Monday, September 30, 2013

Haven't posted here in a while, but some XIV-related BG tears motivate me to.

Really, haven't had much to talk about in quite a while.  XI is surviving, the Yorcia Skirmish gear is sick (so sick I'm soloing Walk of Echoes confluxes, Caturae, and came within 15% of soloing the Dynamis Lord (and his dragons).  (Damn Tera Slash.)

But it's something I saw today on BluCheater got my attention.

Sounds like some people got banned from XIV for the amount of gil they had, or so it appears.

There was another one of those interesting maintenances on the new game a few nights ago, and now, a number of players have been banned from non-legacy servers (basically, where all the players started at nothing with the ARR release) based on the amount of gil they had.

And, of course, Churchill telling people who actually are in tune with reality to shut the fuck up.

No, Church, you take your cheater ass and YOU shut the fuck up.

Basically, what this move was designed to do was exactly what people said:  To set a maximum income at this point in the game.  Above that, there has to be the belief (and there are numerous RMT trolls on XIV already, apparently!) that the gil is being prepared to be sold or the like.

I mean, even in XI, gil has a more and more limited use after a certain point.  Basically, the STF of XIV is doing what the STF in XI should've done all along.

And, once again for emphasis, Churchill:  Shut the fuck up.

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