Monday, July 30, 2012

I rarely make posts to just one player, but I just dare Scaevola to smack me one...

For this little ditty he put on the Official Forums...

(Post #26)

"anybody who does anything that could conceivably result in me earning fewer AN than I currently do will be smacked so hard they'll need yoga to blow their nose"

Then smack me, because holding like that is griefing the other players.

Friday, July 27, 2012

So when are we going to see the banning of at least half the North American players, GM Baudle?

So this is how you end the Neo-Nyzul thread on the Official Forums?

"We do not tolerate third party programs or promoting it. For this reason, we will be locking this thread. Thank you for your understanding."

Then ban half the NA players at least, because the only reason you probably still give the North American player-base support is that Square-Enix (and especially it's North American Community Team with their tonguing of BG during VanaFest) openly tolerates the use of Third-Party Programs (Hello, Windower!) and encourages their use because they just -- can't -- seem -- to -- want -- to -- enforce -- their -- own -- Goddamned -- rules.

You basically just tipped the hand that you're going to have to do another NA end-game erase (Salvage v.1 being the first) Real Damn Soon Now.


BTW, still waiting (as of today, about 1:15 PM BG time) for someone to take Pimpchan up on his offer.

Of course, there's someone trying to deflect about World Transfers and all that shit, but 5 Umbral Marrows is 70M gold -- about $630 on the open market for you cheating bitches.

And NO ONE is taking him up on it.

Kinda because it just CAN'T BE DONE.

Working As Intended.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One interesting ninja-fix which might indicate Seekers is closer than we think...

The "Change Jobs" menu now has 22 positions.

Now, to see what this comment I finally have gotten (probably from a BitchG...) is...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's get one thing straight: I don't think the bans come on tomorrow's update either....

A lot of people have at least postulated that the banhammers for NeoNyzul would come either tomorrow or not at all.

The problem with that is that, like Salvage v.1, it took about two months to complete the investigation.

I will say this, though:  I would put a quite high probability on a F100 Nyzul item being equated with at least a temp-ban and removal of the item.  Again, I believe the ENTIRE INTENT of NeoNyzul was to draw this behavior out.

Working As Intended.

And one more thing:  Shooting themselves in the knee?

The only reason Final Fantasy XI still exists is because Final Fantasy XIV was such a joke at release that it will be two-plus years after release and the game still might not be in fully playable form!

The Salvage bans were the last straw, and, within a month, Square-Enix was openly proposing moving on from Final Fantasy XI.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'll tell you what... _I'll_ answer your questions, Karbuncle!

More Neo-Nyzul cheat-apologist bullshit on the Official Forums.

Karbuncle, one of the BitchGartr cheaters, decided to ask an intelligent poster 3 questions on Post #85 of the continuing pre-ban argument about Neo-Nyzul.

So I will answer them for you...

1) How does them dat swapping, effect your playstyle, or you?

Because it makes cheating the accepted, if not the preferred, if not the DEMANDED mode of play-style for any relevant play in Final Fantasy XI.

That's the short answer.

The longer one probably comes with a call for at least firing half the North American Community Team in Square Enix for Final Fantasy XI.  I would openly accuse, after their VanaFest 2012 streaming performance, Bayohne and Camate of being compromised by the sole and only real remaining relevant cross-server community on FFXI these days -- and that's BluGartr.  I would also state that I think some of the North American GMs have been similarly compromised.


Hell, PFA just had a mini-episode on Windower, for God's sake!  If that isn't basically all but endorsing and demanding that players cheat to even be socially accepted in this game, I know little else which will convince you.

The elite players on the North American side (and they believe the JP's are worse, by the way!) effectively believe that this is the way to play the game and demand that all who play with them play that way or get off the fucking game.  Players like you, Karbuncle, believe that players like me are a waste of computer resources, uselessly lag the game, and should be expelled for the good of the rest of the community -- because we DON'T cheat.

In doing as such as you do, you effectively are setting the ground rules for play because you basically already have significant support within Square-Enix (known in the NA Community Team, and I would put money on some of the NA GMs as well!), and believe that so many cheaters are in the game that the game cannot survive without it.

