Thursday, June 28, 2012

So has anyone decided to take this guy up on his offer and "prove" NeoNyzul is clean?

Official Forums.  I think it's in Battle Content, but may take me a while to search for it.

Someone on the Official Forums offered five Umbral Marrows (the Arch-Dynamis Lord exclusive drop for 95 -> 99 relic upgrades) for any person who could post a video of a Floor 100 NeoNyzul win that was clean.

To my knowledge, no one took him up on his offer, because (IMODO) no one can.

EDIT:  Found it!  At least a repost of his earlier offer:

MarkovChain (Pimpchan from Quetzacotl server) posted it.

"Haha you lose. I'm giving 5 of my 171 marrows to anyone posting their own self made video of a cheat-less F100 Neo Nyzul clear. Come on, show us your mad skillz."


It never ceases to amaze me, the arrogance of other players.

Had a run-in with a couple of players last night after more killstealing bullshit in Dynamis.  Sounds like a lot of fuckers on the Net seem to want to make stealing kills from Beastmasters into a fucking sport over there.

Mark this and mark this well:  With me, you guys are dealing with a person who will get arrested over this game.  (And too much more dick-sucking on the part of the North American Community Team of illegal entities such as BluGartr will accelerate that process -- and the NA Comm Team will get called on that on the VanaFest survey when it comes out!)  Some of you fuckers might want to take a long look at some of the players on the Official Forums who, 13 months ago, were demanding Square-Enix contact my local police department and have me locked up before I went and fucked someone up.

Too many players in this game (and too many people in life) act as if they will never have consequence visited upon them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

VanaFest Survey/Golden Gobbiebag: Don't panic yet...

I'm getting a feeling about the delay that was just announced:

They just announced a turnover at the top of FFXI.  This is going to be a very important survey, I get the impression.

So let's not panic yet.  I will say this:  If they don't have some idea by the end of the week, though...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Thoughts on VanaFest 2012...

Well...  Though I still think the show itself long on sizzle and short on actual substance, that last bombshell was a game-changer.

I've seen a number of people on a number of forums actually say they resubscribed not due to Seekers of Adoulin, but to the announcement that Tanaka was retiring for health reasons!

And it does sound like it's health reasons.  He was talking about an "incurable disease", apparently, in one Japanese interview, and other sources state it may well be eye cancer.

And, of course, the Golden Gobbiebag giveaway is basically in tune with a survey that will be distributed, post-Vanafest (and probably tomorrow), through to users of the game.  So that will probably be the first chance for the new director to get immediate feedback.

Some random thoughts.

Seekers of Adoulin:
  • I truly do not believe they really planned another expansion for this game until they realized how much of a public-relations and economic disaster Final Fantasy XIV has become for the company.  Now, three-plus years after Square-Enix said the company had to move forward from FFXI, they finally decide to put out a fifth expansion.  Hmmm...
  • And 2013...  I can understand a small bump in (re-)subscription, but, with the expansion 6-18 months away, only a very small one, at this time.  My question stands:  How do you intend not to have a bunch of people de-subscribe over this summer and decide not to pay in to your company (denying your MMO division vital funds for not only Seekers of Adoulin, but also for FFXIV 2.0) until just a few short weeks or months before Seekers comes out?
  • Geomancer:  Might actually subjob this one with Rune Lancer as the main (RUN/GEO?), but this seems a bit too much support/backline for me.
  • Rune Lancer:  I have officially wasted 95 levels on Red Mage.  They pretty much killed the job.  I think this is what they really wanted Red Mage to be on a more concrete level, but needed the "Sphere" effects (note that both jobs appear to rely on the same type of mechanic that the "Sphere" mechanic on some of the recently-new armor has put into the game) to be able to pull off.
  • Reclaim the Lands:  I see massive cock-blockery on this one.  Since much of the new continent is completely unexplored, players will need to build (and almost-certainly maintain) outposts and other mechanisms the players took for granted in the Middle and Near-Eastern Lands.  With also the possibility of environmental blockages (or even environmental enfeebling) in play, one would have to wonder if a group of elitist fucktards would not openly take every step conceivable to ensure that they (and only they and whomever pays them) get to enjoy the content, with everyone else trying to bang on trees and the like while poisoned and paralyzed, with no Outposts to teleport to and the like.
  • Instanced Dungeon:  See ya, Moblin Maze Mongers.  Wouldn't wanna be ya.  Especially if you can scale the difficulty down to a single-player dungeon...
  • Monster-Player:  No.  Just...  no.  New form of PvP?  No.  See ya.
  • Monster Lairs:  Could be very interesting to see the benefits of actually claiming these for "our side" of the equation.  Perhaps Besieged-in-reverse?
Other stuff:
  • Not that much stuff to tide us over, sadly.  Two of the new 2-hours were revealed:  WAR gets a Formless Strikes and MNK gets what I will call Absolute Counter -- Counter all auto-attacks.  
  • Possibly the one thing for me would be if they do allow us to merit Call Wyvern recasts downward a bit.
  • Several other job adjustments as well.
  • FFXI not on Vita. 
  • No word on Free-to-Play, so that's probably off the table. 
  • No word on server mergers.
  • UI probably getting looked at closer to the Seekers release.
  • Nobuo Uematsu appeared to rock it with his new band.  Will miss The Black Mages, though.
  • The jazz band they had was great -- the sexy and leggy violinist, even better!
And then, the shock announcement at the end.

