoA would come out.  The problem is that there are so few legitimate players that the fact the players are legit does not matter.
  • The Tanaka Concept of BARANCE has been maintained with Matsui -- and, again, I go back to the lightning rod, who said that Tanaka was trying to balance the game against the cheaters.
  • The elitist fucks in this game are still cheating to gain content they have no right to.  There should be PRECISELY ZERO people playing Neo-Nyzul Isle.  The entire event was designed to force cheating for any reasoned level of success -- just like Salvage back in the day before 1/22/09.
Fuck you, cheaters.  I raise a toast at your demise.

Monday, October 22, 2012

And two more pieces of RMT abuse bite the biggie, and people aren't happy about it...

Oh, how these people don't get it...

Today, an unscheduled RMT maintenance was done today -- along with yet another attempt to fix Meeble Burrows (what is that, now, #7 or #8?).

But what's got the player-base up in arms (again) is the two newest anti-RMT moves:
  • Say goodbye to the chocobo blinkers runs.  The price for chocobo blinkers was reduced today by a factor of about 85%, down to about 63 gil.
  • Say goodbye to the people farming cruor to buy (and then NPC) the cruor gear -- you can't sell it at all anymore to NPCs.
And, oh, is the shitstorm starting.

You know, I've got a very real question for a lot of people who are in the middle of this shitstorm:

If we were actually to do a real investigation here, how many legitimate players are there left in the game?  Especially on the NA side??

Most of you people are probably no better than the damn RMTs with your Windower and the like...

A lot of people are saying "this screws over the good people for no good reason..."...

How many of those people are there still playing FFXI with all the bullshit going on?

How many of those people SHOULD BE playing FFXI with all the bullshit going on??

So, what's next?
  • A lot of people are saying "RMT Dynamis floods incoming!"  A lot of the RMT shits have been using Dynamis for months, just not literally hundreds at once.  It might well get to the point that you might well see Dynamis currency go Exclusive...  Might make Dynamis Tonight a bit more interesting, because it'd make splits a lot harder to deal with.
  • There has to be a nerf to the present state of the game's Auction House.  I'm literally seeing almost any low-level item being a possible use of money-laundering by literally dozens of RMT shits.  I've seen Yagudo Feathers, I've heard of Cure scrolls...  I mean, something's got to be done on that too.
  • And, finally, there HAS TO BE some Seekers of Adoulin news, quickly!  People are going to quit.  There's nothing to keep a lot of people here at this point....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why The Attitudes of Most Gamers Suck, Part Two: Why NOT Cheat?

"What is so wrong about cheating?"

"The most successful people in the world are liars, cheaters, and thieves."  (Same thread.)

At least one good thing came out of the debacle:  Apparently the one team fined for cheating at the tournament did lose the Grand Final.  Taipei Assassins are your Season Two World Champions.

But Riot, e-sports in general, and League of Legends in particular have been devalued, debased, and de-legitimized.  Any desire I had to try out LoL -- minimal, at best, as it was -- left last weekend after the LA Live debacle and the cheating.

But if I've read the above attitude once in the last eight days, I've read it 100 times over the course of the last 15 years -- all the way back to the Magic: The Gathering days I used to have.

The fact is, without basically a zero-tolerance view of it, the gaming community wishes to take every illegal advantage it can, and there can be no legitimate nor professional play as long as that attitude is allowed, coddled, and encouraged.  This is especially troubling with million-dollar prizes being thrown about by several gaming companies now.

The fact is, if this is the attitude, then not only does cheating become the accepted mode of play, it soon becomes the ONLY mode of play.  (Which is effectively what BluGartr wants.)

In fact, I would state that players should, then, be allowed to remove from the game players who demand legitimate and legal play.  Effectively, to use FFXI as an example, my continued demands to see Windower cheats expelled actually damages the play-experience of the legitimate players -- and that, then, would be a violation of the Terms in and of itself.

