Sunday, August 28, 2011

Square-Enix fucks up again, and Blu Gartr shits all over... Gamestop!!!

The more I see what happens on BG, the more I am convinced that Square-Enix must be paying these cheatinous fuckers.

So I'm toodling around tonight and see a complaint thread on the recent PC release of Deus Ex Online by Square-Enix, including a coupon for a third-party online service which would be in competition with one which Gamestop either currently has or is about to unveil.

Hence, GameStop started pulling all of the copies, opening them, and removing the coupon, per their policy.

In fact, Square-Enix recently admitted that they were in the wrong, because they did not notify (as they were legally contracted to do -- not that Square-Enix' online division seems to give Goddamn #1 nor #2 about contracts.

So, even with that, everybody is shitting all over Gamestop on the BG thread, which you can find if you can stomach it.

Here's a few protips for the uninitiated:

1. If it's anywhere the public can get to, it's already been opened. If it's that much of a problem to you, then go find somewhere that can actually try to defend little scumbuckets from robbing the place blind. Given your mentalities, those places may become fewer and further between, but there you go...

2. If you believe the company is allowing Gamestop employees to play new games and then sell the slightly-used games as new, then you have a fraud situation, and maybe theft as well. Now, you being FFXI bastards, you probably know this term from the other side of the equation, but that's at least a civil tort, and you might even make the case that they stole the product to use it and could accuse them of theft.

3. Learn to take advantage of the rights and privileges you are afforded. Let me give you an example: When the PS3's were very hard to find around the time of the release of Final Fantasy XIII, the only place which had one was an older (and used) PS3 from a Gamestop here in the Inland Empire of California (yeah, the shithole armpit of the state, but them's the breaks). So, took it home, and found that the controller wasn't quite right. It was within the 30 day guarantee -- though I also purchased the one-year extension -- so I went back to another Gamestop, showed them the controller, they tested it, and then got me another (used) one which works as well.

But, of course, since your bread seems to be buttered by Square-Enix, you can't get past the fact that THEY WERE THE ONES IN BREACH OF THEIR CONTRACT!


Anonymous said...

You know that the protest about this originated on Reddit, not BG, right?

Starcade said...

Irrelevant to the concept that they shit all over Gamestop -- and I think if you read the BG thread, you'd understand that I didn't misrepresent that BG decided to fall on Square-Enix' side, facts be damned.

CidBahamut said...

Or maybe people just don't like GameStop opening sealed boxes, altering the content and then selling them as if they're still factory sealed.

Starcade said...

If that's the case, then their only other option is NOT TO SELL THE GAME AT ALL.

Square-Enix breached their contract (something they seem to know a lot about doing!) with Gamestop by putting the materials for the outside service in the boxes.

You're leaving Gamestop with no choice but to refuse to sell the game at all.

Starcade said...

Whoopsie, hit Publish one point too soon:

If that's that degree of an issue with you, then take them to fucking court over it, unless you also believe cases like Leong and Mayer might apply here as well.

CidBahamut said...

I just take my money elsewhere. There are plenty of retailers willing to sell me factory sealed products.

It's not about contracts and legal stuff dude. It's about what I as a consumer expect from my local retail store.

Mellow out man. You're too high strung.

Starcade said...

And here's why you come across as a complete shill for cheating and other gaming idiocy: It is actually Gamestop's fiduciary duty (and they're doing their customers a fucking favor by doing this too!) to fulfill their contracts.

Gamestop would, otherwise, not only have every reason in the world not to carry the game, but to sue the shit out of Square-Enix for breach of contract!

Contract law is a very important thing to those of us who don't go around looting shit online.

CidBahamut said...

Whatever man. I want my games factory sealed when I purchase them from the store.

You just want something to be mad at.

Starcade said...

I'm not letting you get away with it, because it's the same mentality that allows you cheating bastards to openly alter games to your benefit and advantage, PLUS it's the same mentality that allows these feral thugs to run around an increasing number of major cities and steal whatever they want.

