Friday, June 13, 2014

So is this what was needed all along, or an admission and bowing to the frauds?

Some of my friends are saluting some of the updates being made on June 16-17.

It's either the day legitimate players have been waiting for, or the day the Windower cheats can admit Square-Enix bowed.

I'm not sure which, and it probably is far too late in FFXI's shelf life for it to matter.

Basically, the main thing which has the legitimate players excited is real, first-party viewing of the MP of the entire alliance, as well as it's TP.

This has long been a luxury afforded the cheats, and something I've long said that, if we were entitled to it, we'd have gotten it already.

Well, this update, we finally become entitled to it.

There are also several other updates as well with major quality-of-life improvements (crafting kits for certain items, a massive weaponskill update, other UI adjustments, etc.).

I'd like to be opening the champagne on this one -- as it might well cause real Windower UI problems, yes -- but I'll need to see them actually break the device a bit more before I start the celebration.

But the bubbly is on ice, ready to go...  ;)

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