Let's just hope this doesn't mean that the Community Team here takes their BG dick-stroking over to the JP Dev Team and try to talk them into certain things.

And just when it looked like VanaFest 2012 was going to have no bombshell...


At the end of VanaFest 2012, Hiromichi Tanaka, the much-maligned Producer of Final Fantasy XI and former Producer of Final Fantasy XIV, retired from Square-Enix, citing health issues.  Tanaka's only 50, so that's not a good sign, for one of a couple of reasons.

I certainly would not want it to be fatal health issues, but the fact is that the MMO Division has suffered under Tanaka for a number of years now.

Akihiko Matsui will be the new director of Final Fantasy XI.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

VanaFest 2012 Rolling Blog Thingy: Day Two

2110 PDT:  Quiz time.

2030 PDT:  Adding stuff in the NA Comm Team stuff:

Instanced Dungeon:  Players can set difficulty, area size, and # of rewards -- this is in Aldouin.

Statue Pieces can create the situation.  Sounds to me like Moblin Maze Mongers 2.0

Looks like statues have three pieces:  One on difficulty, one on size, and one on possible rewards.

"Back on the Ranch":  All people are going to have their own area/instance/island??

You can raise monsters for various things, and fish and mine??

Basically, a change to HELM stuff.

Rune Fencer is basically a Paladin with the magical defense replacing physical defense.

New 2-hours:  2 examples:  WAR:  All attacks go non-elemental.  MNK:  Counter ALL auto-attacks

New enfeebling system, still finishing up on that.

Strengthen Protect and Minne about 1.5 X.

New black belt stuff and enhancement on boost?

Changes to Sange and Shuriken effects...

SMN:  Blood Pacts won't execute if there's no target.  Cait Sith to come in the near-future.

DRG:  Call Wyvern recast change to Merit I.

Play-as-a-monster sounds like it's a full PvP situation.  *UGH!!*

2000 PDT:  Round two from the resident jazz band, The Nanaa Mihgos.  English recap in 30.

1940 PDT:  Tenaka joins the panel...

UI:  Moveable windows of menus and like can be moved all over the game screen.

Definite attempt to ease access on the legal client.

And that's pretty much IT!  That's all from the Dev Team????

1900 PDT:  Dev Team Part II

Starts with a recap of yesterday's Seekers of Adoulin stuff.

First ten minutes look like one giant "Much Ado About Nothing" on the JP Stream.


On to the 2012 Roadmap.

Starting with an overview of what we already know.

Then to the announcement and more information on the "Play as a Monster" situation.

PvP, as monsters, is possible.

A player can be almost any imaginable regular monster type.

