Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh, both Square-Enix and my friend have pissed them off again...

We finally have people who have started winning against the giant bee Colkhab.

Apparently, the Server First on Valefor yielded one very interesting result.

You die, you get NOTHING.  Your "contribution" is reset upon raising.

Willy Wonka-style.

"Good day, sir!!!"

And I can understand, especially since the entry fee for the battle is 100,000 bayld (howinhell you going to farm that quickly under the current situation?) each time, are you going to lose out because your (nerfed) Perfect Defense wore at the wrong time and you got 0 for it?

Well, there is the other side of the argument, though, as my agent in the field noted:

"Oh no! you can't zerg things down in 2 seconds anymore? THE HORROR! THE HORROR! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO?!"

The problem is, that is, as she said, "Working as intended."

Matsui has made clear, on several levels, that he does not like the direction that Final Fantasy XI had gone in, with respect to tactics, even up to and including Voidwatch.

Unlike what several respondents said to her, it IS about the zerg.  They want to stop it.  They want to stop a number of other things as well -- been noting that the possibility exists that they seriously mucked around with Dynamis with the Adoulin update underneath the surface.

Fact is, I think Unctgtg of Ragnarok said it right, in saying Square-Enix' stand is:

"SE's Response, this was working as intended, skilled players don't die. Please redo your strategy."

Emphasis mine.  They seriously want to muck the whole way we fight monsters.  You think this is bad?  Just wait til the next level of updates and the like hits...

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