Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rude Awakening (and not the type most of the BG Brigade would want)...

Tohihroyu and I often used to do Dynamis, in a group I informally called Dynamis Tonight.

She got me and her boyfriend and we decided to go to Dynamis-Xarcabard and hope we could get a camp.

We, largely, couldn't, but that's not the gist of this post.

What we did fight went down far too quickly for us to even proc most of the time.

So we decided to go farm some Animated Weapons.

We got the sword pop, then I decided, "What the hey?"

75-90 seconds later, one dead Animated Longsword.

As time was running down in our run, we did the Claymores next.

Once we got a pop and got full, maybe 90 seconds, goodbye Animated Claymore.

So then I decide to get brave (read that as:  Stupid) and try to get the Scythe, remembering how much of a bear it was to get Tohihroyu her item for her scythe.

4 minutes to go in the run, we pop the Animated Scythe.

2 minutes, it's dead.  Easy.  None of us got hit, my pet maybe twice.  Would've been probably a minute and 15 seconds if not for Phalanx by the enemy.

Where am I going with this?

I pretty much now have to retire from Dynamis, save work for the other two.

It got so sick that, had we 20 more minutes and the pop, I might've tried the Dynamis Lord himself!  (To wit I almost WISH we would've wiped.)

I'm, literally, way too powerful with a Delve axe/Wildskeeper Axe combo, full merits on Beast Affinity (which makes my pets, what, Level 123?), and most of the Delve armor for BST or DRG.  (Steelflash combo for earrings, Haste belt from plasm...)

Just, wow.  I feel sad.  After getting my fourth Wildskeeper KI by finally winning Foret (only one left is Yorcia), I now have both my Mandau and my Gungnir in storage.

I know there are other things to do.  More plasm to farm, etc.  But Dynamis was good to me -- VERY GOOD.

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