Thursday, January 31, 2013

Several XI thoughts on my vacation....

Starcade is up on the mountain, meditating on ways to combat Comeatmebot and his friends.

While that (and awaiting my paycheck on Friday) is going on, I see a big first-time event and an update to the Adoulin site!
  • As a preview to Seekers, Final Fantasy XI is holding it's first-ever Double XP event NEXT weekend (7:00 AM PST 2/8 through 6:59 AM PST 2/11 -- JP midnight Saturday morning to just short of JP midnight Tuesday morning -- effectively 72 hours).  Abyssea is not included, but Dedication effects stack.
I'm of two minds:  The first is that this really does appear to have some sort of "WE NEED SUBSCRIBERS NAO!" desperation.

The second is that it makes perfect sense.  With people re-subbing for the expansion, give them the opportunity to get on the horse, as it were, to level up quite a bit.
  • The Adoulin website has been updated with a new song for the city of Adoulin itself, information on the Geomancer job, and the Colonization system.
Basically, as expected, Geomancy takes the form of effectively creating Sphere effects (not unlike those on certain pieces of recent gear), but, this time, either around the Geomancer (Indicolure spells) or around a point where a luopan is set (Geocolure spells -- and those can only be done under a GEO main job).

These -colure spells -- these "Sphere" effects, if you will -- can either help the party members within the effect or harm opponents within it.

The main "weapon" -- though it's not clear as to how much damage it would do -- is the handbell, apparently.  Skilling it up will improve spell effects.

They also talk about one of the traits, where the direction in which you cast an effect will have an impact as to the nature of the effect!  It's called Cardinal Chant.

Rune Fencer will come later.

Colonization System:

They don't really go into much detail here, but basically reveal three of the seven HNM's -- the seven Naakuals -- of the Adoulin system -- three of the "boss monsters" of probable lairs which players will have to liberate under the said Colonization system.

Tchakka, The Riptide Naakual, a shark.
Achuka, The Firebrand Naakual, and I have no idea what you call that cross between a lizard, a horned beast, and God knows what else Square-Enix threw in there!
Colkhab, The Matriarch Naakual, the big Bee.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Funniest thing happened just before my vacation!

Could not get into Dynamis before deactivation would cut it short, so I decided to sell seven Jadeshells on my Bazaar that I had saved up because the level 2 on my axe is blocked by an axe that is a massive money-loser and, hence, never on the AH.


Who buys them?

Comeatmebot, with the pinky ring (and a poisoned chalice! -- if the RMT PWNER 1.337 gets activated on him, it could put me in his tree...  Maybe that's his idea...)...

Then, he gives them away to the first person (another Guildwork cheating bastard won it, on his 83rd (or was it 93rd??) attempt!) who could /random 999 at the Port Jeuno guide stone.

Hey, may have been a spit in the face, but I did get at least the agreed-upon gil from my bazaar.  Now, is he going to try to RMT PWNER me?

He'll have to wait til Friday.    Up the mountain the Galka goes to meditate.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

State of the Player-Base, and it only takes one to show it cleanly...

Had another of my dropping-of-the-gloves moments in Jeuno -- and pre-Adoulin boredom is making that more and more common (so much so, I'll be taking three days off the game to reset my fee and probably use the time to fire up one of my Playstations to go do Final Fantasy 7, 10 (either one), 12, or 13 (either one).

Anyhow, the latest cheater piece-of-shit to decide he wanted a shot at me was Leviathan's own Rockstardrummer.  This after I saw the fourth iteration (I can assume the other three have been banned earlier in the week for RMT/FC announcements) of Levexp -- adding a "p" with every iteration.

So I announce that another STF report has been fired, and this guy decides he wants to put up for the cheaters, RMTs, and other motherfuckers of this game.

He eventually says something to this effect, both in-game and what I'm quoting, as a comment to my player-page on FFXIAH, a few days after I delurked:

"By far, THE most retarded person i've met on this game, constantly accusing people of cheating, he simply cannot admit to not being as good as everyone else so they must be cheating. please deactivate your account and save Leviathan the laughter."

