Friday, April 15, 2011

A Day I Thought Would Never Come: A Streak Greater Than The Undertaker's -- OVER -- 3,166 - 1.

Interesting week. Heavy lifting will leave a mark -- pinch bruises on both my biceps and the right one does not look pretty.

Finally getting a breath or two after a very stressful first calendar quarter.

Quick update:

WHM legs +1, RDM hands +1 (completely through Dominion Ops), 8/10 Monk Level 2 Merits (3 Formless Strikes, 5 Invigorates), 83 WHM, 62 PLD, and 1060-something/1600 bynes for my 2nd Relic polearm update.


And now I must mourn the death of an FFXI game mechanic.

Besieged is now officially dead as a game mechanic. Siren has lost it's first Besieged, finally the last server to do so.

On Sunday, April 10, only eight days short of the five-year anniversary of the release of Treasures of Aht Urhgan, Square-Enix reports that the Astral Candescence on Siren has fallen, and the long-standing record of Siren is now 3,166 victories, but now one defeat.

It has been little secret that the explosion of XP in Abyssea has largely rendered Besieged irrelevant, but this action probably, more than anything, kills the mechanic once and for all.

It was disturbing, after the suspension, to see the Besieged records reset -- but this basically might be the last real action for the Siren server before it gets merged in the major update next month.

I moved to Siren because I felt the Besieged record indicated players who would work hard for the betterment of all -- and it really started that way.

Until the Asura Disease creeped in, little by little...

But now Abyssea has basically eaten Besieged once and for all.

R.I.P. Besieged. I might help out occasionally to visit your grave.

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