But you are declaring the socially acceptable parameters by which to play the game, and that is no less a demand on my playstyle than my violent demand for the rules to be enforced is a demand on yours!

So somebody's going to impose on somebody.

2) IF you can find an Answer to 1, Which I doubt, Why does it make you so angry?

The same way rigged sports do.  That's why I have an entire separate blog on them, Super Fraud.

It would be as if a player came up to me on the side of a track and openly (and publicly!) said that I should use anabolic steroids to get properly prepared to actually compete in track and field.  I all but had a player do that to me publicly (Dreamx) a number of days ago on Leviathan!

If the rules and the law mean nothing, then I guess you wouldn't mind if I came to your door someday and decided to take matters into my own hands because of conduct within the game and smash your computer into a million pieces!

Basically, I can't operate in a world with your level of (lack of) morals.

To that vein:

3) If you can answer 2, Which i doubt, Have you realized lately this is a game?

No, because it accurately represents your (collective) moral compass outside the game as well!

You act in game as you would outside it.  That's the issue I have.

Now, to dispel some of your other myths in this post:

Well, I tend to agree that cheating is in fact bad, Especially when it directly and negatively impacts other gamers, Like Botting at HNMs. But, Nyzul Isle, Is a closed, Instanced event. Them swapping .dats on Lamps is not preventing you from Doing the event, and takes nothing away from your personal experience of the event. 

Actually, yes it does -- in the purest form.  Understanding that cheating is necessary to complete the event to any reasonable extent means I DO NOT PLAY THE EVENT.  I do not play Salvage for the same reason!

If an event requires cheating to complete, then you have no right to play the event at all -- as the event, if Working As Intended, will expose the cheaters as anyone who has successfully completed the event (which see, PW and AV at 75, and Salvage, to any reasoned number of drops!).  Playing the event, in so many terms, becomes a violation of the ToS on it's face.

It most certainly takes from my personal experience of the event, because I cannot reasonably nor feasibly take part in it to any level of success without expecting a nasty-gram from the Special Task Force telling me to find another game to play at some point down the line.

This is why they should've ended Salvage completely on January 22, 2009.  This is why they should shut down Neo-Nyzul now.

Are you angry they have the pixels before you? If so, Why does it matter? You can just wear it proudly that you may have obtained it without cheating, therefor, your victory is significantly more rewarding in the end. Isn't this game about personal achievements? Why do you care about the achievements of others first? This is as stupid as wanting job Nerfs on Diablo 3. 

If, of course, doing so is POSSIBLE.  Which there is zero evidence to indicate that it is, at this time.

I mean, Hell, they did job Nerfs in Diablo 3 on the first or second day of it's release!  One prominent research group in the game used their research to find at least an illegitimate (if not illegal -- and the argument has gone back and forth on that one!) way to try to be "World's First" to clear the game on Nightmare Mode.

They had to abort the entire effort upon an immediate job Nerf to take care of it.

Why do I care about the achievements of others first?  I care because the vast majority of them are illegal (and many of the rest, declared illegitimate).  Give me a legal and legitimate achievement, and I will applaud it.

In most cases, with the lot of you in FFXI, I'm still waiting.  Start with a bee in Gustaberg on the legal client without any illegal enhancements.

Hating is a full time job, Probably missed the better half of school hating on people with better books than you, Or hating on people with better clothes.

"The better half of school", in our culture, is hating on our lessers.  This is why most schools now only exist for their athletic programs and their rape harems...  ERRRRRRR...  Cheerleaders.

And as for lack of reading comprehension:

1) I never said specifically any of my friends cheat, or anyone in my LS cheats. I say that if they were banned for cheating, I'd be upset
Which immediately implies acceptance and endorsement of cheating -- and your ties to BG take care of the rest.

2) I specifically say I never cheat. You won't even find so much as windower installed on my PC.
To wit you are a liar or should dissociate yourself with BG.

3) I don't condone cheating when it negatively effects other people, But I'm not so ignorant as to think any form of cheatin is evil. Cheating has been around for ever. You've probably used multiple cheats on your single player games. So, We're not back on Hypocritical too, just pointing that out. 

