Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two quick thoughts...

1) Where's the number of players, Square-Enix, or are you too fucking embarrassed to tell us?

2) An answer to a comment question which should've been obvious, but the cheating idiot wants me to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t f-o-r h-i-m...

Cid from Bahamut:

He basically said, to basically draw me into a rage in which I'd fly to Japan and smash all the servers (tempting, but ultimately useless -- it's the players' conduct as well as Square-Enix' enabling of the shitheads), that the JPs use Windower too.

It's hard not to see why, when the Americans basically make it a prerequisite of actually playing the damn game. "Enjoy your $1,500 PS2", anyone?

So he wonders why I think he's proud of that...

Hmmm, maybe because it makes you look like you actually run the place?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The attitude of an FFXI player seen as successful...

Though the poster is lying through their fucking teeth vis-a-vis not needing third-party software to do it (especially given that I found this on BG), I felt this would give a good idea of the elitist view of FFXI these days:

Aksannyi wins Asshole of the Day:

"God, these people are so good at completely missing the point. YES, we want people to assimilate, INTO PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME."

First off, bullshit. You believe you're the only fucking people who can tell them how. Hence, you're effectively the only people who you believe have the right to.

Second off, most of the ways you guys "KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME" are fucking illegal, both with ToS and probably with respect to law.

"No one is saying that they need to start using third-party programs..."

Then why does your site advertise them all over forums Square-Enix claims to have read?

Fucking liars, the lot of you.

"or seeking out gimps to make fun of..."

Isn't that the whole reason you play, to Lord yourself over the rest of the playerbase? Go kindly fuck yourself, AND perform anatomically impossible acts.

"... just learn how to fucking play."

You first, without those programs and exploits and RMT and all.

No Parser, no Windower, none of it.

And you wonder, with an American audience like that, why Square-Enix is in such bad financial trouble.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

They're shitheads, they're almost certainly criminal, but they run the damn place now.

Just want to show what the few legit players which are left are up against. It's time for you all to go, I'm afraid.

More BluGartr bullshit, with commentary as appropriate:

Gogglehead: "He seems to have no grasp as to how MMO's actually work."

It's almost as if you're admitting that the social necessities of MMO's effectively allow, encourage, and force cheating, if not outright criminal activity. If the social network of the players is more important than the ToS (as it now is in BG-FFXI), then the ToS is nullified, and the players can pretty much do whatever they please within the game, as long as you have enough social standing to basically be allowed to even play the game anymore.

Eeeks said it best just yesterday:

"In essence, he's saying that a person's $12.95/month merely gives them the opportunity to log into the game. In order to actually play and enjoy the game, Starcade absolutely insists a player must to engage in a list of activities that he deems immoral in order to be social acceptable to others in-game and to be able to enjoy the game's content. He blames everyone but himself for his failure to integrate into FFXI's in-game culture and to simply enjoy playing the game. "

First off, this is not only true as a function of what you fucking shitheads have done to the game, and continue to do in my absence, but it is a legal function of the apparent lack of standing that an individual player has to insist that the ToS be enforced!

It's a direct offshoot of both Mayer vs. Belichick, Patriots, and NFL and Leong vs. Square-Enix Holdings. If one actually takes those cases as precedent, then, not only is what I said true, but that's the MOST a person can expect. Your $12.95 don't get you shit unless you bend over and suck very good dick of the people who truly run this game -- none of them working for Square-Enix!

You don't get something very cleanly here: FFXI's in-game culture is something which I could not integrate into, because there would be open criminal activity. To "enjoy the game", I would have to know that playing the game in a manner consistent with the rules actually meant a damn.

And if you believe that you can pass that off as being the case, read your own fucking forum, you of the "Enjoy your $1,500 PS2" and the like. The in-game culture of FFXI requires all those acts (as long as you have the support of "enough players"), and Square-Enix has openly turned their backs on it, as (even by your own admission) cheating is required to "enjoy the game".

