Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh, THIS is fresh...

Got another message from the Galka-stalker ( :) ) -- and the reason I use your Galka name here is because your YouTube/Google handle is effectively impossible to pronounce or spell...

She got her signature deleted by a mod over on the official forums.

Well, she's pissed and fired off this salvo...

"Wow SE seriously? I post saying I'm AGAINST using Windower & bots & yet you remove it? Maybe Starcade was're gonna regret supporting the cheaters someday SE. I play YOUR game without third party tools. Deal with it."
I'm no longer sure. Legitimate play no longer exists on FFXI. You lose all social acceptability if you aren't cheating over there. You can't sue them, because you basically get no rights at all, vis-a-vis gameplay, for your $12.95/mo (it might get you the right to log in, but they can grief you, deny you content, and basically run you off the game -- and you have no rights to redress for breach of contract, theft, and several other civil torts in the courts).

About the only recourse you have is to find some of these cheaters and go old-school on their asses.

Square-Enix and BG are in some sort of financial cahoots here. Cuddleslave, time to eject.

PS: You want a good example of this, and a good laugh/throw-shit-at-your-computer moment?

1) The entire "How to not get banned by association?" thread, full of people who openly should have their computers smashed...

2) Someone was actually told by a GM to simply restart Windower if that was what was causing their problems, completely ignoring that Windower is fucking illegal!

Fire that asshole!

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