This is why, charity streams aside, the mode of "gamer" in today's culture is still sneered upon -- and, for many of these little shits, it should be...  Especially with attitudes like this one!

Why the Attitudes of Most Gamers Suck, Part One: "Is Windower Illegal?"

Partially inspired by the League of Legends debacle, partially inspired by two FFXI spots...

I swear, at the rate things are going, I do begin to wonder if the gaming player-base will basically do more to de-legitimize gaming in the mainstream than anything else.

In the last number of years, I can see no greater evidence for this than the allowance of conduct which is outside the rules, and the desire to basically either obsolete the rule-book, or basically create the classic "two sets of laws".

Three examples I want to give to you of the absolute fuck-tardiness of this whole debacle:

There was a Wikia question put out on general FFXI Wikia questions, not sure if FFXIclopedia:

Is Windower and add-ons still illegal in FFXI?

Answer:  They always were!

But let's read some of the attitudes of the Cheating Pieces of Shit on this answering and you'll see why there's a real problem here:

Cheating Piece of Shit #1 provides the following list of features and asks:

"How can any of this be classified as cheating?"

Ask and you shall be answered.  It's all basically the same answer, but I'll be more than happy to educate you:
  • 1. Gives you access to a proper Borderless Windowed mode. 
They'd have given you it back when WotG and Windowed Mode were launched if you were entitled to that.

They'd have given you this FOUR YEARS AGO if you were entitled to it.

And Who The Hell Are You to declare illegal software the "proper" way to play in the first damn place?
  • 2. See PT/alliance members' TP without them wasting time typing it to you. 
You're not entitled to that information at that speed.  If you were, you'd have been given it.  I know what business you think you have it, but the fact of the matter is that you aren't entitled to that information at that speed.
  • 3. Allows you to see the recast of your spells/abilities without pressing CTRL+J, CTRL+M or making recast macros.
Not only not entitled to that information at that speed (on as universal a basis as Windower provides), but, if you really wanted it to some extent, you could probably pull up and hold up the menu with the relevant spells/abilities, like I do in Dynamis.
  • 4. Allows you to effectively combine full-equipment gear swaps into a single keypress rather than 3-4, which can already be done in-game via the use of the /macro book, /macro set commands. 
I'm not even sure why "full-equipment gear-swaps" are allowed.   It's completely unnatural to go:  "I'm about to weaponskill, but I have to change all my clothes to do it."  There is a reason that macros are limited to 6 lines...
  • 5. Allows you to see the remaining time on your active buffs. 
Not entitled to the information.  (In fact, unlike some of the others, I don't even know if there's a command to find this out -- if there isn't, you aren't entitled to that information at all!)
  • 6. Timestamps the chat log. 
Not entitled to that.  Why would you need that timestamp, if for any legal purpose?
  • 7. Increases LANDSCAPE drawdistance ten-fold, making the game infinitely prettier. Player / mob drawdistance is unaffected.  
Again, and I think this is a function of the cross-platform nature of the game, the game was only intended to drawdistance even the landscape at a certain level to allow other platforms (including JP and, hence, Square-Enix-preferred JP PS2) to play the game at all.
  • 8. Allows the player to customise in-game music tracks, rather than messing with BGW files. 
I can understand certain cases you'd want to do that, but why do you believe you are entitled to do so?
  • 9. Allows the player to change their in-game appearance on THEIR client, if they're tired of staring at a Galka's ass for the past decade.  
Then don't be a Galka.  :)

Most all of these are illegal because of the following clause that you must agree to to play the game:


... and by this ownership, you are not entitled to beyond that which they grant you.


And I have to listen to people state on BluCheater things like:

"if this ends up in SE fucking windower over, this man that posted this will be dead", to an Official Forums thread on functionality of Windower and putting that in the official UI. (Damane from Phoenix)

(God, I hope the Seekers UI update fucks Windower hard.)

You fuckers act as if you own the game, because the moment Windower does get fucked over, Square-Enix has to shut down the game for lack of subscriptions.