It continues:

"Since not everyone will play FFXI on his terms, he flipped out and started his crazy campaign. It's the pattern that's stretched across his entire adulthood. Right now it's FFXI, but it's been Debbie Gibson or that Wizards of the Coast thing in the past. His crazy little mind will eventually fixate on something new."

Why does everyone see the enforcement of Square-Enix' STATED RULES AND TERMS as "my terms"?

This is what I don't get.

If you actually believed that, then let me give you a small list of the things I would do if this were truly under my terms:
  • Salvage: Gone, and all gear nullified.
  • Skillups in Besieged: Gone.
  • Every player with Windower: Automatically banned, and it would be part of the code to sniff it out.
  • Server-wide ignorance of events like Besieged and Campaign: Highly punitive. All progress in the effected expansions would be ceased under certain conditions, including even XP.
  • Criminal charges for in-game content when appropriate under the stated laws under which the ToS is governed (California law for US players, as one example).
I could go on, but there's a short list of things which would go FAR beyond even Square-Enix' present interpretation. I'd throw out entire game scenarios because you fuckers have blown them up.

But then you go further:

"Starcade insists that players must do the following for others to accept them and to enjoy the game's content: troll others, grief others, use 3rd party programs, out-compete everyone and monopolize all content everywhere in the game at once, and engage in RMT activities."

That's a pretty good read -- no exaggeration. Effectively, YOUR OWN SOCIAL CULTURE (which seems to be more important than anything else in FFXI) forces this conduct on other players, or they will be effectively subjugated to "lesser person" status.

The shithead concludes:

It never crossed his mind that all that's really needed to enjoy the game is a relatively normal personality. People shy away from batshit insane individuals like Starcade.

Fuck off. Straight up -- fuck off.

You are one of an increasing number of people in this society (far beyond in-game) who tries to enforce unlawful behavior, among other things, as the way to do things.

If you were right, they'd have to lock me up on principle -- no threat would be required! I'd be the problem for actually trying to make a social situation workable for somebody who wouldn't have to openly show up at someone's door with a baseball bat for some of the crap that's been gotten away with for quite some time in FFXI. Imagine how a player would react if he paid thousands of dollars for a character and then the fucker compounded the theft by recalling it back.

Hell, just after you posted this, Byrth actually made (and stated s/he did) the same argument on both your forums and the official forums, that Windower is, in complete abrogation of the stated Terms, legal. Now, if you wish to complain about my insistence for purity and all that, you're a bigger piece of shit than I gave you credit for.

You expect me to work within this system. I tell you openly -- that's not possible.

But there were three more comments that I wanted to address for the moment:

1) Theinen: "He's going to suicide-bomb VanaFest 2011."

Why would I want to hurt what few honorable players might be left (read: greater chance of that being the Japanese)?

2) Head Shithead Isladar: "If the Official Forums are really "BlueGartr Lite", as he's stated, then you are all my precious little bunnies and I heart you."

Effectively admitting that the desired result is BG dominance over FFXI.

3) I need to find the quote, but someone basically said that the statement about the $12.95 only getting you log-on rights, and that you had no rights to see the game rules enforced (and all of their results) could come from a simple 10-minute reading of the ToS.

In that case, they basically are saying that the social structure of the players runs the game.

Forget the GMs at that point, player bannings should be on the basis of player petitions.

And what of the Salvage bans? What had to happen to get that done??

Monday, June 6, 2011

What infuriates me is that these fuckers can't read:

So let me try this again:

All of the stuff listed in my last post is now legal, but:

Under one caveat: Enough players (for whatever value of "enough" will be accepted by the shitheads running the game) have to do all these things to be socially acceptable.

There. Let's see the fuckers get around that.

I'd also probably need to open my checkbook too for my allowance of using a fleehacker, if rumors I'd been hearing on the game just before my banishment are true.

And, knowing you fuckers, they probably are...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Couple of shitheads' misconceptions I need to clear up...

Vana'diel rejoices? I can believe it. And fuck them all for it!

Couple of BluGartr shitheads need to get a correction.

First, the concept that "every female in the game is now safe".