Since all the players on an MMO are connected, ALL CHEATING ON AN MMO NEGATIVELY EFFECTS OTHER PEOPLE.


And no, Raksha from Lakshmi, you did not find my new sock puppet.

A SECOND legal-NeoNyzul F100 clear offer has been made...

Not QUITE the same as the first, but it sounds as if it's of the same ilk, unless this is an alt of Pimpchan, but how that would be legal under the ToS (dboxing?) would be some question.

Mdkuser of Quetzacotl has made this offer before:

It's ANOTHER five Umbral Marrows for a video of a legal NeoNyzul Floor 100 clear, with two conditions additional to the legality:

1) All players use SE's standard client.  No Windower, etc.  (Which should, of course, be part of the legality, but he reiterates it.)
2) For his challenge specifically, there must be at least one floor in the clear that is a lamp order floor with 5 lamps, without .dat modding.

"I'm still offering 5 umbral marrow to anyone proving me with a video that they won nyzul SE's client and with at least one order lamp floor with 5 lamps."

Post is #74.


And a BG gem before I log off.

I just wanted dear, sweet Korialstrasz to know that I saw and responded to his previous rant.  (Post #1051.)

And I don't care if he somehow got AF4 (which I would not be surprised if it's part of SoA!), Churchill from Lakshmi.  The guy's a cheater and admits it through his use of illegal timestamps.  So that invalidates all arguments to have about his gear.

Friday, July 20, 2012

To the STF: In response to the articles in the Official Forum, here's your request...

Sent to the STF at 7 PM PDT tonight:

This is in response to the Neo-Nyzul articles in the Official Forum.

I could list names like Draylo from Leviathan and Jem from Asura (whose group posted a YouTube video about this and all of them should be immediately banned) and the like (and, yes, I'm reporting Draylo too...), but reporting simply individuals is effectively a waste of time.

You've got another Salvage bans situation here. Your company has DELIBERATELY created a game mechanic (and this isn't the first time -- more the fourth!) to catch this, and it's time to reap what was sown.

I'll put it as I did in my most recent blog post:

"Every player who has Level 100 Neo-Nyzul gear needs to be immediately investigated by the Special Task Force.




I am reporting them all until it is established that Neo-Nyzul can be legally completed. There has been NO verifiable evidence to the contrary.

I am reporting every player with Floor 100 Nyzul gear. You've got a lot of work to do.

An effective admission on the part of Square-Enix: Neo-Nyzul not clearable without exploits...

Announcement today in the Official Forums:  The "feature" which allows players to rename the lamps to know the order in advance in Nyzul has been discovered and declared.

Yet another admission that Square-Enix never designed this event to be Floor 100-clearable under the Terms of Service.  Has ANYONE dared try to collect on Pimpchan's Challenge, yet?



You'd be pressing it to get Floor 60 legal without good jumps.  100?  Not happening without a number of exploits, and Square-Enix basically has to come out and admit it.


Castoth from Shiva fires the first salvo -- in both directions -- and he's correct!

Why not just remove lamp floors entirely instead? This event is the most broken thing in FFXI as is, reducing the success rate of the cheaters to 0% (like the non-cheaters) will just make Neo Nyzul completely dead instead of just mostly dead. 

The fact is that Square-Enix never designed this event to be legally clearable.  And this is the FOURTH TIME (at least) that they've done this:

1) AV at 75
2) Pandemonium Warden at 75
3) Salvage, and their drops in general
4) Neo-Nyzul

They'd have done the same to Voidwatch had the event not changed entirely the drop mechanisms.

But the facts are clear:  There are events in this game which were never intended to be legally defeatable.

Kaliyah from Fenrir:

I wonder if it will be as grandiose as the salvage bans with people saying "They were just jealous of my awesome skills they couldn't replicate so they banned me" 

That's really the next question, isn't it?  Are we going to get a ton of Neo-Nyzul bans?  I'd have to think anyone running around with L100-clear Neo-Nyzul gear has to be under at least some degree of suspicion.

