Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As of 11:11 PM PDT, this blog is no longer a member of the Tarutaru Times Online, per Eric Yeoh.

Nothing further need be said.

This blog is soon to be removed from the TTTO by it's founder...

Frankly, he should've done it 18 months ago.

Got the message from him tonight that he wants to hear from me first, that he doesn't like the threatening tone here.

Frankly, my mere presence in XI has been same. I see the types of people who play this game, and, frankly, cannot live and let live.

As was basically stated the first time they wanted me yanked, I want to destroy the "community", because it serves no one but the cheaters, the RMT, and a Square-Enix which I must question whether they fulfill the minimum required not to have the entire enterprise declared fraudulent.

This game serves no one but the little shithead griefers who have turned the Internet into such a malicious mess that I am certain I will either be dead or in prison in the next 18 months.

It is sad, really, but it is clear that the player-base has made it's material decision. May they take the final step and have me removed from XI.

While you have some extra time today...

A couple of charity notes...

-- A periodic reminder on the Speed Gamers' month-long effort to raise awareness for the campaign to get ACT Today a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh grant for it's efforts in helping parents of autistic children.

The effort is in 15th place, so there is a significant amount to make up to get up toward the historical gardens effort in Ohio and the Hip Hop Academy who are leading the effort (the top 2 of that tier win $250,000 for their charity each).

Most nights throughout the month, you can watch nightly streams of Zelda games to help them raise awareness of the effort.

-- A rare fully-midweek marathon by to raise money for the National Children's Advocacy Center. $1,000 is the goal, and they're about halfway there. It's scheduled for 72 hours or so, and they're about 2 days in.

So, a couple things to look at while you are waiting for them to finish the physical server maintenance, defragging, what have you...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If people wonder why I get pissed, it's nights like tonight which should answer your question...

OK, we just finish a decent, though not great, run on Abyssea-Konschtat with Dreamer.

MMM shout group goes up -- specifically asking for 75+'s, for a Bird Killer maze.

We're wiped within four, because the BRD can't bother to recast because his first attempt got We-sisted... WAAAAAAAAH...

They don't even know how to do MMM - and, given their level of incompetence, either bought or Astral Burned the shit to 72-76.

They didn't even have the basics of the basics down with respect to anything...

We either got sabotaged or griefed, and I don't take kindly to that shit. Neither does the person who put the group together.

Vashielx and Hellbunny, fuck your asses. Your incompetence is fucking scary.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well, Wednesday appears to be "Get a Life" holiday for Square-Enix...

All-Worlds Maintenance on the physical server machines.

8 AM - 5 PM PDT Wednesday.

So all you people who need to go outside...

(*mumbles* and all those who think I do...)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The vast majority of FFXI players are nothing but a bunch of whores.

Said it, there it is, meant it.

What finally made me come to the realization of it was more Campaign bullshit.

Consecutive Campaign battles -- one in Meriphataud and one in Rolanberry. There to help win a few battles and get a buffer for my 77 DRG (/DNC because I can't count on these whore shitheads to heal anyone but themselves) for Abyssea later this afternoon.

Both have Belfrys up, and people are openly being encouraged to extend the battles needlessly by letting them spawn infinitely.


The point of a Campaign battle is to WIN it.

Without that, there should be no rewards whatsoever.

Extending battles like that takes away resources which can be used in the rest of the Crystal War -- but, as we well know, the player-base would rather turn Vana'diel into an Abyssean nightmare, as long as they had all the cool leet gear to rule alongside the Beastmen.

Arrogant, fucking whores -- that basically describes the vast majority of the FFXI playerbase.

If it isn't that, it's bot-lotting, hacking the game, Besieged bullshit, claim-lots, etc. and so forth and so on.

More charity notes -- if I can come up with some XI material, you'll see it later.

*groan* What a week... (RL crap.) Couple of vid-gaming charity notes this "Independence" Day weekend. (More like, in this country, independence from your brains...)


The Speed Gamers' "Summer of Zelda" effort does not appear to be getting off to a very good start.

Let me explain it for those TTTO-types who didn't see the original post I made.

This is not a donation marathon this time, but streams on most nights of the month of July where the Speed Gamers will be playing Zelda games -- with perhaps some others mixed in -- to raise awareness for ACT Today's participation in the "Pepsi Refresh" program.

The "Pepsi Refresh" program is a grant-fundraiser which Pepsi is doing where, every month, they grant money to worthy organizations.

Those grants are determined by votes from the public, who can go to their website and vote on the ideas they consider the best.

ACT Today is in the top tier, for $250,000. Only the top two get the money per month.

ACT Today stands 15th.

2nd place (in the $250,000 tier) right now is a historical gardens motif for an Ohio charity.

#1?? Hip Hop Academy.


People like ACT Today have to try to scrape for money and people are voting for a Hip Hop Academy to get people into the music industry???

Pardon me while I *V O M I T*.

Why not just go all the way and make it a Gangsta Academy?


Also, Extra Lives is doing another Pokemon marathon. This time, it's for "Free the Children".

UStream stream here.