Who's safe? Do I have to play the "Who the fuck are you?" card again?

Second, the lawsuit would not be for me getting banned. Hell, taking this long for it to happen might well be another cause to sue.

My point is: If I were to sue, it'd be for the absolute breach of contract that Square-Enix has committed against the legitimate players (what few there are).

As of right now, your $12.95 a month doesn't even get you the right to play. It basically gets you the right to log in, maybe!

Trolling is legal.

Griefing is legal.

Third-party programs are legal.

Content denial/"denial of enjoyment" is legal.

Content monopolization is legal.

Hell, with the recent revelations of Chinese jails formenting RMT farmers to pay off protection money for the wardens, I would say the base black-letter law of the game that Square-Enix owns the entire game and everything in it is now null.

Hence, RMT is legal in FFXI.

All of this is true under one caveat: "Enough" players have to be doing it to make it socially acceptable.

So, for whatever value of "Enough", here's Rule #1:

You no longer have the right to play Final Fantasy XI without the consent of Square-Enix and "Enough" of the playerbase.

Another legal loss against fair play: Leong vs. Square-Enix

(Yes, I will continue to follow the game, and will expose the playerbase for the barn animals they are. In fact, in no uncertain terms, I will use any legal means at my disposal to disgrace Square-Enix and degrade the playerbase with the truth about this game.)

I've been researching various case law for legal action against Square-Enix, and I have to say -- it doesn't look good for any of us who would like to think that you can even be defrauded by such a corporation.

San Franciscan Esther Leong sued Square-Enix for various and sundry claims surrounding the fees which can be charged a player who becomes in more serious arrears with their accounts.

The case was quickly dismissed, with prejudice, because the court would never be satisfied that it could do three things to satisfy standing -- and these same three things, which are in Article III of the U.S. Constitution, according to the dismissal, are the same three reasons I didn't sue Square-Enix two years ago:

1) The plaintiff has personally suffered a cognizable injury.
2) The injury is fairly traceable to the defendant's alleged illegal conduct
3) The injury is redressable by court decision.

Basically, even if 1) and 2) were true, then, much as in Mayer, 3) effectively allows the court to walk away from any fraud claim, with the assertion that it cannot redress the injury through court decisions -- hence, rendering impossible that the plaintiff could ever be defrauded...

Effectively, the courts have ruled that most plaintiffs are too stupid to be defrauded, because the court can just walk away from the situation and tell the plaintiffs off.

I guess I can now put the comments not fit for the forum...

First off, you can make it official: LM-17 as of this morning. I will do everything (within the law) in my power to destroy your gaming community.

Here's the comments I was hoping to get a Dev or an STF member or other administrator to read:


This may very well be my last post as an FFXI player, because I'm almost sure you guys may well have me game-banned for telling you off.

This is basically to the forum admins, GMs, SGMs, and Community Team, who are completely blind to the freaking fact that your forums have turned into only a slightly more civilized version of the piece of crap cheater-fest which is BluGartr, which Square-Enix OPENLY states it has been reading for a long time, yet refuses to even remotely investigate rampant RMT, third-party program, and bot usage, as well as open and blatant content monopolization and denial, admitted and encouraged on the forums.

Hell, during my suspension, you had an OPEN ADVERTISEMENT to Windower in your Gameplay: Other section of your Holy Official Forums up for at least 24 hours!

The players want Windower.

The players want to abuse other players and lessen their play experiences.

The players want to feel they are the only players fit to play this abortion of an MMO.

I'd even make a guess the better number of players want RMT - which see Abyssea-leeching and turbo-levelling 30-90.

When are you going to come to the freaking realization that your game is full of:

-- griefers

-- trolls
-- cheaters
-- players who openly dominate content to monopolize it
-- players who openly dominate content to deny content to all others
-- freaking elitists who basically believe they are the only people who should be allowed to talk about the game, because their equipment, and ONLY their equipment, actually stands the test of anything in FFXI
-- assholes, and if you don't like that term, I'm sorry... That's about the kindest way I can describe them.