And Malthar from Leviathan says it face up on page 2:

"And if you want to know who is "using third-party tools or any form of game exploit" just look at who has F100 gear because I can 100% guarantee nobody got that gear without cheating."

And then the world-famous cheating asshole, Draylo from Leviathan, has to come in and completely air-ball on the point:

Are you an idiot? That squashes any hopes of you getting a win at all, at least before you could have leeched wins off the real players that aren't helpless and need their hand held like some of the annoying casuals on these forums. 

Listen, motherfucker.  I know who you are, and I know who you hang with, and I know your reputation.  Everything you have ever done in this game is invalid.  Your gear, your research, your rep, everything, INVALID.

And that you completely miss the point here is why.  You and yours at BG have de-legitimized the entire North American player community in this game, apparently into it's relations with Square-Enix in and of itself.  (Yeah, I'm talking to you two from the VanaFest 2012 stream!) 

The fact is that you never had the right to win the content, because the content was not winnable legally.  Without Windower, Clipper, .dat mods, etc., you can't win the content.  And you deliberately ignore that in the face of forcing your and BG's superiorities on the rest of us.

You have stolen your gear, your play experience, and a lot of valuable items from Square-Enix and the rest of us, to the point that the Japanese S-E people do not respect the American players a whit.

With people like you on top, bitch, WHY SHOULD THEY?

Until BG is taken care of, Square-Enix openly SHOULD be Japanese-centric in their relations with the players.  You've damaged every one of our play experiences in the name of your fucking superiority.

Go the fuck away, shithead.

You remind me of Dreamx, who I reported to the STF for openly endorsing Windower to my face and saying it would make me a better player.  Makes me wonder if he'd openly walk up to a "lesser person" track athlete and openly espouse the use of steroids, being only steroid-taking athletes are relevant on the track (as you believe only advantage-taking players are relevant here)...

Alvian from Phoenix:  Draylo is one of the main people from a cheaters' website called BluGartr, who the US Community Team can't seem to get their mouths off of BG's dick.  I'd say there's an admission.

What he's saying is that he's sick of having to hold the hands of lesser players and be handcuffed out of his monopolization of the content through openly known and endorsed illegal mechanisms.  They're all over the BG site.

Camiie from Fenrir has thoughts for both sides:

To the players: Don't cheat for gear no matter how awesome it is or how unfair the event it's hidden behind is.

The problem with that is that, for many players, their sole enjoyment of the game of the belittlement and derision of other "lesser persons" on the game.  Their enjoyment of the game is literally from their nose-in-the-air superiority.  They would not be here otherwise!

To SE: Don't create events where people feel the need to cheat to even have a chance.

There's only one problem:  Square-Enix (Japan) is doing this as a GM double-check.

Why do you think Tanaka was so into "BARANCE" in the last months of his administration here?  He is trying to counter the efforts of the BG community to force any relevant player to bot, cheat, and force all other players into submission.

Philemon from Valefor:

I'd like to point out that there are a ton of JPs with Nyzul gear. What conclusion can we draw from this? I think the most infuriating thing is that a lot of posters on the JP forum seem to think this is strictly an NA issue when it's the entire FFXI population. 

If it's just the NA's, then why wouldn't a JP player take that challenge that Pimpchan had.  Five Umbral Marrows for a video of a clean F100 clear.

The problem is that many JP's (and with justification!) believe that the most prominent NA players see cheating as an absolute necessity for game enjoyment.

Jem from Asura:

Hilarious how this is suddenly an issue because the JP's are in uproar about it on their forums after discovering our video. Yet it was a complete non-issue when we originally posted the video way back in April on these forums, said DAT edits were used AND a Dev even posted in the topic. Nothing was done or said about it because it was NA/EU players.
Be careful what you ask for, bitch.  You seem to forget that Square-Enix only acted on the Salvage duping after knowing about it for eighteen months! when people were complaining outside the game.

I hope you're one of the first to (have your characters) die in a fire.

Phogg from Phoenix figured it out...

So your point is a that preventing the use of cheats will prevent anyone from winning, and that prior to this only "real players" can win, therefore only people who use cheats are "real players"? You're silly. 

