Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Message for those running FFXI...

I guess that confrontation with Mrbeansman finally drew the attention of enough admins, as I've drawn a 72-hour forum ban as of last night's forum maintenance.

(Oh, and, by the way, Mrbeansman, I'll take you up on your offer if I can find you. Couldn't find a general idea of where you live )

Let me put it this simply, Square-Enix: If the piece of shit that the official forums (and most of the players on FFXI) is what you really want out of FFXI, then please do these shitheads a favor and ban me from the game and remove my account.

You have basically watched as, in less than two months, your grand vision of official forums on FFXI has turned into only slightly more civilized bunch of savages than the BluGartr cheating pieces of shit. The only reason you haven't seen the forums completely turn into BluGartr is because of the fact that they haven't gotten brave or arrogant enough to tell you how much gil they've bought or sold or how many accounts they've turned over.

You are literally watching as these players basically announce that the only remedy for kill-stealing and the like is: "Suck less."

Well, my only remedy for that is to tell them: "Fuck off".

You have openly and freely created a "game" in which little cheating trolls have their run of the place. Nothing has basically changed from the time in which a bunch of little cheating shitheads, upon seeing another player get a claim on a desired monster, would openly attempt to overload the connection and force the player with claim to disconnect so they could steal the claim AND the kill.

You have openly and freely created a "game" in which little cheating trolls basically take open pleasure in denying the other players in the game access to content, except at THEIR leisure. You have given these little pieces of shit control over who can enjoy what content when. I thought that kind of conduct was supposed to be illegal, Square-Enix.

I guess not. Trolling, griefing, and content monopolization are not only legal in FFXI, they appear to be the order of the day.

It's almost as if I have come up with the prototypical 2011 Final Fantasy XI player. He's a high-level admitted troll with a lot of friends and more than a bit of influence in the game.

His name is Juxtaposition. The little troll who's taken over Limit Break Radio and taken a decent running joke, ran it into the ground, made a career out of it, and basically has turned LBR into little more than insomnia relief.

But that's a sidebar. The fact is, Square-Enix, I've been banned from basically everything this supposed "community" offers.

From posting to the Wiki...

From basically every forum in existence (at least one without ever posting there or trying to!!)...

From posting this blog to the TTTO (the only person, to my knowledge, so banned)...

There's only one answer, and it has to be in-game as well as everything else FFXI -- and you can expect to have the forum admins and community team who post there get a nice message from me to this effect once the 72-hour ban ends:

Deal with the cheating shitheads or deal with me. And if it's me that has to go, your game is a fraud and I will continue to expose it as such.

I only play this game to shit on the cheaters. That's it. The playerbase has made the game so worthless that RMT has lost much of their interest in the game.

(And that, by the by, is the reason you've cut the number of servers in half over the last 18 months.)


Anonymous said...

You know, I've been reading your blog on occasion over the past few months and there's just one thing I don't understand:

Why don't you just quit?

You sound miserable and obsessed over this. Deal with them or deal with me? Do you understand how crazy this sounds?

I think everyone has the right to an opinion about this game, and indeed they do. But you take it to such an extent it's scary to outsiders looking in.

I really think your life would be much better off if you just quit the game and did something else with your time. SE shouldn't have to ban you so you can be free of your hatred for game players. Cancel your content ID, give away your stuff, delete your character, move on.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Because, Shinona, that's what the little fucktards want.

They want ownership of your online experience. The concept of "ownage" is far more than a simple meme to them.

If I didn't realize this, Shinona, I'd have quit the game the moment I realized that cheating was the only real way to progress in FFXI to the extent that those in power would have it be done -- about 2 1/2 years ago with the Salvage bans!

Do I understand how crazy "deal with them or deal with me" sounds? No.

Why? Because that's exactly what Square-Enix is going to have to do: They are going to have to either openly admit that this game is only for a small little community of cheating trolls, plus those who are going to be subservient to them...


they are going to have to get them off the game. The latter removes them, the former removes me. "This town ain't big enough for the two of us."

I think I want "outsiders looking in" to have some serious cause before they attempt to view or especially play FFXI.

The fact is that Square-Enix has been grossly negligent in any degree of enforcement of their own stated policies -- therefore, it is then incumbent on them to complete the fraud.