There was a CONTRACT between Gamestop and Square-Enix which Square-Enix breached. I'm not going to let you get away with exploiting your (collective, as BG) special relationship with Square-Enix.

CidBahamut said...

The complaint has fuck all to do with the contract, BG, SE, Deus Ex or even GameStop specifically.

GameStop opens products and then sells them to you while advertising them as new. As a consumer I do not like this.

You're just looking for something to be mad at that isn't there Starcade.

Starcade said...

And this is why I condemn you guys: You're completely clueless and wish to manipulate everything to your own ends.

The complaint, and Gamestop's actions, have everything to do with the contract, which stated that a game company has no right to undercut Gamestop with a third-party anything -- and Gamestop's action was the only way they could attempt to sell Deus Ex without either abrogating their own terms.

It's _right there_. If that kind of stuff is that kind of issue to you, SUE GAMESTOP FOR FALSE ADVERTISING.

But then you also have to address what has become true at literally every Gamestop I've been to for several years: Most every new game in the store is either already opened with the disc taken out, or any real desirable property in the store is under lock and key in the back.

CidBahamut said...

But then you also have to address what has become true at literally every Gamestop I've been to for several years: Most every new game in the store is either already opened with the disc taken out, or any real desirable property in the store is under lock and key in the back.

And that would be my complaint and the reason I don't shop at GameStop anymore.

It doesn't have a damn thing to do with the kerfuffle with Deus Ex. I don't know how I can make that any clearer for you.

Starcade said...

And here's the problem:

When you can ensure that the little shits who are gamers in this day and age aren't going to rob them blind, then and only then will that become a problem.

CidBahamut said...

What hell are you talking about?

Starcade said...

Which is why you and your shitfest over there drive me up the wall -- you are openly blind (and deliberately so on top of it!) to basic realities which infringe on your supposed rights to run over anything which you deem "in your way" (rules, laws, etc.).

"What in the hell I am talking about" is simply that Gamestop could not remain in business without loss prevention techniques like I have delineated, because the bulk of gamers are like you: Untrustworthy pieces of shit.

CidBahamut said...

You're confusing "gamers" with "the entirety of the human race since the dawn of history". Other retailers don't take the same approach to loss prevention that GameStop does. Some of those retailers even sell the same kinds of products and they seem to do just fine.

You're living in your own reality Starcade. The world is not how you see it.

Starcade said...

Many of those retailers tend also to be able to have people at the door who can physically wrestle you to the ground (or worse!) should you try to steal from them.

You seem also to attempt to obfuscate that I am referring specifically to Gamestop's _target demographic_.

But don't let the facts get in the way of a good BG meme, right, Cid?

CidBahamut said...

Sure. Just like you've never let reality get in the way of your paranoid conspiracy theories.

Starcade said...

You ever know about the statement about when it's not paranoia?

I guess it must be good for you to be part of the conspiracy.

CidBahamut said...

You are so far removed from reality that it is genuinely disturbing.

Starcade said...

No, son...

You're trying to RECREATE reality in your own image.

It's too bad for a lot of people that it appears to be the way to go in society today.

Change the truth, then ostracize, marginalize, and eliminate those who don't believe you.

CidBahamut said...

Yes, I'd say that's a very accurate description of what you do Starcade. The fact that you can't see that is what utterly confounds me.

Anonymous said...

See this is why this guy is so entertaining. He just doesn't get it. He's like one of those inflatable clown punching bags for kids.

Here's how Wal-Mart, Target, online stores, other chains, and locally owned game stores work. They advertise "new" and you get a game that's still in the sealed wrapper, taped up behind a glass panel or in a store room under lock and key.

All that's not new is preowned and kept in sleeves in drawers at the register. Or display copy which is empty and kept in a drawer and sold at a discounted price after all the new copies are gone.