1830-1900 PDT:  Looks like Kumi Tanioka on the side stage doing some quick riffs.  Dev Team II at the top of the hour!!

1800 PDT:  Day Two begins with another look at the Heroine's Tower.  There is a rumor going around that one trip into the Tower only involves fighting ONE of the five Heroines, with the 15 minute time limit.

Today's Round Two appears to be starring the Wings of the Goddess Heroine for Group B:

Lilisette, ASSISTED by Cait Sith.


And Lilisette can clone herself/be cloned by Cait Sith, if I'm seeing this right?

And Group A gets the Treasures of Aht Urhgan Heroine:

Nashmiera, and Ovjang and Mnejing are with her!  (And they pretty quickly routed Group A.)

Various "known" NPC's (Group A tonight just ran into Rughadjeen) populate the Tower to aid the adventurers.

There are preliminary mobs you have to defeat to get to the Main Event.  And, remember, you only have 15 minutes for the whole thing!

1735 PDT:  Second Dev Panel will NOT be exclusive Seekers content.  Roadmap stuff, other new stuff also in -- according to the NA Community Stream.

1700 PDT:  JP stream up again -- pre-show advertising from the JP Community Team, I think.

1415 PDT:  After what, at least IMODO, can be best described as a lackluster Day One (yeah, they confirmed the expansion, but when you basically have the NA Community Team playing so damn coy when they know their buddies on the Net were scrounging for the trademark information -- and that's the best they could do!!), Yokohama prepares for Day Two:
  • Another look at Heroine's Tower (we think)
  • More Seekers of Adoulin information, including the second new job in the 2013 expansion
  • Another performance by the jazz group the Nanaa Mihgo's (or however that's spelled)
  • Nobuo will perform later tonight
  • The English viewers might get a look at the "Project XI" panel from last night (it never made the JP stream, as scheduled, for some odd reason).
The thing that kinda gets me about the probability that all the "Dev Team" stuff being SoA teasers is:  With the expansion scheduled to come out some time in 2013, you've got to convince me, if you're Square-Enix, that your MMO division is going to survive that long!  Are you counting on the fact that you will get players to resubscribe what could be 18 months in advance?

But we can take one thing off the table:  The actual Dev Team, who has been very quiet so far this weekend, actually appears to have decided, according to one Tweeter in Japan, against putting FFXI on the PlayStation Vita.  (Have to think that's RAM issues, if anything...)

Friday, June 22, 2012

VanaFest 2012 Rolling Commenting Blog Thingy: Day One

2300 PDT:  Your "Special Guest" is ELMER THE FUCKING POINTY?

Let me expand on my Twitter comment:  WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, NA COMMUNITY TEAM?  Is "community" so important to your vision of an MMORPG that it subsumes legitimate play?

2140 PDT:  Additional points post-costume contest:

Watch the trailer on the English site closely!   There are NUMEROUS hidden clues to additional content in the expansion.

The NA Community Team has stated this is a DISC expansion.  And, according to the trailer:  NO PS2 SUPPORT to this, at least in the English language.

2100 PDT:  English-stream recap of Secrets of Adoulin panel 1:

I have a gut feeling that this is your 99 expansion.  You're going to have traps, perhaps environmental enfeebles, you'll be blocked by rocks and by trees...  Very interesting.

New game mechanic:  "Reclaim the Lands".

Basically, the idea is that it's too dangerous to venture outside the one town, so you basically have to build/rebuild the entire mechanism you've taken for granted in the East and Middle Lands:

Pioneering is where you have to overcome the environmental dangers, destroy blockages, gather rudimentary materials, and build the outposts you see in other areas of Vana'diel.

Exploration is basically looking into caves and monster lairs, gaining statue segments, and a concept that almost appears to me as if it comes out of Final Fantasy VIII's Draw system:  Receiving Mysterious Powers from places. 

Sounds like the main baddies are going to be seven in number, and will be in monster lairs which can, in and of themselves, be destroyed and reclaimed for the residents of Adoulin and Vanadiel.  Actually defeating the giant monster might kick off a Campaign/Besieged situation, except the players are the offensive!

