Monday, August 1, 2011

This game has a future, with these louts running it?

Been about a month and a half since I posted to this blog.

Can't say I've missed the game that much. And, from what little I've read, it really sounds as if the little petulant shits have basically done exactly what I've thought they would.

It makes me wonder if there's a lot more to this than I first thought: That Square-Enix actually does like what a number of gaming companies do for World of Warcraft arena stars: I learned that a number of arena players, including apparently several who would've otherwise been banned from the game for open and blatant misconduct: Many of these players are openly and blatantly sponsored by these companies, giving them free license to do whatever they want.

So it makes me wonder if Square-Enix actually sponsors some of these little fucking shits to do whatever they want -- as it has been basically admitted that doing so is the only way Final Fantasy XI or XIV can survive. (BTW, today is August 1st -- XIV has now been in monthly-fee-free Gamma Test for 10 months.)

But that's just a side rant to what I was looking at -- a comment from something I've been reading about since I learned it from some WoW players at a party I was at some time back.

My main rant is about how these guys at Square-Enix expect to have a future (and now one has to wonder if the main single-player FF games are propping up the online company!) after ordering all the players, as a condition of future play, to sign up with Paypal or other ClickToPay device -- even if they already pay by credit card.

This, first, means that Square-Enix has finally thrown in the towel that they have to admit that they cannot keep a secure registration server in any way, shape, or form. We all know, if we've been around this garbage for any considerable length of time, that various RMT companies and hackers have basically been able to have a fairly free reign over whatever accounts they wish to compromise. (Not to mention that most players are too fucking stupid to keep things safe, or too tempted by the money involved...)

Second, it basically, as many players have already pointed out on the forums, puts another layer of bureaucracy on the system, raising the potential of an extra added fee, each and every month, at some point down the line. (I know there is none at present, I'm not as stupid as you think I am.)

Finally, it shows that Square-Enix knows FUCK ALL how to do much of anything.

They don't listen to the players (Hell, if you ain't a cheating piece of shit, you might as well not even bother talking on the forums, because Square-Enix isn't listening to you!),

they don't do the things which would make their game better (at this point, why do you even bother not just having Abyssea absorb everything and turn all the game mechanics into Abyssea-like shams like what they turned Dynamis into before I was thrown out?),

and they basically do everything in their power to reduce the game into exactly what I had hoped Abyssea would've done -- a power-trip piece of crap that you basically have to be in with at least one group who's got an in to the company (see proposed theory above).

Even most players will admit that, unless you already have friends established in the game, you might as well not start, nor return, to FFXI.

How the fuck do these incompetents (and that's the company as well as the players) expect this game to have a future with that kind of stupidity running it?

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