Friday, December 27, 2013

That's what SHE said, Dammit!!

One of the best advancements in Final Fantasy XI in recent months is the Trust Initiative.

So leave it to Karah of Carbuncle to try to dump water on it.

"I used to be able to /sea area, cool, there's only 1 person there, no possible way that he'd get in my way.... but now every ONE person, is actually 4 with this trust crap.
Just wanted to vent, I think it's a pretty stupid thing, but its the only way the people that use them are capable of accomplishing things, so "necessary evil" I guess."

So trying to counterbalance against the 9-boxing bot-bullshit is, well...

You know what?  I'll just let my friend Tohihroyu say it best...

Read her response to Miss Wet Blanket up there...

The young Padawan is learning.

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