Monday, April 9, 2012

Impressions of my first week back...

No, I didn't think I'd ever do it either.  Especially with BG-Lite on the official forums and all that stuff.

(And as for all this Clipper stuff with respect to Neo-Nyzul:  Square-Enix, what the fuck were you thinking?  You're literally asking for 20 floor clears in a 30-minute run to get to 100, on average?

Doesn't excuse the cheating shits, but your $12.95 only gets you the right to log on.

Anyhoo, after going Genkai 9, I have DNC, DRG, and BST to 95 and 1 TNL.  Have unlocked the Genkai 10 fight -- just farming the three items needed to make it a touch easier.

Actually did a day of Voidwatch, clearing the Windurst city win.  And a ring.  Love the "drop" system, in that all pyrixes are separate!

Got back in with Lengendary, or what's left of it now that Neo-Dynamis has taken hold.

And got the Tavnazia win for the last win of the entire regular set -- plus a DNC relic legs +1 for my troubles.

Relic polearm will be L3 once I can get a high-level woodworker to earn some salary from me.

15K a Besieged?  9K for a tag for Campaign??  That'll work!!

Also, skillups in Abyssea are far easier than they used to be!

Also got my L95 Weaponskill Magian dagger done -- the "attacks multiple times" one is about 1/3 finished.

More later -- back to farming that second stone.

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