Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's clear they've been taking action on the Fell Cleavers, but this takes it to another level.

SE posted this today:

"We are currently investigating players who advertise power leveling services via Shout/Yell, collect gil from the participants, and then use that gil to engage in RMT-related activity. Our investigations thus far have revealed that these players regularly advertise in the Jeuno area and we have responded by terminating the FINAL FANTASY XI service accounts of those found guilty of this behavior.

Please be aware that advertising in such a manner in itself can be disrupting to other players and we may take action against players who continuously advertise for the above kind of parties. This also includes behavior that helps facilitate such activity. Please take caution in not supporting RMT-related activity.

In addition, if you witness other players engaging in this behavior, please report the details to the Special Task Force via the Square Enix Support Center.

The Fell Cleave parties are illegal outside the scope of RMT, on the basis of Absentee Play.

Also, since we're looking at very serious Level 99-Extra content (based on the gear and the like), it may no longer be sufficient to be Level 99 and actually do anything within the game.

Hence, even participating in the FC groups is disruptive to the game.  Unfortunately, this means that even non-RMT FC players (both advertisers and participants) need to be removed.

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