Friday, May 16, 2014

12th Anniversary Has Started, and That Means Mog Bonanza...

*grumbles about the Outer Ra'azkanar run-through for the mission there -- they're going to have to seriously tone down those Colonization Reives*

But that's another post for another time...

In addition to TWO bonus rings this year (one for XP, one for Job Points, same mechanic for each), another Mog Bonanza.

So off we go to what I won't win.

Level 6, which I will "win" by matching no other prizes:

Bonanza Ball

No (material) change, yawn.

Level 5, match the last number of your marble to the single number drawn for that level...

Two additions:

The music situation now adds music from Rise of the Zilart to your orchestrion.

You can also win a single Lebondopt Wing, which is the one from Outer Ra'azkanar Skirmish.

Probably get the music thing to add the Zilart music.

Level 4, match the last two numbers to the numbers drawn...


The Sacred Kindred Crest Orbs
Bomb Masque
Chocobo Masque
Chocobo Suit


Kupon W-EWS:  Empyrean Weapon Skill weapon, one choice -- from Level 3 to 4.
Kupon AW-WK:  One Wildskeeper Reive drop from any of the six Wildskeeper Reives -- from level 3 to 4.

Holdovers include the S3 (Simulacrum L3), E+2 (one piece Empyrean +2 Armor), De (one old-delve non-boss upgradable armor with three Airlixir +2s), PK109 (one piece Bayld +1 armor) Kupons.

Not sure on this one.

Level 3, match the last three numbers to the three numbers drawn.

Gil options remain the same.

Holdovers:  I-S5 (Simulacrum L5)  Kupon.
Galley Kitchen
Speed Belt
HQ Behemoth, etc. pops (at Level 3, since you can get one for 3,000 login points?????)
119 weapon upgrade box (~20 or so inside)

Important change:

The AF-109 (1 stack of any Rem's 1-5 Chapter) Kupon now is any chapter 1-10!  And it's saying all 10 stacks???  That cannot be right.


Plumb Boots -- Inside the Belly prize.  Level 99 All.  Phys. Damage Taken Down 5%, but you lose movement speed in the tradeoff.
Frayed Sack H1 -- 12 Wailing Stones +1 (upgrade items for Outer Ra'azkanar Skirmish, I think)

Probably a 6-10 stack, whichever one I need at that moment.  If it's all 10, sweet...

Level 2, match the last four, yadda yadda...

Gil here too.

Most of the non-Kupon stuff holds here.  Still have no freaking idea WHAT the Alza'daal Table does!

Mog Kupons:

A-DeII (holdover):  Delve Boss Drop - Armor
W-DeIII:  Delve Boss Drop -- Weapon

(these might be first-level Delve only, though)

W-Job (addition):  One of the 119 weapons gotten through Oboro.  I already have the axe.
I-Mat (addition):  One high-level crafting material, be it Delve 1, Delve 2, and others.  (Blat.)
AW-Mis (addition):  One high-level mission BC weapon/armor drop.

Leaning W-Job for the dagger.

Level 1, match em all.

Gil option, natch.

The usual suspects:  K-Club, D-Ring, 10K currency piece, Ebisu Rod, Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Weapon Kupon at Level 90, 300 of whatever you need to turn your 99 R, M, or E to 119.

Two additions:

Judgement Day:  It's a painting of the fight between Odin and Alexander.  What could possess something like that to be Level 1, I dunno.

and an item only represented by three question marks, and that's how it's going to stick for a while.

Basically, it's an item (one of several which will be needed) to get an Ergon Weapon for RUN or GEO.

Tough call again.

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