Six new guild-like concepts will aid the players, exclusively in the Far West.

Information, Exploration, Transportation, Workshop, Security, and Amusement.

Each guild will give benefits to the players (items, powers, movement ability, safety, etc.) as they are advanced in the Far West.

Then, the last 10 minutes or so of the half-hour English recap was on the new job announced today, Geomancer.

It is, IMHO, the opposite of Dancer.  GEO basically supports the party while attack foes with forms of elemental magic.

One of the main concepts is the newly-based "Sphere" concept on some current armor pieces.  Now, a GEO can basically take and put one around themselves for any basic enfeebling or enhancing magic, or, with the use of an artifact called a Luopan, can place the center of that "Sphere" around a spot.

Also, there's the concept of "polarity", in which being in different positions around a "Sphere" can create different benefits.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...  Not my speed.

It now, also, appears as if NO NEW MATERAL other than Secrets of Adoulin is coming out here.  They announced more looks into some of the mechanics of SoA, and a SECOND NEW JOB for tomorrow's panel.  This isn't even really "The Dev Team", it's the SoA team.

2000 PDT:  Concert.  English stream to recap Secrets of Adoulin panel in 30 minutes.

 1900 PDT:  Dev Team Time!!

Starts with a trailer!  "A remote land lush with treasure and triumph..."


Seekers of Adoulin isn't coming out until 2013!!  *GROAN*

Square-Enix, you got enough server population to keep the game going that long?  I don't think so, especially with the BG bitch brigade almost running the NA side!

According to the Twitter (1915):  There will be new jobs in Seekers of Adoulin.

(1931):  Geomancer has been confirmed as a new job in Seekers of Adoulin.

They essentially went over geography, concept art of some new monsters, and then some things about Geomancer.

But, again...  2013, in the current state of the game???  *yawn*

My read on Geomancer:  Kinda Dancer in reverse.  Highly elemental magic and back-line based.  Almost needs to be part of a party.  Ugh.

1845 PDT:  Fusionx from Pet Food Cheater remembers me, even incognito.  Bye, bitch!!

Heroine's Tower:  One of each of the original six jobs.  Level 99.  Subjobs, as standard for these types of things, are disabled.

First opponent appears to be Lion of the Zilart expansion.

15 minutes to kill her.

Each opponent will have a Nyzul-like Rune of Transfer which will activate upon defeat.

"A" group appears to be having lots of trouble.  "B" group already defeated Lion.

"A" group has wiped to the first opponent.

Don't think they ever went to a second before they cut that at 1830.  At 1900, the Dev Team comes on, and...  Oh boy...

1750 PDT:  Opening remarks finished.  In 10 minutes, Heroine's Tower!

1745 PDT:  Hints being laid on the English stream that the first Dev Team panel (at 1900) will be huge.  Probably Seekers of Aldouin announcement, plus more?

1733 PDT:  Introductory remarks.  Tenaka?

1730 PDT:  SHOW TIME!  I won't lie -- hearing about this event is one of the reasons I came back, so it's time to start finding out what's going to happen here.

1710 PDT:  So THAT is where the Mog Satchel goes...  I've been playing with a bag on my ass all this time and never knew it!  (They just showed probably what each attendee is getting -- looks like a Mog Satchel.)

1657 PDT:  Some early action on the JP stream, showing off a new wallscroll featuring Phoenix.  Could this be another new avatar to go with Cait Sith?

1640 PDT:  A Campaign-battle farmer's work is never done.  More Quadav die at my blades.  Show starts in about 50 minutes.

1500 PDT:  OK, let's start the blog.  I'll update this throughout the day and evening vis-a-vis the developments in Yokohama.  Updates will be as and when information comes out, and if I'm on.  May be called off later tonight, but nothing is scheduled, at this time, to keep me off the Net.

Stream starts at 5:30 PM PDT.

New battlefield (probably Heroine's Tower) at 6.

Dev Team at 7.

Music at 8.  English-language Dev Team review at 8:30.

Cosplay at 9.  Special English-language guest at 10.