The problem is:  He's [Draylo] got gear and you "don't".  That makes him want to force you to suck his dick.

Ends justify the means and all.

Karbuncle, another BitchGartr idiot, misses the point as well:

I mean, I understand its definitely an exploit, But at the same time, Maybe they could try making the Event less of a kick in the dick than just nerfing everyone and everything who/that wins like they did with AV. Should remove Order lamps entirely, Its a run killer to even the best group, because it eats time. 

The entire design of the event was a kick in the dick.  Working As Intended.  And YOU and YOUR MOTHERFUCKING CHEATING ASSTARDS at BG are the reasons why.

They don't have an RMT Pwner 1.337 for Windower and Clipper and the like -- but they can sure create events which are not legally possible to be defeated.  Anyone defeating them immediately draws the attention of legitimate players and the people watching over the process.  Finally, enough people have complained, and, as you said, inb4 Salvage Bans 2.0 .

And it won't come a moment too soon, as if Seekers comes out and you fucktards are of your ilk, you will openly attempt to deny the rest of us (by one means or another) Seekers content.

In response to a call from FFXIAH to just ban all the level 100 gear people, Mizuharu from Bahamut responds:

lol no. Because how are they going to tell the people who did 100+ runs legit and managed to get a few pieces of gear as a reward for their luck? (I say luck, because that is the #1 key factor in Nyzul Isle.) Camate, tell the devs that this Nyzul Isle either needs

PROVE IT.  Prove it, prove it, prove it.

You have a person, Pimpchan, who posted on that very Official Forum board that he would give FIVE UMBRAL MARROWS to anyone who can prove that situation.  NO ONE HAS ANSWERED HIS CHALLENGE.

You claim you have 100+ legit runs?  Film one, post it, it passes muster, and Pimpchan owes you five Umbral Marrows.  Period!

And until someone does (how about you?), I think you're a liar and a cheat.  And Neo-Nyzul?  Working As Intended.

And then he asks an interesting question which I have wondered a number of times myself:

Would using Vent be considered cheating? Since the original means to communicate between players was the chat window in FFXI... And Vent lets you actually TALK talk to others about strats/etc... I'm not asking for the "are you serious" face or anything. Just popped into mind that Sqenix might view it as a 3rd party tool... I don't see how it is though. >_> 

Actually, I do see how that is a "third-party tool" -- the only reason it might not be acted upon is if all players have some mechanism (through headphone/microphone setups) to do similar.  Otherwise, Vent/Skype/etc. should be declared illegal.

I mean, let's save some time here:

Every means the player community has come up with to accelerate the acquisition of gear, gil, and/or experience points is illegal in one manner or another.

Danita from Siren has a rant which I will just post the page on here.  It's post #43 in the thread, and is quite long.

Danita, here's a revelation to you:

Most of the players who believe themselves relevant to this game DO -- NOT -- WANT -- YOU -- HERE.

They believe you, as a casual player who plays with friends, cockblocks THEIR game experience in a game which they own -- and that they own YOUR game experiences along with theirs.

Without effectively the control and domination of this game, they would not be here, and, bluntly, they believe no one else would be either!

This is why end-game was DECIMATED by their misconduct in Salvage.  To the point that Square-Enix actually officially said, a couple months later, that it was time to move on from XI to XIV.

ONLY because XIV has come as such a sheer disaster on every conceivable level is this game still in operation, much less receiving it's fifth expansion in 2013!

They -- don't -- want -- you -- playing -- THEIR -- GAME.

Belmonts from Fenrir (and Karbuncle again):  That most of them already have the armor is irrelevant.  They can lose it in a hurry.

Cahlum from Cerebrus basically makes his application for BitchCheater:

If SE bans any of the tiny amount of players left on this game because of this they are stupid. 

If the continuance of this game requires the cheaters, then shut the damn thing down!  That's one of the reasons I openly question the intelligence of a 2013 expansion.

Fuck you.

Every player who has Level 100 Neo-Nyzul gear needs to be immediately investigated by the Special Task Force.




Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"This is for Rodney King... And the two TV's are for me!!"