Which y'know SE does provide it's why they finally got rid of trolls like you, Starcade.

Got a great idea for ya. Instead of me fucking your mom this time. It does take so long to dig her up for that rotten piece of ass. Why don't you do it, tape it, and give the flick to the first cop you see while wearing a "I raped my mom's corpse" sign. You'll finally get to go to jail again. But we all know you're just an internet tough wanna be, so probably the first time really.

Starcade said...

Cid, you're fucking clueless.

Why don't you and ODannyBoy go try something else for a while, because you aren't fooling shit...

I know you have a hard-on for Square-Enix (and, worse yet, they have one for you too, Cid), and you seem to deny all real rhyme and reason.

You deny the fact that, to sell the game at GameStop in the first place, Square-Enix entered into a contract in which it would not undercut GameStop.

They then go do it _ANYWAY_ -- and admitted they would do as such.

In fact, GameStop was doing people a favor by offering the $50 gift card and the like (effectively giving them the game for free), because, in removing the coupons, GameStop was fulfilling it's fidcuiary duties under their contract!

To legally sell the game at GameStop, they had to remove the coupons, and that meant opening the game.

If that's such an issue with you, forget the fact that you have a bunch of little shits who would gladly rob the place -- meaning basically anything resembling saleable product is under lock and key somehow -- then you would have but two options, your leaving the store and never coming back or sue them for various forms of fraud.

Reality is so inconvenient to you little pieces of shit.

Starcade said...

And speaking of little pieces of shit, we get ODannyBoy:

Son, I am fully aware I am well past expiration date. I'm a joke because I don't give asswipes like you fellatio.

Now, to this piece of tripe:

Here's the problem with your stand: Most of the larger chains have these people called security -- and, if they value their property (which the items still are until you buy them, though that concept be foreign to people like you), they have the physical right to defend it.

Let me put it this simply:

The only financial value a product has is that which legal security can shoot or maim you for, should the need become necessary.

The flash robs in many cities demonstrate what happens when this fails. The only reason you don't see this getting beyond the tiny 7-11's and convenience stores (yet) is because of the fact that most of the stores you list (short of the mom and pops, which do not realistically exist -- short of a shotgun under the table!) have security cameras and, more importantly, security personnel with the right to detain -- if not worse...

The facts are, in reality, that many stores who cannot do this must take whatever steps they can versus a full-scale flash rob, and, for Gamestop, that means basically opening most anything new, or shipping it directly under lock and key.

And please try to understand the concept of a contract vis-a-vis the obligation that GameStop and Square-Enix have to serve each other's interests, as well as their own. Not that I think you give two shits about contract law -- pieces of shit like you break it every day in XI.

The only other option GameStop would have, specifically with Deus Ex: is never to sell the game at all, in any condition, at any price, nor at any time.

Real customer service? Welcome to 2011. Real customer service left the playing field (speaking in general here) when most of the customer service jobs of the big companies fled to India. The company (GameStop) has a fiduciary responsibility with it's content providers not to allow themselves to be undercut by the likes of Square-Enix.

But, again, we have a little BG piece of shit trying to recreate reality to shift the responsibility off of gamers like himself who have completely taken gaming to places it should never have been allowed to go.

Square-Enix is paying you to lie like this -- most intelligent people know that Square-Enix has shitty customer service (which I have also had experience with!).

I mean, how you can look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day just boggles my mind. Cluelessness is one thing -- arrogant cluelessness and being openly blind to reality (unless "reality" is basically a function of the majority, which is the only way you and Cid would have one toe to stand on (much less a leg))...

Danny, you're a perfect example of why they should hit the kill switch on the Net. Short of someone doing the same to you, we have to listen to this intellectual virus trying to sicken the discussion with an abject load of crap.

Since I can't do that *yet*, I basically have to try to show some semblance of the truth (no matter how uncomfortable it is to people like you).