Well, he'll get three days worth...  The 29th, 30th, and 31st.  Then, when I get my next paycheck, I return, with vengeance.  :)

OK, this is the point of my post:  I want to show you how players in socially-accepted circles of this game are made "better".  This is basically the State of the Player-Base on the North American side.

I'm going to go to BluGartr again, and I'm going to pull up their "Advanced - The New Standard"  forum.

This is the intent (and, hence, rules) of the forum:

"Endgame FFXI, Events, advanced theories. Well thought out questions with data for other players to check and verify. Serious topics and discussion, players willing to make changes to their way of thinking to better their character and themselves. Cold hard facts and well versed speculation. Random bullshit need not apply. USE THE GODDAMN RANDOM QUESTION THREAD."

OK, no arguments there.

Where the arguments occur is:  When you look down the normal part of the thread in reverse time order, you find these are the most recent threads in the forum (as of 8:23 PM PST 1/26/13, the time I got this far in the posting):

1) Completed Relic/Mythic Weapons List


2) The Ashita Project Goes Live

Another illegal third-party program site (which was STF'ed by me the day the thread started!) for plugins that can, in their own words:  "extend, better, or automate game play in endless ways."

3) Spellcast Help Thread

Illegal third-party program, Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

4) Salvage II - Slavage Harder


5) Random Question Thread:  Fuck It.

Exactly the answer to any Random Question on BluGartr which does not involve cheating.  Otherwise, WYSIWYG.

6) Working Parser?

Basically, another illegal 3PP which basically is used as a e-peen measurement.  Basically, anybody who doesn't measure up in damage is basically told to GTFO.

7) Windower!  State of the Project Update

The Grandaddy of all Illegal Third-Party Programs.

8) Final Fantasy XI New Game +

Another illegal third-party site (which has already been reported -- sense a pattern?), replacing an out-of-date dats site.

9) A locked thread on whether the game is still worth it
10) A Blue Mage thread

11) Things broken by the 12/12/12 Update

(which quickly became a discussion of how bad Square-Enix fucked illegal third-party program players using Clipper)

12) Light Luggage

Yet another illegal third-party program to deal with inventories...

Are we sensing something here...

Five of the eight most recent threads, and seven of the twelve most recent are illegal third-party programs -- neither they nor the players who use them have any place in Final Fantasy XI.

So let's now take a look at Rockstardrummer, his comments, and the intent of the Advanced thread here.

You should be able to draw one conclusion, which one Windower piece-of-shit said to me in-game directly (and also got STFed for it):

The concepts of illegal third-party program usage and improvement as a character in the game are equivalent to the socially-accepted North American player-base.

As such, any player who can use those programs and refuses is, at minimum, shunned, if not factually committing a violation of the Terms themselves, since their play without the programs is so inferior (in the eyes of Comeatmebot, Draylo, and other prominent players) that it disrupts the player community and the game play on the servers.

This ain't QQ, motherfucker.  This is fact.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mog Bonanza 2013 has finally cleared legal...

... and a collective yawn comes from this player on the list.

Might as well go over it...

There is a Consolation Prize this year...  Any ticket matching none of the last numbers gets a Mog Missile (a firework when, shot off, shows the picture of a Moogle in the air).

Yay.  *twirls pinky finger*

It's been almost 2 years since the last Mog Bonanza, so basically to compare that one to this one might be somewhat of an apples-to-kumquats sort of a thing, but here we go:

Winning conditions are the same as before -- a number will be drawn for each of the 5 tiers.  Players with marbles which match the last relevant number of digits win a choice from the list.

Rank 5:  Single number drawn, last number of the 5-digit marble matches to win it.

No changes at all from the last full Mog Bonanza.  Statues or entry slips.

Yawn.  I don't even know if there's anything on that list I don't have that I want!

Rank 4:  A two-digit number is drawn, last two digits match to win it.

A number of changes from 2011.


Odin Statue

Wyrm Beard (mistyped in the 2013 announcement, but, from context, it's the Wyrm Beard)
Adamatoise Egg
Behemoth Tongue

Single items for the Black Belt quest.

