Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another ISP-cap warning...

On one of my first posts since returning the blog to active service, I sounded a warning to gamers on certain ISP accounts.

After some research and what I found out today, sounds like I have to do another one.

First thing anybody should do if they are on or considering a capped ISP: Meter your Net usage with a program like NetMeter, like I did.

THEN: Try to find out what your ISP is saying your Net usage is.

Today, I did some research, and, with the NetMeter numbers and what the (soon-to-be-former) ISP was saying -- and nothing was adding up. (In fact, the ISP's numbers were double the NetMeter totals.)

No one's been on the account other than authorized people.

And when did this start, apparently? Two weeks ago. Gee... Coinkydink???


Be very careful going forward. They might try to get you coming _AND_ going... They'll gladly over-meter you to nail you for overage charges.

If you must be on a capped plan, get and document how much Net your system is using.

And get it on paper, so that if your ISP tries to stiff you, you can challenge them.

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