Ahhh, BluGartr...



Agents in the field notified me that I have been singled out, once again, for the honor of having my gear declared "gimp".  These cocksucking thieving fuckers basically devote an entire section of their little circle-jerk to so doing.

And, according to agents in the field, I was singled out.

(Oh, please let it be my current PUP setup.  :) )

Well, before I do that, something else I ran into looking for my latest foray:

Susannee from Shiva has had enough of the mog house congestion.  Now, I don't know if the players will actually get banned for this, but it IS against the Terms of Service to create that kind of a bottleneck!

(Not that it's probably going to get punished now -- a soon-to-be-implemented update will remove collision detection if someone stands still for, what is it, 10 seconds??)

Anyway, let's see what they say, and where...

Ah...  Found it!!  From five days ago.

Korialstrasz, from a Voidwatch run...  (Yes, was that the one that our group leader decided to stick me in the one group which never healed nor buffed....  That got an indiscreet Warp after a certain period of time.)  Post 1907 in the 23rd Gimp/Confused/WTF thread...  (On this page...)

Listen, boy...  I got news for your little ass.  I earned that gear and am very proud of it.  How bout, in a couple months, I take my Gungnir and stick it straight up your botting/Windower posterior?

You seem to forget a few things, little ones...  There is certain "elite" gear that we who play by the rules in this game are not entitled to, because of little shits like you.  If the players were actually forced to play by the rules, I'm sure I could get gear that might stand up to your "if your nose was any higher, you'd draw rain!" standards...

Also:  About that "not augmented" deal  (full DRG AF2 + 2, but no augments)...  DRG is not the job I take into Dynamis Tonight (my little name for a mini-static of a few people who go to Dynamis together with me.  Total membership:  Usually about 4, but it's rare that we all can go as late as I need to go from time to time.), so kiss my entire royal posterior.

Yeah, Kor, right there too, bitch.

EDIT:  Guess I just had to wait about a day or so.  They're there.  Humorless and covering their asses, as usual.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RMT is still winning, Square-Enix...

In fact, a number of players have openly unearthed a rather significant gil-laundering operation to attempt to circumvent the known anti-RMT mechanisms such as the RMT Pwner v. 1.337 ...

All one has to do is to go to their server's Auction House and pull up the information on a Chocobo Feather.

A single, rather comparatively insignificant Chocobo Feather.

On every server in the game, in the last ten transactions, there have been literally single transactions in which a single Chocobo Feather has been sold for Mog Bonanza levels of gil.  Tens of millions of gil.

This is no joke.  It is a sophisticated, though rather simple, gil-laundering operation to attempt to circumvent efforts by the Special Task Force to combat RMT, to the tune of tens/hundreds of millions of gil, as and when possible.

Hell, I just got my first RMT tell in ages from Brosale today, charging $9/million gil.

(Even at those prices, a Stripeshell is still pushing $500, making a relic damn near worth at least a grand...)

STF and GMs have been notified.

And yet more on the "WE WANT HNMs, WE WANT BOTS!!!" bullshit...

And the hits just keep on coming....

One thing I've been thinking about before I get into the latest batch of baloney:  If this is the attitude that most of the "elite" players are going to have here, I do openly begin to wonder if their designed modus operandi is going to be an open cock-block (using the environmental blockages to their advantage!) to ensure that they (and only they) are going to be able to access Secrets of Aldouin content...

It's like what they used to do when ToAU was first put out.  What some players did was, when Cerberus was placed behind a locked door, and the group didn't have the key to get in, they would force Cerberus to agg them through the door, and then to use Draw In to get the group into the fight proper.

That, my friends, is an exploit, and a bannable one at that!

So enter two closed threads from the Official Forums.  I don't think either one of these is going to be around for long, even though the second thread had 37 pages of the fucking bullshit, so let's see how many people I can report to the Special Task Force tonight...

(And I will, too, if I see content that goes to actual endorsement of the bots.)

The shorter thread was "How to avoid Bots becoming required again to experience endgame content in FFXI".

Started with the obvious "Force Pop" argument by Kilta from Bahamut.  No harm, no foul:  It's what SE did to finally get rid of the stuff.