Kumi Tanioka later tonight.

Couple of thoughts:
  • In game now, levelling my THF in Campaign and farming Voiddusts for the 0/700 suckers to continue to try.  Sounds like Eblan finally got his body, methinks.
  • FFXI for Vita is being discussed as a prediction.  I can see it with the Japanese penchant for "transfarring" (both playing at a space and taking the game with you on something like a Vita, and progressing both manners), but the memory cards and downloads would be stupid expensive!
  • My Dragoon is going to love the new expansion!  Just saying!

VanaFest "Announcement" #1: Trademark Found to Confirm Expansion

Seekers of Adoulin.  We're going west.

Already discussion on new jobs and the like.  Here's the thing:  This expansion has to come out Real Damn Soon Now.  Maybe a month or two.  They need to get the money from the expansion to do a lot of the stuff they want to do with XIV -- it's probably the only reason we're getting the expansion.

I really don't think they ever planned to go beyond Wings of the Goddess, but the reality of XIV being such an utter fucking dud has changed their plans.

We go live in about sixteen hours.  A rolling blog post will be kept.

ON EDIT:  I believe we have our fifth Heroine for the Tower:  Achtelle.  She's a Dragoon, with her pet Bravo -- a freelance in the Wings of the Goddess Crystal War.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Ominous Storm Clouds Over Vana'diel Two Days Before VanaFest

1) Did some research while I was STF'ing the YouTube motherfucker last night, and found something quite disturbing.

If you check the STF page on the Official Site, you'll find:
  • From April to September of 2011, the STF was only banning somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-800 accounts a month.  
  • October-December of 2011, it went to about 1,000/month.
  • And for the currently-noted part of 2012, it's now up to 1,400/month.
Given my experience n Leviathan since my return and other research on the subject, I can conclude the following:

Square-Enix is now banning for STF-level misconduct the equivalent of the baseline playing population (online at a given time) of an entire server every month.

Now, this isn't the first time this happened.  Hell, it was happening several times over from the start of the STF until April of 2010.

But with the dropping population size over the last two years, could so many of the remaining players be RMT and the like now that it doesn't matter WHAT Square-Enix announces at VanaFest in 48 hours?

Something to think about...

2) And then there's the Golden Gobbiebag...  Someone made reference on one of the forums (forget if Official or BluCheater) as to that one of the laws, reading from what Square-Enix was doing, that S-E was running afoul of Canada's law which requires any contest of wide berth to have a "question of skill" attached (usually a small math problem).

Problem I have with that is:  Would that law basically be telling Square-Enix that, despite their disclaimers, their items DO have REAL value under the law?

There's several ramifications of that!

and I guess a side thought on #1 as I think about it at the end here:

The conversion of the CoP Dynamis areas to the NeoDynamis format took place on Sept.19-20, 2011.  A marked increase in the number of banned accounts almost immediately has followed.

Could we, soon, be witnessing a nerfing of weakness targetting in Neo-Dynamis, especially what benefits mine (and most soloers) setups?  (The BST/DNC setup which allows one to run through with Job Abilities!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey, bitch, you wanna make it that fucking obvious you're botting and advertise it?

Say hello to the STF, YouTube user FFXIHaxor.

FUCK YOU!  I'll snitch on your ass ALL DAY!!!

Well, I guess I have one prediction correct already...

The "Fuck You" to the non-JP players has been registered.

The "replacement event" for the Nomad Mog Bonanza:  The "VanaFest Golden Gobbie Giveaway".

There will be a post-VanaFest survey with one Gobbie trivia question.  Answer it right, and you could win...

Basically, a bunch of shit.  Except for one person (US and one EU) who gets to basically choose a Kraken Club, a relic, a mythic, an Empyrean (level 90, BTW, so I don't think you get the 1500 Heavy Metal situation squared away!), 250 (25 for EU) who get a Voidwatch shiny, for the most part, and 1,000 (100 for EU) who get a piece of gear from Legion.

Everything else, including the prize package for the others, is costume stuff plus one entry to the Heroine's Tower.