Bonanza Kupons S and L

S is the set of seals (just the seals) which allow a player to promote any one full job of Empyrean Armor from Base to +1.  L is some of the pre-AV Sea Torque drops (Jailers, Ix'Aern NMs, etc.)

Removals from 2011:

Pretty much everything else, and none of it's been promoted.  This was the tier you saw everything from the Joyeuse to the Animator +1 (the latter which I think I even have!) to the Fiat Lux helm to the Einherjar original Odin helm.

In their place:

Redeyes:  An event vanity item from the Wings of the Goddess preview in-game event which dispenses an Angelwing firework every 24 hours.

Probably, at this level, about of the level of the Odin statue!  Bleh.

Prouesse Ring
Terminus Earring
Liminus Earring

Skill gain items for combat and magic skill.  Have the Prouesse Ring.

Mass Chalemie

It's a Ranged "weapon" for bards which increases both Hymnus and Scherzo proficiencies.  It appears as if it's a Salvage II item.  (A number of the new items here are either NNI or Salvage II, expect this to be a pattern.)

Abdhaljs' Honor

That's a Synergy item from Legion.  Take an HQ item of new Abjuration equipment from Voidwatch or Legion, slap one of these onto it, and it adds another (fixed) statistic effect.

And the five Ark Angel weapons which allow the players to assume Ark Angel costumes.

See the Redeyes.  Yawn.

I'm not sure there's a single thing even in Rank 4 that I want.  Maybe the magic skill-up earring.

Rank 3:  Three-digit number drawn, last three digits match to win it.

Again, the top three ranks have gil options.  Take all the gil gathered by the Bonanza sales, split it into three pools, divide each by the number of winners.

The pool in Rank 3 is 27% -- the 2011 prize was 681,586 gil.

Pretty much a 100-piece in Dynamis now, at least on Leviathan outside of the Jadeshells.


Nomad Moogle Rod

Gives a gift to another party member.  Another extinct event item.  WHY in Rank 3, I have no freaking idea!

Galley Kitchen

Synergy item that dispenses food.  Large furniture piece, probably an ooh and aah deal -- not much else.

And that's all, it appears.


Salvage I bodies, Fiat Lux body and Great Sword, original Odin body, couple of high ZNM pre-PW drops, Sandworm King Arthro Velocious Belt...

In Their Place:

ONE Pulse Cell of your choice from Voidwatch

Ker's Cuirass
Sigyn's Curie
Omodaka Haramaki
Nabu's Jubbah
Fea's Robe

Salvage II HQ body pieces.  Take the new level 45 body drop from Salvage II, add 15 Plans which drop in Salvage II and 15 Imperial Currency, and you get these bad boys.

And a bunch of Salvage II drops (or perhaps expansions of other content which were planned for Dec. 2012, but delayed!) no one has seen yet.  (These items were added in the same December 2012 update in which Salvage II was added to the game.)  Unless noted, no one on the known relevant databases in the game has one:

Feline Mantle

Melee Level 99 back piece DEF: 10 HP: +30 DEX and AGI +3 Accuracy +10 Subtle Blow +5

Rioter's Collar

99 WAR PLD DRK BST SAM NIN  neck slot Accuracy and Attack +5 Double Attack +2%

Bougonia Rope

99 Mage jobs Waist slot.  DEF: 7  HP and MP +15  Magic Accuracy +5  Emnity -1  Conserve MP +3

Ravana's Axe

99 BST Only Axe.  DMG: 75 Delay:  276  HP +40 Accuracy and Attack +10 Pet gains Regen.


99 NIN Only Katana.  DMG:  45   Delay:  190  Attack, Accuracy, and Evasion +5, Enhances Dual Wield

Probably a Salvage II body, which one would require a good hard look if I won.  The BST axe is very tempting, as is the backpiece.

Rank 2:  Four-digit number drawn, last four numbers of your marble match to win.

Gil pool is 23% of all sales, 2011 winning was about 5,750,000 gil.