Taruina from Siren is just tired of the whole fol-de-rol:

"this is a horrible debate, you're either on the side of the gimps who don't even know how to run an [a] party, the basement gnomes, or the bot profiteers. the game's over 10 years old, why should anyone give a cat? let natenn and habu do what they do best and camp the internet while tabbing to ffxi every minute to check if omfg1337skill loot mob pops, while mom/wife/caretaker/indentured servant brings them moar hotpockets; hypothetically speaking, of course. and rosa will just start to see real progress on her relic, whent hey finally nuke the servers. again, all hypothetical."

No, Taruina:  Don't let Bechyne from Carbuncle and Natenn from Asura "do what they do best" -- they will ensure that they, and only they, can enjoy the content.  Or would you like it to get this bad?

Again, I truly believe the BG's and Bechynes and Natenns will fully attempt to block all other players off of Aldouin content, literally walling THEM inside of Aldouin with the people of Aldouin.

We don't need that shit.  We didn't need it five years ago.

More bullshit from Taruina:

"rosa thinks dual boxing is botting"

I do know that, at one time, it did appear as if dual boxing was, in fact, illegal!  It may well not be now, but it certainly did appear that a Term of Service was one character logged in at a time.  I've looked through a number of the current Terms, and cannot find it.  However, I do not find it unreasonable if she were to say it was illegal, though.

Going to the other, longer thread, Kilta from Bahamut (the most controversial poster on the Official Forums, post-my-permanent-disqualification from them) posited:

"I'm a firm believer in people playing how they wish. You guys have literally no reason or right to tell me how to play if u want that right pay for my account."

Someone's going to impose on someone else's play-style no matter which way that goes.  Either we force them to follow the rules, or they will force us to bow to them.

Additionally,  here's the thing:  These idiots think they own the game, and, hence, not only their materials, but yours as well.  This is where I believe they will do everything they can to block other players (through non-removal of environmental enfeebles, should they exist, non-removal of physical blockages that they passed, etc. and so forth) from enjoying Aldouin content) from actually playing the game.

They believe illegal conduct is a function of "knowing how to play the game".

Natenn from Asura:  If HNMs were the best thing to happen to the game, then you must think that the only purpose for about 90% of the players in this game is to literally suck your cock.

Friday, July 6, 2012

To the "We Want Timed Pop HNMs Back" Brigade: FUCK YOU and your BG-level bullshit...

Wanted to write this for about two weeks.  Finally getting around to it, Dynamis Tonight and idiots in the fucking neighborhood allowing...

I've seen several calls for the return to the bot-fests and MPK-sprees that were the timed pop HNMs, including ongoing debates on the Official Forums.  Since the reason I can't post on the Official Forums is that I'd like to take many players with this attitude and smash their computers straight off of FFXI and out of existence, here will have to suffice for my response.

Fuck you and the horses who rode in on you.

For example:  Bechyne of Carbuncle, who decided that he feels that bots and illegal claim situations actually make you supernaturally smart, in comparison to today's FFXI, where he feels the game is being populated by a bunch of shitty toddlers.  Then, to make his point even further, he basically puts up another picture basically saying that all casuals should treat him as if he had a restraining order against them.

Appears to be a friend of major BG contributor NynJa, and that's about all I need to know to say "Fuck you, fuck your ass..." and basically discard most anything you say on this subject as pro-bot drivel.

Such as this bullshit:

"The game is less dramatic now? You're kidding right? You must not see people cry about emps, or how they wiped and their mob was taken, or how they're stupid and popped an HNM attacked something else, it goes yellow and it gets taken."

Because players -- like -- you -- are -- DICKS.

That clear enough for you?  And the worst part of all this is that you LIKE IT and you WANT IT TO BE THAT WAY.

Demonjustin from Phoenix with a counterpoint to Bechyne:

"You know why this matters nothing? Because I am fairly sure you were an asshole when gear gave you that right and power, now you are the same as everyone and hate having lost it. So you want to come here and tell everyone how you want your things to be special so when people don't have it you can gloat and feel mighty. Not much reason to have separate gear between people, yet you love the idea so much, so this is what I assume you are. As such I will give you the same thing I am given all the time as a response, quit and play something else if you don't like it."

