Thursday, December 27, 2012

Square-Enix confirms it: 3/27/13 to download, 3/28/13 to play it

The website's been updated -- a lot! -- and it's basically all official.

Barring any critical bugs, the 5th expansion will be available March 27, 2013, but the game won't be ready for it for another day.

And with word that the expansion is actually going to be a $29.99 digital download for PC, it appears they may be taking the game down entirely for the expansion and devoting (what am I saying? -- this is Square-Enix!!) resources to downloading the expansion.

You're greeted on the newly-updated site with a new song, "A New Direction", which blares trumpets into your speakers/headphones.  It's rather standard fare, but it's good to actually see some new direction, as it were, to the game.

Adoulin, basically, is a second Jeuno, on the Eastern shores of the Western continent, Ulbuka.  And, as was basically inferred back at VanaFest 2012, Ulbuka basically has none of the comforts players have taken for granted in the Middle Lands.

I almost get an Aht Urhgan feel with how they describe Adoulin as a two-part city.  Stoic castle in the east, bustling mercantile city in the west.

Clicking on "Varied Personages" gets you a look at a Swordmaiden, almost certainly an early-Seekers mission NPC.

Of course, what probably interests people most are the new areas, mobs, and jobs.

Several areas are featured, all of which appear quite interesting.  The new trailer also seems to show some of the "environmental blockage" mechanisms, taken from the ice sheet blocking the entrance to Bearclaw Pinnacle in Uleguerand, it appears.

The new beastman almost looks like an orc!

And, of course, the new jobs again.  Nothing new on the site, and there's three other links which are not available yet, but, over the next three months, they will be.

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