I could certainly see NA support terminated.  But, here's the rub:  If Square-Enix cannot keep the game up without this level of cheating, they would effectively be required by law (as a matter of fraud) to take the game down.

Otherwise, that black-letter clause above is void, and, at that point, everything should be allowed.  RMT, claim-bots, fish-bots, etc. and so forth.  ALL OF IT OR NONE OF IT.  No gray area.


And there is no gray, because they either own it or they don't.

But then we get to even a larger question, which the whole League of Legends debacle brought up, and that will be it's own post in a bit.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

LoL Drama, Part Deux: Why doesn't someone just force Riot to call off the LoL Worlds?

We now have various video and pictoral evidence which now implicates that five of the teams in the World Tournament have committed acts of cheating.

Riot is doing nothing but attempting to cover up and say they did due diligence in policing the tournament.

By God...  You're making Wizards of the Coast look good, circa the Mike Long days...

Someone has to stop the tournament.  Riot is completely incapable of running a two-million-dollar professional e-sports tournament.  The amount of idiocy that is mounting against Riot in this situation just absolutely boggles me that they are even going to portend to continue this tournament after what they now call a "hardware problem" crashing their tournament completely.

Wow.  There'll be more on this one.  I get the feeling we're really going to hear it bad.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Major fuck-up at Riot shows why I rail against the likes of BG...

League of Legends is holding it's World Championships this weekend, leading to a Grand Final next weekend at USC.

It now appears that the competition will be steeped in massive controversy.

A number of the teams have been caught peeking at the minimaps (which Riot has placed in convenient view of EVERYBODY -- audience AND PLAYERS -- causing players to make plays they would otherwise be unable to).

Each team can see the other's minimap from their position.

In a tournament run by the game creators...

In a tournament with a TWO MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE PURSE.

Now, I don't know about you, but this not only de-legitamizes the tournament, but the entire E-Sport of League of Legends.  You are literally opening the door for any player in that tournament, at their election, to cheat, look at the minimaps, and basically do the game as if everyone can see everyone else's position.

If I need to tell you what kinds of problems that result, you've never seen any kinds of games like this, Starcraft, or DOTA2.

Again, this is a World Championship tournament with a TWO MILLION DOLLAR PURSE.

Accusations (and proof of some of them) are all over the place now, especially in the LoL (appropriate acronym?) community.


So why do I post this?

I post this to answer, again, Karbuncle's question as to why I should care about the cheating in FFXI.

It becomes part of the culture.

It becomes accepted conduct.

It becomes REQUIRED conduct.

And when it starts getting the implicit (here, even by mistake) or EXPLICIT (Bayohne/Camate) acceptance by the game creators, that's where I really start having a problem.

League of Legends and Riot has to take a serious hit here -- this kind of error is inexcusable with this kind of money on the line.

And what happened during one of the matches that really got speculation exploding (an Internet bork calling off one of the matches when it looked like one team was getting a huge comeback win -- with even speculation that a DDoS might well be the cause!) even adds to this.

And this is the same company and game which had to toss two of it's prominent teams from the Summer tournament of Major League Gaming.

Sounds like you got some doing to do before you start taking some of these teams into full professional league-employee status, which is what's planned for their "third season".


It now appears as if the entire tournament may well have been compromised, and by how many parties, we aren't entirely sure.

Friday, October 5, 2012

At 2:48 AM, this October 5th, BG may weep...

I now have a Gungnir.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ringleaders of the NA Playerbase want their tribute from Square-Enix...

Square-Enix is telling them to screw off...

End of the AF2+2 Storage Slip Official Forums thread:

(Okipuit -- please note this is not Camate or Bayohne talking here...)

"Moogle storage slips were originally created to store items that you may not use as frequently. This is because storing and retrieving items through this method is not as efficient as storing things in your mog safe, locker, sack, or satchel.