Real good to your non-JP players.

Your middle finger has been duly registered.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Official 2012 VanaFest Predictions

Well, we're finally here...

VanaFest 2012 is this weekend in Japan, Friday and Saturday nights here in the States...


1) Sounds like the expansion is almost a sure thing.  BluCheater is up in arms as some of their testers noted a new ROM folder (ROM9, I believe it is) which appears to have several new zones and the like.

Let's be honest:  The one thing which MIGHT get XI as far as XIV 2.0 is a new expansion -- and between the purported new ROM folder in the test server downloads and the PS2 partition change, the odds look pretty good.

I can't see, however, a normal 6-12 month wait.  If anything, the release almost has to be at some point over the summer to get people back into the game.

1a) Most of the stuff on the roadmap will be somewhere in the new expansion.  The new 2-hours, the new BST pets, at least one of the new battle mechanics (Dungeon Crawl/Play As Monster), etc.

2) Server merges, Round III, and, this time, I think Leviathan bites the biggie.

Only question, especially with a probable new expansion:  Will the 16 servers go to 8, 10, or 12?

I'll say 12, but with an immediate caveat that we could get another round if VanaFest doesn't get people to re-subscribe.

3) At least one (additional) (intentional or otherwise) Fuck You to the US player-base (or the non-Japanese one in general).

4) Nobuo Uematsu will rock, as usual.

5) At least one announcement from the Dev Team will completely piss off all relevant players.

6) The streams will be OK, but there will be definite gaps in the English one, even more so than stated-planned.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well, I at least got the jerk to admit that he feels he owns the place, wrong as he is about that...

After the announcement of the elimination of the EU/NA portion of the Nomad Mog Bonanza and the end of the Mog Bonanza events after next weekend, I decided to ask a GM about the player casinos which are run from time to time, thinking that there was no way that, given this decision, they could be.

The GM's, predictably, sent me a note saying that, as things stood, they were legal.

That's nonsensical, not only on a "who owns the material?" sense, but also in a legal one.  If the entity which owns the material (Square-Enix) cannot hold a game (for free) associated with VanaFest 2012 to give away gil and items without running afoul of gambling laws in the US, EU, and North America, how could the players (who own nothing) -- given those laws -- be allowed to run similar (and less fairly run) events?

Oh, and I'll continue to snitch on you cheating motherfuckers (for the record, I only asked about it's legality -- never gave the name of the guy who was running it, because he, by the GM's, was doing nothing wrong) until someone puts a RL cap in my ass.

You don't want me snitching?  Then the little gangs had better make it real and keep it there.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Could today's hangups be a wakeup call for Square-Enix?

I've never seen it this bad.

It's 11:45 AM, I think the game has been up for seven or eight hours, and my update is completely stuck -- I'm not even getting POL-1160.  There have been at least three congestion advisories, and it does not sound as if the congestion is getting any easier.

I've downloaded about half the update or so this morning in several attempts since POL came back up.

One has to wonder one of two things:


The POL/Japan-server updates broke something unexpectedly.


The fact that the maintenance ended during JP prime-time might be an indication of just how few "other" (foreign -- outside Japan/RMT-China) players there are out there anymore.

Silliest part of this is that this update is really only upgrading Limbus and Einherjar to 99 and a few Voidwatch tweaks and a couple other things.

That's worth 1500 files?  Oh boy...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Oh Shit Part 1.5

A couple comments to the announcement of the death of the Mog Bonanza for non-JP players:

If there is a law against the Mog Bonanza, then why is there not an immediate ban on the in-game game tables (as several players have already noted on the Official Forums) and ESPECIALLY the player-run casinos which pop up from time to time...

It's clear that the amount of money involved in the former is miniscule (does anyone actually PLAY the in-game tables anymore?  ANYONE?), but it would now be clear that, if the people owning the game cannot offer items and/or gil legally in a lottery-like setup, would these laws now make the casinos not only violations of the Terms of Service, but also similarly-illegal constructs under those very same laws?

Ah yes, the good old Law of Unintended Consequences....