Some of these idiots need to be slapped. And since you aren't going to do anything to them, you sanction their blasted behavior, in-game and in all manners surrounding it!

Look, if you guys don't want to freaking care about the amount of violations and cheating that are going on in the game, then do yourselves one Hell of a favor and ban me from the game. If this is the community of FFXI, I want it destroyed and will do what I can to see it destroyed.

The actions of the administrators, as well as Square-Enix as a company leave one with no choice but to understand that you and the company have ZERO INTEREST in game fairness, game balance, or anything else the players basically have abused almost since the moment you first put the game out! This goes back to the days where players would openly attempt to disconnect a competing player to deny him content by spamming useless job abilities to force the player to "lag out".

You have basically been blind to seeing this game turned into a cheater-friendly playground where the only player with any social acceptance is the type of player for whom the only remedy for them denying the rest of us content we have, in fact, successfully claimed and accessed is for US to suck less?

The degree of arrogance of the "players" of this game is utterly shocking, and you expect me to respect these jackals? What planet do you live on?

It appears, in your eyes, players like ME are the problem, not the cheaters, trolls, content-deniers, botters, RMT, etc. and so forth and so on!!!

It's like I tell people: It would appear that players who openly abuse the game, yet retain and (sometimes as a result) enhance their social standing among the community are more valuable to you as a company than anyone demanding the rules be upheld!

Listen: What you are doing and allowing is fraud, by it's purest definition. This is true in the respect that no player who actually expects a fair game is getting what they paid for. I wouldn't pay $12.95 a month if I absolutely knew that you guys were going to completely ignore that the game has been turned into a dungeon full of little rats (and that's the players), and a company which has disgraced it's hallmark franchise brand by ruining it's first MMO by allowing cheating, enabling cheating, encouraging cheating, and, in many cases, _requiring_ cheating!

If the "community" and the "social aspect" of this game are so important that your in-game rules are effectively nullified, then your MMO division can go straight to Hell and XIII-2 will be the LAST purchase I make from your company -- and that's if I make it that far!

There's a reason XI is faltering and XIV is a non-starter -- because you guys can't run ONE MMO fairly or equitably. So you let the little brats in because you need the money so bad because XIV is a complete Epic Fail I wouldn't touch if you paid me to do so -- so much so that it's still in Gamma Test since it's release last September! (Nice way to instill confidence, by the way -- Battle System Revamp nine months in...) Those little brats make both games inaccessible to new players, and unrecommendable to same!

And now you guys want to start up work on a THIRD MMO? No thanks. I'll touch that one even less than I did XIV (ZERO).

But the fact is that if you guys are going to openly encourage the type of players you see on this forum, you don't want me at Fanfest (because there would be a serious incident there), and you don't want me on XI anymore. Forget the forum, you've allowed that to be turned into BluGartr Lite!

If you want me to follow the rules, start freaking enforcing them in the game!!!

(Or will that mean that you will have to admit to everybody there would not be a game at that point?)

And one more thing: Now that I've had some time to do some research, your Holy Official Forum _IS_ BluGartr Lite -- they've taken over. They're laughing at you almost as much as they are laughing at me. You honestly believe you're going to to get anything positive from those cheating jackalopes, please do them a favor and have me banned, since their money and their pwnage is more important to you than any fair play.

Here's an example: The guy I would want to belt, Mrbeansman? He was trolling YOU guys and finally drew a two-week forum ban, much to his pleasure.

They think they not only own MY experience, but YOURS, Square-Enix.

Deal with them, or with me. Choose.


Friday, June 3, 2011

As usual, they're fucking clueless...

The GM's and the BluGartr fucks.

Basically, let me give you my latest GM call:

"When the fuck are you guys going to do your jobs and ban the Windower/3PP scum? Since I seem to be the problem, ban me if you must."

To BG: Hint: An LM-17 is what this game needs from me right now.

Fuck Final Fantasy XI.

And after XIII-2, off to the shitlist you go, Square-Enix -- right next to that other set of cheater-enablers at Wizards of the Coast.