Black Belt (completed)

Cat's Eye

The Cat's Eye seems to be a source of controversy, given it's value.  The Cat's Eye, a holdover from 2011, completes automatically the 30,000 Alexandrite requirement for the Mythic weapon (Duties, Tasks, and Deeds).  This, on the current market, would make the Cat's Eye worth somewhere in the range of 400-450 MILLION gil.

To give an idea:  A relic, right now, would probably be just north of 100 million on Leviathan, if you priced out the Ancient Currency.

When you see some of the Rank 1 prizes, you'll understand why this is a bit of a question to some.

Opal Silk
Saber Shoot

The two items from high-level fishing required for the Ebisu Fishing Rod.

Bonanza Kupon EA

This Kupon gives the winner a complete set of Empyrean Armor +2, for any one job of their choice.

Removed (again, with no promotion or relegation -- it's no longer considered important enough to be a Mog Bonanza prize):

The Shinryu bodies
The Tinnin (L4 ZNM) Staff
The (regular) Dynamis Lord Shadow Mantle and Ring
The Novio Earring, available indirectly from Jailer of Love
and the Pandemonium Key, which allows access to the PW fight

In their place:

Arise and Meteor, the two Voidwatch-exclusive 99 spells

Their value has gone down so precipitously, how are they considered on the same level as the Cat's Eye, even if the latter is non-cashable?

The five Neo Nyzul Isle bodies at Floor 100.

Ahh, so a legitimate player might actually see one this millenium?  *cough*

Shaper's Shawl

This increases the skill rate gain on crafting by a factor of about 25%.  Extremely sought-after item, as a result.  Only available through high-level fishing.


Provenance Watcher (Voidwatch finale) melee headpiece drop.  DEF: 47 Attack +5% and +12 to STR, DEX, INT, MND, and VIT

Hyaline Hat

Provenance Watcher mage headpiece drop.  DEF: 37 INT, MND, and CHR +15 Emnity -6, Magic Accuracy +10, Enhances "Fast Cast"

And, apparently again, at least one more piece of currently-unattainable gear which was added in December of 2012:

Baalmuian Robe:

99 Mage Body Piece.  DEF:  55  INT and MND +10  Magic Accuracy and Magic Attack Bonus +8  Increases magic burst damage and adds a Refresh effect.

Probably a melee Neo Nyzul piece here.

Rank 1:  A five-digit number is selected, and it must match a number on one of your marbles to win a Grand Prize

Gil pool is 23% of all sales.  2011 Grand Prize gil was about 98,500,000 gil.


Kraken Club
Defending Ring
Ebisu Fishing Rod (completed)

Any 10,000 Ancient Currency piece.

This prize is USELESS at Rank 1.  This should now be a Rank 2, if it's offered at all.

Why?  Unless there is about a 30-50% decrease in the number of marbles bought, the gil alone is a better buy here.  Not to mention some of the rest of the prizes on Rank 1.  Like these next three:

Mog Bonanza Kupons RW, MW, and EW

I'll save you the bother.  If you win Rank 1, you can take your choice of any Relic, Mythic, or Empyrean Weapon in the game, advanced to the level 90 level increase.  (The Ochain and Daurdabla were listed, but it wasn't clear as to whether those would be at level 90.)

Now do you see why the 10K currencies are now useless?  Why get a 10K currency when you can get the whole weapon, and advanced to level 90?


Pandemonium Warden and Absolute Virtue Kupon choice sets

In their place:


The top prize in Dynamis.  Arch Dynamis Lord's sword.  Level 90 WAR/PLD/RDM/BRD/DRG/COR/DNC  DMG:  56  Delay:  218   HP and MP +75  STR and VIT +15  Enhances resistance to Terror and gives the additional effect of stealing positive buffs off anything it hits.

Probably a Mythic or Empyrean here.

But, on balance, what a bunch of meh!  You'd almost have been better waiting til May and tossing some Adoulin stuff in here!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let me explain this to them SLOWLY, because they won't get it otherwise...