I've now seen at least two people who actually are thinking that an end-date for FFXI is going to be announced at VanaFest 2012.

I can't think Square-Enix wants to keep FFXI around much longer in the face of dividing resources between that and the farcical FFXIV, but they need to keep the money coming in.

One has to wonder, though, if a definitive end-date where either XIV supports the MMO division or they take both games down has been determined...


Oh, and, Kuishen (#2305):

I'm not the only one who believes that several different game mechanics were put into the game to detect cheating.  And thank you for completely missing the point, idiot:  I said POIDH on it.  Your words, especially in the forum you put them in, mean nothing to me.

Show me it can be done without any cheat devices or STFU and HAND.

Do the math:  Can you feasibly clear a floor in 90 seconds in Neo-Nyzul without regard to what kind of floor it is and do it an average of 20 times without cheating?

Seriously??  You honestly believe it?

I'm not even saying "luck" -- I'm saying it basically cannot be physically done.

Oh Shit: VanaFest Edition, Part I

I was going to post a number of predictions on the event, but I am getting two very wildly conflicting readings regarding two news stories which have surfaced about Final Fantasy XI in the past week or so.

In the "good news" department, a move that many players not on the PS2 probably believe is about five years too late.

As of the ten-hour update tomorrow (Wednesday), PS2 players will now have to devote 19 gigabytes, instead of the former 10 GB, off their hard drives to play the game.

This move has to be considered about the only conceivable way that new content is going to be added to the game on any kind of scale.

HOWEVER, just this morning came a very ominous situation:  From the official forums:  (Post #7 by Community Rep Camate)


As many of you seem to be curious about the status of the Nomad Mog Bonanza, I’d like to take a moment to explain the current situation.

The North America and European Community Teams have been working diligently preparing for the Nomad Mog Bonanza, but unfortunately due to changing times and differing global laws, we will not be able to hold a Mog Bonanza for NA and EU regions moving forward.

While Japan will hold the Nomad Mog Bonanza at VanaFest 2012, it will mark the final Mog Bonanza of Vana’diel. Furthermore, to make sure that our players in North America and Europe aren't left out, we will be holding a separate event where players will be able to win similar prizes (all the goodies from tier 1, tier 2, and tier3…plus a bunch of other rare in-game items), so rest assured we will be giving you a good opportunity to make all your Vana’diel dreams come true!

Also, even though the Mog Bonanza will be gone, we will be offering a different event for our end of the year celebration for a chance to win the items of your dreams!

We will be announcing the NA/EU event very shortly, so hang tight and look forward to it." 

  1. The Nomad Mog Bonanza, which WAS HELD at VanaFest 2010, is now off because the event is illegal in a number of the jurisdictions in which Final Fantasy XI is played.  (This should raise an immediate question:  How was it ever legal to be held in the first place in 2010 for NA/US/EU players if it isn't now?)
  2. The Nomad Mog Bonanza will be held for JP players only (I am assuming -- which should basically allow Square-Enix to remove the Nomad Bonanza from the English stream.)  Of course, this is yet another example of the absolute preference of the JP player-base over the US/North American player-base (and the Europeans as well!).
  3. The Mog Bonanza event is dead.  After VanaFest 2012, there will be no more Mog Bonanzas.
  4. There is CLAIMED to be a "separate event" planned for NA/EU players.  Put bluntly:  I will believe it when I see it.
  5. A "different event" will be put together for a chance to win elite items.
My guess:
  1. This game, FFXI, is going Free-To-Play with a real-money store -- and it will be announced at VanaFest 2012.  Whether or not, in addition, a new expansion is put on the table is still up in the air.  I do believe, however, the fate is probably sealed.  This game is about to change to a pay-to-play-well model.  (Which, since Square-Enix owns everything, would *NOT* be a problem!)
  2. I do have a feeling that JP players are probably going to get a significant discount in said store.  Meaning that an item which costs 1,000 yen for a JP player might cost the equivalent of 1,200-1,500 yen for a US player.
  3. Square-Enix is probably going to have to answer a question at this VanaFest, and whether they are asked to do it publicly is going to be very interesting:  How and why do you put up with the US player-base?  (Japanese players will probably be asking this rather openly!)
  4. The "different event" will basically be buying codes (not unlike the dog tags in VanaFest for the "Random Draw") which will immediately bind to your account (only you can cash them in for a character on your account) for a (very small) chance at relics/mythics/etc.
Other guesses:
  1. Immediate server-merge post-VanaFest, probably by July 1.  The 16 servers are merged to 10-12.
  2. They have to give one crumb to keep any hope of this game surviving to XIV 2.0 -- that will be some degree of expansion of content beyond that which we know or that is on the roadmap.  But it's going to start almost immediately after VanaFest 2012.  This game DIES if the only stuff on VanaFest is on the roadmap, and if they don't at least get this thing to when XIV 2.0 is released and starts trying to pay for itself, both games will be DOA.
  3. I think at least one open F-U to the foreign player-base, intentional or not, will be registered at VanaFest 2012.
  4. I don't know about job adjustments.
The future of this game, if it ever had one, is now even cloudier than ever.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Lords and Masters *snicker* say we're stupid...