Exactly, and here's the thing:  That was the entire point of his playing of Final Fantasy XI -- to belittle the "lesser persons" of the game off of it.  One of the main reasons this game has failed in the MMO market is that Square-Enix openly desired money over integrity, and allowed entities like BG to effectively take over the community.  (So much so that it wasn't clear whether the English VanaFest stream was more information or cock-sucking of the aforementioned BG, and the two on the stream will hear about that if/when I ever get an opportunity to do so -- since the Golden Gobbiebag is just a quick thing to select the prizes!)

This was one of the reasons I was very happy with the 99 level-cap increase:  It BLOWS UP THE POWER STRUCTURE.  Takes the entire "LS only exists for My Dick In Your Mouth!" or "Don't whine if you can't claim anything because I have three bots!!" mentality, putting the e-peens in a woodchipper, and slicing them to bits!!

Another counter from DaBackPack of Phoenix:

"If ANYBODY can provide a reasonable explanation as to how claiming an HNM equates to "skill" (or even mastery of the game's mechanics) then I will personally change to your server and give you 5 million gil and a pat on the back."

Bots and Windower and illegal plug-ins and add-ons are, in their world, "skill".  Effectively, in their world, performance-enhancing steroids are actually skillful to use, and those who refuse to do so have no right to share the field with the superior athletes who do.

It's like one of the BG shitheads said, and I can't find the reference I made in my blog...  "I have claim, you don't."  Never mind that the bot-user should be in jail for what they're doing, nooooooooooooooooo....

Natenn from Asura needs a clue-by-four:

"Ppl just mad they couldn't claim so they use every excuse in the book, claim or get out. EVERYONE crys bots wha wha wha when you actually have 0 or little evidence. Some items/fights are supoosed to rare, not popped 100x a day or dropped givin to random ppl who can't even utilise them properly. FFXI needs to go back to stuff actually having to be worked towards, not oh i got lucky on a VW drop now let me not show up anymore herp derp. Long respawns/hard NMs are the future."

Stop it.  Just STOP IT.  You are insulting my intelligence and probably trying to either justify or recoup a bot investment.  Bots are a known commodity in this game, so much so that one guy, before he was openly busted by Square-Enix, was said to have made a six-figure income off the bullshit.

There is all evidence on bot usage to have a mob "pop purple".  Stop insulting the intelligence of the few legitimate players left in Vana'diel, asshole.

First-degree FFXIAH elitist too, I see.  Bitch, best you stay away from me, brother...

And here's the worst part:  Say you did get claim by the bot.  You'd have to not only defeat the HNM, but the four alliances who were deliberately trying to wipe your ass/lag you out/MPK you to steal the HNM!  Spike Flail, anyone?

FFXI does NOT need to go back to where you need a $2,000 bot (and, yes, they did often get that expensive -- NASA, anyone?) to actually play content.  But, that's what the elite North American game community seems to want (right up to the official Square-Enix Community Team, given their support of BluCheater.)

Saevel of Lakshmi actually makes a very good point here:

"SE really needs to stop the Killer Game Master mentality.

Every NM is equipped with
deadly aoe killer moves.

They also follow a Zero Sum Game, Them vs US. This is known as the Amber Law
"Gamemasters and players can be fully expected to try and screw each other over, even during character creation""
I do assert that Square-Enix Japan has this mentality, because of just this Amber Law.  People seem to forget the amount of elite players and linkshells utterly smashed by the Salvage bans back in the day, and I believe this is one of the main reasons that Square-Enix, as a Japanese company, openly tries to screw over the United States player-base (and SHOULD DO SO):  Much of the elite American player community uses illegal tactics in effectively everything they meaningfully do in the game, and get the blessing and support of the community, even into the company level, for doing so.
So why shouldn't Square-Enix Japan effectively create monsters and game mechanics specifically designed to detect cheating, as they have done at least four times now?
I'll have more on this, I think, as Seekers draws closer.  Oh boy...