Saturday, December 13, 2008

End of Week Generic Blah-Blah-Blah...

Well, the update is almost a week old, no word at all on the time-frame of MMM, and life continues to go on in ways I don't like, but not badly enough for any inclusion here. Basically, I'm well but not that happy...

Anyhow, so what did I do this week in game?

Monday: Update. Lots of wiki-work. Two levels on my MNK that I retired, and soloed my MNK AF weapon fight.

Tuesday: More wiki-work. Farming, etc.

Wednesday: My first Dynamis (Sandy) with my Dynamis LS -- Lengendary. Nice leader, knows what he's doing, and we won _rather easily_. See post below for more. Loot: 8 O. Coins, an Infinity Core, and a skin. A Besieged after that.

Thursday: Farming to get the gil back from the 25K -- my share of the Hourglass, and Campaign to get back the XP to retake 75 BST and to get a buffer for Sunday's Dynamis. (or at least the part I will be able to do before I have to leave at 1:30)

Friday: Basically discovered Fields of Valor-Xarcabard as a good levelling spot for my Dancer and the Adventuring Fellow -- replaces Kuzotz (which cannot do FoV, since it is not from original FFXI). Doubleheader Besieged. Farming in the promies.

Saturday: More levelling in Xarcabard Fields of Valor (both DNC and DRG) and farming in the promies.

Basically, with my 75 BST, I now have a 60 DNC, a 57 DRG, a 56 RDM, and a 46 MNK. 2 DNC levels, a DRG level, a RDM level, and 2 MNK levels. Not a bad week.

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