Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to 2009, and some quick in-game stuff...

Sorry I haven't been around in a while.  Been helping the roommate out (and have some things to rant on (not quite FFXI related, but I'll put them here anyway because issues there might involve some FFXI stuff as well...) as a result), and things finally are calming down a bit after the holiday season is finally over.

Quick updates:

Dynamis-Jeuno partial run New Year's Eve -- that night, my friend wanted me to go with her to a party she makes tradition of -- partially to have someone to talk to, and partially to make sure she gets back in one piece.  Anyhow, before I left, bit of an adventurous run, but two pairs of the Dancer relic feet dropped.  Kiana was looking for one and got it (one of the reasons we've had so much difficulty getting into Dynamis-Jeuno since the update).  The second went free lot 65+...

Then, free lot 50+ -- Hello DNC relic feet!!

Basically been exhausting the Tactics Pearl in Fields of Valor-Xarcabard -- haven't really been on that much lately.  Trying to eventually get both DNC and Dragoon to 65 so that I can free lot 65+ on the relic stuff.

Dropped about 70K gil on lots of storage space for the Mog House.  Probably more to drop from there.  Also upgraded some EQ too.

As I said, though -- not really that much done this last 10 days or so, and I'm going out of town again this weekend, so I won't be on much from Thursday night to Monday afternoon.  Well, gonna go now...  Have some rants to write about, oh, shall we say -- extortion...

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