Passed over a bunch of comments on BluCheater, and basically just rolled my eyes at the abject stupidity of it.

And not that these fucktards are going to listen, but it's clear that, at least so that someone sane (which obviously precludes these scheming motherfuckers) at least puts it out there:
  • One of the major manners in which cheating/unethical motherfuckers such as these control the play on Final Fantasy XI (and most certainly other games as well) is the concept of content denial.  I had an idiot this afternoon scoff at the concept of using environmental blockages, such as are proposed by Seekers of Adoulin, to control access to content.
Let me explain exactly how I could see this working, especially with a player who justifies having eight Square-Enix accounts:

OK.  Comeatmebot (without loss of generality, I'll use him because he's such a complete fucktard) aids in accessing several areas in Seekers of Adoulin, and then puts one of his accounts in each area, then logging them out.

Then, a certain amount of time where not a fuck is given toward the content in Seekers passes.  The environmental blockages lock that content.

But he's still got his account there.  If Seekers allows any degree of teleportation similar to the Nexus Cape, Comeatmebot and his minions (in this hypothetical scenario) now have material control over the content and who can access it.

That's money.  That's real money.  That's real money, as in dollars and cents.
  • I have to go through this again:  History shall record what happened in 1998.  I have no problem with that.  What I do have a problem with is this:  Who in the Hell are you to think you'd get better than she got?  Why, then, aren't you calling any police you can find, because, at this point, whatever threat which was against her is probably global (one of the reasons I pass the time on FFXI) and the best you fuckers could expect from me?
Seriously, who the Hell are you?  Fuck off.
  • And, for at least three of you that I've had to deal with in the last 24 hours, I consider the concept of "It's just a game." to be equivalent to "Boys will be boys, they'll grow out of it."
You may take that as the equivalent to "BOHICA, spread your ass cheeks, get raped for our entertainment."  Sounds awfully like Ohio or Penn State with their football glorifications.

Because that's what it is.  You act in game as you'd act in real life, because you don't get the consequences of someone ramming their fist down your throat (or, like where I come from:  Someone in position of power getting one of those fireplace air blowers, filling it up with gasoline or similar substance, spraying a fine mist into your room, and throwing a match...  It's called "smoking someone out".  This actually took place against a person in the other wing during the NBA broadcasts of Jordan's last title.).

(One of the biggest mistakes society makes is incarceration being correction from being violent.  No, it just educates you to violence, as a matter of how to do it and why.  It gives you new and better ways to get the job done.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wow. Twirl the pinky ring some more, Comeatmebot.

He may consider his invitation from his actual in-game name accepted.

The shithead finally got me so incredulous that I finally had to delurk on one of the few fora I haven't been banned from yet (FFXIAH) to basically tell him and his ilk to go fuck themselves.

I mean, as I've said before (and this is after my 24PB and Square-Enix asking me to review the Terms), I came out and said what I've said here:  If "everybody bots [and] nobody cares", idiot, then players like me and my ilk should be removed from the game for being disruptive to the gameplay and progress of the game community.

Botting should either have all of you shitheads banned or it should be required as a pre-condition of play.

So I slapped Comeatmebot when he spawned in front of me while he was crafting in Bastok.

45 minutes later, he thought I actually might've believed him, but it was clear he was lying, and he got his second STF report of the night after I identified timestamps when he posted what he thought was comedy (but was an intentional softball aimed right at his head!) and promptly reported him for Windower/plug-ins.

Not surprisingly, the thread was completely gone (not just locked, but gone) from FFXIAH a few hours later, by the time my birthday nap had ended.

Look, I know his endgame.  He's serious RMT and wants to use his bots and scripts and eight Square-Enix accounts (for which he pays over $100 a month to play the game, let's not forget!) to only allow himself and those he elects to play Seekers of Adoulin content.  He and his plan to use the environmental blockages, if they can be used as such, to block legitimate players (however few there may be) from Adoulin content, forcing us to pay him (gil or RL money) to actually play the game.

In short, because of his social status in Vana'diel, he's trying to be the fucking Mafia.