No, BGitches, and when I see the post by Kuishen, it would make me laugh if it didn't make me sick first:

Starcade's latest post in his blog made me lol.

He essentially said that nobody can get above floor 60 in neonyzul without windower and clipper.


[My earlier post here ragging on the US fans for bitching because Square-Enix prefers the Japanese players _again_.]

I can't imagine what it must be like to be so delusional and wrong about everything. 

I can't imagine what it must be like to have no conscience whatsoever and be proud of it.

Actually, I can imagine it, and the reason I tend to avoid it is I don't want to indiscriminately kill people, which is exactly what would happen if I had Kuishen's idiotic, delusional, and self-centered self-concept.

Let's quit the bullshit and look at reality for a second.

If you can realiably state that you can clear 12 floors in Neo-Nyzul without Windower and Clipper, POIDH, because I don't believe you.  Especially since Draylo of Leviathan has already admitted that over four out of five users of that forum who still play FFXI are fucking cheaters.

(He doesn't say it as such, but he did say that over 80% of the remaining BG users who play FFXI use Windower and/or Spellcast at the very least.)

(And I use 12 because the average jump on a "Go up ??? Floors" is 5.)

Such a situation would require you to make one successful floor run every 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

That includes "ALL" floors.

That includes "LAMP ORDER" floors.

That includes floors with any manner of NM in them.

Square-Enix CREATED Neo-Nyzul as a cheat detection device.  You CANNOT get to even Floor 60 without pushing the rules, and 100 REQUIRES cheating.

No more, no less.  They did the same with Pandemonium Warden at level 75.  They almost certainly did the same with Absolute Virtue at level 75.

So when you fuckers say that we are stupid, you're basically equating "playing smart" with "cheating your motherfucking ass off".  You're equating "playing well" to "taking every [illegal] advantage the game provides you".

The Community Rep (Okipuit) posted this on the Official Forums on Post #20:

"The new Nyzul was not designed in such a way that it is impossible to clear. We understand that it is a challenge to reach and complete floor 100, but please keep in mind that successful runs offers guaranteed rewards. In addition, the development team was able to introduce rewards with some highly beneficial stats due to the level of difficulty associated with getting to and conquering floor 100. That said, there aren't any plans to simplify the journey up to the top."

The first statement is a lie.

The first statement he makes is a complete lie.

To get to Floor 100, you must go up an average of 20 floors.  Can you take out a Neo-Nyzul floor (of any kind) in 90 seconds?  Now do that TWENTY TIMES.

No.  Just....  no.  If this is the level of bald-faced lie Square-Enix has to resort to to retain a playerbase until at least FFXIV 2.0, they're in even bigger trouble than I thought.

Markovchain says it even better in Post #48 from today:

"The devs offically answered to this thread. Cheating is accepted as long as it cannot be found out. I suggest everyone to use fillmode, windower, and dat swaps."

Emphasis mine.