Friday, December 6, 2013

I Dream of Mog Bonanza 2014, brought to you by Campbell's Alphabet Soup!!

Well, while I'm downloading one of my Christmas presents to myself (Final Fantasy VIII for Steam) -- damn false positives on McAfee... -- I decided to take another look at the new Mog Bonanza for the end of 2013 and start of 2014.

BTW, next version update:  December 11th.

SIGNIFICANT number of changes for the ilevel 119 stuff, and a lot of stuff is getting Mog Kupon Alphabet Soup-ed...

Level 6

Losing tickets get a Mog Missile, again.

Level 5

Matching the single number of Level 5 gets the normal array of special BCNM entry keys (of which I think I have them all), most of the statues (Ark Angels, Adamantoise, etc., Shadow Lord) plus a number of new entries:

Mog Kupon I-S1:  Your choice of any one simulacrum piece, Level One.

Mog Kupon I-Skill:  Pick the skill of your choice, and you will get (I presume a usable) item which will increase that skill.  No word yet on whether it caps the skill or just gives a set amount of skill increase.

1 Rem's Tale Item, Chapters 1-5:  Your choice of one chapter, one item, for the Artifact Armor increase to ilevel 119.  You still need 5, I believe, to actually upgrade the item, plus either a Delve boss win or a win of one of the Sacred Kindred's Crest BC's at harder than normal level.

Probably a skill item for my black mage, frankly.

Level 4:  Two-digit number drawn, last two digits of any marble you have match to win.


Mog Bonanza S2:  It's upgraded to S3 for this one, see below.
Redeyes:  Given out commonly in the BC events.
The Ark Weapons:  Nice costumes, but little else.


Odin Statue
Choice of one Skill Up Ring
Choice of one Black Belt item


Mog Kupon A-De:  Single ilvl 110 armor piece and three Airlixir +2s.  Demoted from Level 2 to Level 4.
Mog Kupon A-E+2:  Empyrean Armor +2, one choice.  Demoted from Level 2 to Level 4.


Bomb Masque
Chocobo Masque
The Chocobo Suit
Statues for Cardian, Goobbue, or Atomos
Rolanberry Delightaru (probably a Cooking enhancement furniture piece)
One Sacred Kindred Crest Orb (either type)

And then FOUR different Mog Kupons:

Mog Kupon I-S3:  One Simulacrum Piece, Level Three
Mog Kupon A-PK109:  Bayld armor ilvl 109 -- basically the initial Bayld armors, +1.  One choice.
Probably a Skill-Up Ring, probably Magic.

Level 3:  Three-digit number drawn, match last three to win.

Gil options are the same as they've always been.  Gil for the May 2013 Mog Bonanza was 27% of the total gil put in.

Nomad Moogle Rod is gone, for the same reason Redeyes left Level 4.
The Neo-Nyzul Mog Kupon is gone, as is the one for Neo-Salvage.


Mog Kupon I-S5:  One Simulacrum Piece, Level Five.
Frayed Sack of Abundance +1:  12 Verdgris Stones +1
Galley Kitchen
Speed Belt


Arise and Meteor fall from Level 2 to Level 3.


HQ Behemoth, Fafnir, and Adamantoise pops, one choice.
One choice of a box of items to upgrade your relic, mythic, or empyrean to ilvl 119.  (The box contains the largest number of beitetsu, Plutons, or Riftborn Boulders, but not the full amount by any means.)

New Mog Kupons:

Mog Kupon I-AF109:  1 choice of a stack of 12 of any chapter (1-5) of Rem's Tale.
Mog Kupon W-EWS:  The Empyrean Weapon Skill weapon for any one of the weapon types.
Mog Kupon AW-WK:  One Wildskeeper Reive good drop of your choice -- think of it as a mega-Rela from the Celennia Library.

Tough call.

Level 2:  Four-digit number drawn, last four digits to win.


23% of the gil pool split by number of winners.
Black Belt
Cat's Eye
Opal Silk
Saber Shoot
Shaper's Shawl
The Boss Delve crafting items, choice of one.


Mog Kupon A-DeII:  Delve Boss armor drops, choice of one.  Demotion from Level 1 to Level 2.


Scarletite Ingot (Unless you are needing one to craft, a few of them dropped in the BC events, dropping their value under 2,000,000 gil on Leviathan.)
Ormolu Ingot
Delve Boss Weapons, choice of one.  (Which makes several of the Rank 1 prizes ridiculous.)
Alza'daal Table:  The classic table on which battles were drawn out.  High-end storage piece, not clear as to any Moghancement, but there'd have to be a nice one for it to be THIS high.

Probably one of the boss weapons.  Depends on what I have when the numbers come out in February.

Level 1:  Five-digit number drawn, marble must match it.


Actually, I was wrong about one thing:  The Ridill was removed after the Homecoming Bonanza, before the May 2013 one.


Basically, most everything.

Relic, Mythic, or Empyrean, Level 90 (but the Delve Boss weapons are Level 2...)
10,000-piece for Dynamis (I know it's cashable, but on equal terms with the 90-Relics?  With a gil prize that probably far exceeds the 40-70 million gil the 10K piece is saleable for?)
Ebisu Fishing Rod


Mog Kupon I-RME:  Basically, if you have a Level 99 Relic, Mythic, or Empyrean, Congratulations...  It's now ilevel 119 -- 300 (the full required number to update) of the respective items to upgrade.

If I win this, they'll peel me off the ceiling first, and then it's a REAL tough call.


Also, the Return to Vana'diel Free Client Edition for everybody starts today until December 23.  RMT and Troll Alert!!!

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