I mean, I got a letter today that describes about the environment he wants.  Basically, it was a letter from the Department of Justice.  In 2005, I got my credit card hacked by a bunch of Eastern European pieces of shit.

Eight of them are about to go to Federal prison.

That's what I see for Vana'diel if people like that shithead Comeatmebro aren't stopped -- and if that means outside-the-game too, then so be that as well.  As I said, I hope that, in some small way, I have a part to play in him getting exactly what is coming to him.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Four years hence, and the arrogance of the cheating pieces of shit knows no ends...

I got another one of those probable "GM investigations which eventually came to nothing".

Reviewing the Terms of Service at my 24PB probably did some good.

Basically, what happened kind of dove-tails into the ominous anniversary that Final Fantasy XI is about to suffer/celebrate, depending on your take on the matter.

Tomorrow is my 44th birthday.

*boos, groans, and screams of "GO DIE ALREADY!" permeate the Internet*

But that's not the anniversary I'm talking about.  (And, before anyone starts, I do not have the maturity of a 44 year-old.  More just the body.)

Anyhoo, as people probably well expect, tomorrow is four years since the Salvage bans which decimated North American end-game and pretty much set the table for the de-emphasis on Final Fantasy XI in favor of Rapture/Final Fantasy XIV.

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of probably my second-happiest moment on the game...  Watching much of North American end-game, reliant on bots, cheaters, and exploits, burn in Hell.

It was almost certainly the day Square-Enix (in Japan) decided to try to phase out Final Fantasy XI.

The problem was:  What they were going to phase in has turned into such a colossal joke that we are now just nine weeks from getting FFXI's fifth full expansion.

And the player-base seems to be helping in turning Square-Enix (or, at the very least, their MMO division) into such a similar joke that intelligent people are actually beginning to talk about the death of the entire Final Fantasy brand.

Square-Enix, with their corporate policies and their player-base, is about two swirls to the hole in the shitter.

Let me give an example that I will dove-tail two different ways...

Saturday night, I'm in Jeuno, and basically see that we have yet another (semi-obvious RMT) FC announcer running around, Levexp.

(Leviathan Experience)

So, I cross-check him on FFXIAH to see if he merits an immediate report to the STF, but he's another one of those that the RMT outfits basically have made straight out of the box and sent to Jeuno to do announcing.

Level 1 WHM, no sub, no history on the AH, as of the time I spoke of him.

So, Fell Cleave XP Power-Levelling groups being illegal (and they are, even absent RMT concerns (Absentee Play/Pay to Advance -- read the Terms, people!!), I call him out and put him on notice.

I don't hear from him (probably another obvious tell as to his intentions and history).

Whom I do hear from is another old "friend":  One of the cheating-est pieces of shit on the entire damn server, so much so that he's been reported as the person behind the bot-fest that ran the piece-of-shit LS Exodus off the Leviathan server entirely!

I'm talking about Comeatmebot...  ERRRR, Comeatmebro.  One of the most famous players on Leviathan.

So, we get into it, he's a lying dumbshit, blah-da blah-da.

That's not what gets me really started.

It's Agentd, one of his syncophants and a cheating piece of shit himself, who needs to do no more than say one thing to basically prove not only his cheating, but his allegiance...

(You lie down with dogs, you get fleas.)

What Agentd said:  That I should thank Comeatmebro for still having a Final Fantasy XI to play, because he pays for eight accounts.  How many do I have?

(This is eight accounts -- not eight mules.  This is 8 X $12.95/30 days.)

OK, let's look at this on four different levels to see how ridiculous this piece of shit is and how badly he needs to get smacked up side the head (which I barely kept off the in-game chat, but telling him to "watch his back" or I'll GM him probably got me GM'ed for threatening him -- I'll do that here if, when, and as I have to -- it's why this is the first and only blog ever removed from the Tarutaru Times Online) :

1) Are we going to start effectively "voting shares" in this game, that botting conglomerates that have multiple accounts have more rights than the rest of us because of having 4-6-8-more accounts?

