Friday, April 20, 2012

So a new exploit has been found...

One severe enough, apparently, that it has gotten a general information post on the official site:

Recently, we have confirmed an issue wherein players in Grauberg (S) will leave their summoned avatars out while they’re AFK and let the avatars attack monsters by using the auto-counter attack system. Also, we have confirmed that these players have gained experience points and items through this act.

Not only does this act upset the game balance, it may interrupt the game play of other players. Any players caught performing the act by a Game Master (GM) may see disciplinary action taken against their accounts. Therefore, we ask that you please refrain yourself from performing this act.

Now, with the stuff which Square-Enix has been found to allow (griefing, content denial, etc. and so forth), it is rather puzzling to think they'd go after this, except when you put the puzzle pieces together.

First, this means they are actually addressing something which is going on in a lot of Grauberg (S) campaign battles:  There will always be one asshole who will take one of the subordinate campaign mobs (and, at 99, this is even easier to do now), and will run a significant distance away from the Fortification and solo the mob to needlessly extend the battle -- not only tying up the process for the remaining players, but also tying up the in-game storyline resources of the nation should the nation have opted to send troops to Grauberg (S).

But that has been going on forever - and I've been wanting GM action on these idiots for a long time.

What I think finally motivated them to do it (on a limited basis) is that this basically is showing evidence of botting and scripting battles such that you not only disrupt the other players, but you're basically botting the process on top of it.  It's basically the bot-bards, all over again -- except they've figured out how to do it and (technically) participate.

According to  This also appears to be something they are doing with Chigoes in Grauberg to try to farm the (very expensive) Breeze Geodes.

Look:  The game literally shits Allied Notes at you -- 2K Allied Notes = 20,000 gil for a Voiddust, if not more.

Deadplaything on Cerebrus makes a good point:  What about the Abyssea leechers?  One of the most popular power-levelling techniques is the Fell Cleave party -- about 4-5 people go out to a zone and start the marathon Abyssea parties we all knew and loved (I remember the first time when a party I was in literally went all the way around the clock -- for 24 hours!!).  The rest?  All leeching, at 100K gil/hour, 3 hour minimum.

So, on top of "game balance", do you have RMT involved as well?  Is this the new Chinese RMT?  I don't know.

Of course, things could REALLY get stupid:  You could basically have GM intervention on anybody going AFK, especially in Grauberg (S), in campaign battle or the like...

Maybe if the fuckers wouldn't try to short-circuit the rules at every opportunity, Square-Enix wouldn't be so anal when they DO decide to look at something...

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