Wednesday, January 1, 2014

But Square-Enix didn't like what she said, soooo...

Here it is...

In response to the person bitching about Trust, Tohihroyu said:

"Here's a novel Idea! now this might be ever so difficult for a hiveminded eletist sheep like you to comprehend, so I will word this as slowly in your special language as I can so you can get a grasp on it: 
Do not participate in trust, don't talk to ANY of the following NPC's: Clarion Star, Wetata, or Gondebaud for they will burden you with the always gimp Trust NPC's, I mean they don't even gear swap every second just to swing their weapons (which are also gimp because they are not from delve OR iLevel RME!
how GASTLY! its makes your butt want to clench! how DARE they do that?! not to mention Ayame! what a gimped sam! she dose not use meditate or hasso! (and even if she did she dose not gear swap! oh noes!) and how they look on parser? UNACCEPTABLE! just like gimps if they are not up to par according to third party tools they are no better than the gimp casuals who pollute your precious air! since they don't use windower or bot! how terrible! how awful! 
even though those silly GM's say use of 3rd party tools is not allowed you disregard that, your e-penis growth is far more important then rules, right? Guffaw! how DARE people not bot (aka triple+ box) how DARE they use something thats useful for the low levels that you shit for brains would never help on unless they bought gil and paid you a million gil for getting things done or levels? and of course pay for the leet gear too, oh wait SE got rid of FC's!"

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