(Please note:  2 accounts is not necessarily a problem.  We start getting into more, though, and I have a question for you below...)

Are we going to get to the point that there's one set of rules for those who pay "their $12.95", and another for those who pay "their $38.85, $51.80, ..." and so forth?

2) What, Agentd, then separates this from a "Free to Play" model, where you basically have to pay money to do anything reasonable?

And don't think Square-Enix is above that.  There are those who are stating that their newest Final Fantasy mobile title, Final Fantasy All the Bravest, does just that -- for characters, immediate revival, etc. and so forth.

In so many words, do you want this game to degenerate to a money model?

It reminds me of something I was half-listening, half-snoozing to this morning before an early morning grocery run...  I was listening to the 2007 Limit Break Radio Fan Festival shows - the one Fan Festival I actually attended.  (You can actually hear me exclaim about Windowed Mode being out the "next Tuesday!" that Wings of the Goddess was released on.)

God, five-plus years now...

Anyhow...  In the second part, one of the first things that are discussed after the remote taped interviews complete is the first year or so of efforts from the Special Task Force, in which about $3,000,000 worth of gil was wiped from the game.

Aneiro and most of the audience (and I recall myself being one of the loudest in this regard in said audience at the panel where this was announced) were very happy for this.

I don't think that would be the case today.

I truly think that one of the few ways that Square-Enix would be able to keep this game going more than a few months after Seekers is to allow RMT, knowing that most of the cheating pieces of shit would like to make money.

One good example is in the next two parts:

3) Comeatmebot:  Why the fuck you need 8 accounts?

4) I want people to realize that if Comeatmebro is as he is represented to be (which would also be consistent with the accusations (which I believe have been reported!) of his bot activity eliminating Exodus LS from Leviathan), he is literally paying $103.60 every 30 days to play the game.

This would basically be $1,250.00 just for the characters and accounts.


If he's not conducting some sort of massive money scheme on FFXI, why the Hell is he paying the better part of $1200 a year to play an 11-year old MMO that most of the gaming community sees an utter joke?

This shithead is up to something, and I'm not sure it's just botting in-game.

Because I find it very hard to discern that he (and I'm almost certain I know who the other 7 accounts are in-game -- there are "Seven Faces of Deadly Sin" that seem to follow this piece of shit around:  Slothface, Gluttonyface, and the others...) is legally playing the game and not trying to make that money back, and far more, playing FFXI.

Especially as prominent of a player as he is (which basically almost translates to cheating, in and of itself, with any real acceptance in the North American FFXI community), one would have to think he's the "10M for NNI wins" (which is $30-40 on a lot of RMT sites, which they can turn around and sell for at least double that!) crowd.

And if people like Agentd are going to support these jackasses, then I will call them cheaters and liars as well.

Because I believe that that few people are still trying to play the game according to the Terms.

So few, as a matter of fact, that it could be a defensible position that any player who refuses to bot, use Windower, conduct RMT measures, etc., could be seen as a disruption to Final Fantasy XI, and, hence, actionable under those very same Terms.

This is the reason that Square-Enix is in the shape it's in:  A juvenile player-base who cheats their asses off.

What the game should've been is a place where all three platforms of the game had equal access to the game -- and this is why anti-3rd party program rules are there.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So which of these three events is going to happen first?

  1. I finally get banned permanently from FFXI, including actions on top of simply having my character removed?
  2. I get my Mandau, my second relic?
  3. Seekers of Adoulin is released?
I can't say I know for sure.  Not much has happened in the last several weeks (at least in-game) to aggravate things directly with me, but, looking at the "lay of the land", this whole attempt to re-stratify FFXI back towards the cheaters, botters, and bullshitters that ran this game into the ground at the 75 cap is definitely on the upswing.

One good example is the fact that, if the story my "agents in the field" have me believe is true, we've got major bot activity on Leviathan which has driven the one real remaining super-cheater HNMLS off to Cerberus.

And we think we know who it might be too (*cough*Comeatmebot*spew*).

And his Seven Deadly Sins, too?