If we were to give relic equipment +2 that has not been augmented its own moogle slip, and we continued at the pace, we would eventually reach a point where storage slips themselves would begin to clutter a player's inventory. So we have to be very careful about the pace at which we implement storage slips to avoid creating so many slips that they become inventory hogs as well. With these thoughts in mind, we ultimately decided to limit it to upgraded pieces only.

As for the time it took to get a response, I know that we have touched on this many times, but please understand that we cannot always reply to every single topic. However, that doesn't mean we aren't paying attention. When we have a concrete response for you, rest assured we will deliver it as soon as we can.

Finally, please note that constantly bumping threads asking for updates and attacking the staff will not be tolerated. With that said, this thread will be closed."

Well, first to the point at hand:

The Lords and Masters at BG will disagree, but you don't AF2+2 without immediate use of it.  It's a great substitute when you don't have the friend-base/third party programs to Abyseea your way to AF3+2.

The problem ultimately lies in the ability to carry all 20 jobs to 99 and actually attempt to gear more than two or three of them. 

But the real rub here is that another BG'er, and several others, basically have gone off once again to the effect of "WE DON'T GET ENOUGH INFORMATION FROM OUR BITCHES AT SQUARE-ENIX!"

Japan don't like you, motherfuckers, and, by extension, the JP's at Square-Enix (and many players too) have extrapolated that against the entire North-American player-base, since you BluGartr types are about the ONLY relevant North American player community.

So, when the JP higher-ups at Square-Enix see this:

"118 likes hmmmmmmmmmmm
It's probably because the OP doesn't have a JP account. <.<
I bet that Camate guy is playing flash games instead of reading the forums like he is supposed to."


"So this is all you could muster up between the microwave and You guys are truly uneducated if you believe adding another slip or even 1000 would clutter inventory. You don't even have to buy the slip in the first place, but aside from that, if we had 1000 slips that held 3 or more items each and never needed more than 1-2 at a time, they would all still save inventory, let alone a slip that holds 100 armors that we are requesting.

You should pass on a note telling your producer to intern at Blizzard for a week to see that there is such a thing as better service than what the JP's at SE can offer, it isn't that hard; 1) Pay attention, 2) respond, 3) implement what makes sense that people want. You should also take note that a satisfied customer is more valuable than Joe Schmoe, a loyal customer will keep their subscription going, obtain a better image of your company, and buy other products you provide; while an unhappy customer will stop giving you money and inform about ten times as many people about your failure than a happy customer would of success."

... and suspend your forum account, what other conclusion is anybody going to draw that you, as a member of BluGartr, are demanding your tribute from your bitches at Square-Enix North America, and Square-Enix Japan steps in and has, shall we say, told you no...

If Square-Enix Japan could've gotten rid of the entire North American Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV player community and have the MMO division survive, they'd not only have done so approximately January 22, 2009, they'd be a better company for it today in 2012!

Square-Enix Japan is DELIBERATELY withholding information from the North American player-base it routinely provides to it's Japanese counterparts.


Maybe if the North American playerbase weren't led by a bunch of cheating, trolling, griefing wankers who, by one of their admin's admission:

"Outside of maintenance people come to BG for lulz and fap material."

(which is ALL FFXI is to them -- to lulz at the weak and fap to themselves being strong)

... Square-Enix would not act in this manner.

The bad customer service is YOUR FUCKING FAULT, because you have basically taken the leadership of the player-base, and you've literally raped the player-base of all usefulness to Square-Enix, especially in Japan.

Why would Square-Enix feasibly serve ANY North American player to ANY realistic extent, when odds are they are either beholden to the cheating assholes who lead the North American player-base or are subservient or subjugated to them?

Fuck BluGartr.  The sooner someone comes in and shuts them down permanently, the sooner Square-Enix MIGHT serve the North American players again.

Surprised BluGartr hasn't jumped on this with both feet...

Since they seem to want to bring it up...

For TODAY's next generation...