Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hell to the Yeah!! Fell Cleave Parties Effectively Declared Illegal!!!

Boy, did I log into a doozy today.

In the game-selection screen, under "Action Against RMT Activity Involving Power-Leveling", Square-Enix finally is starting action where it should've for the longest time:  The RMT Fell Cleave parties.

I've said for a long time that the FC parties were illegal on two grounds:  Not only on RMT, but also on the fact that they advertise to pay-for-advancement.  Both are illegal, and even those who are not RMT (of which there is claimed to be a (albeit smaller) number) are still guilty of the second part of this.

I've STF'ed a number of players who, by gil-laundering mechanisms through the Auction House, expose themselves as being RMT.

Look, there's one reality here:

If there are not enough legitimate players to sustain the game, the game has to be shut down.

Said it almost four years ago on the Salvage bans, and it's as true today (if not more so!!) than it was then.

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