Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Take Your RMT and Pay To Win Shit and GET OFF MY GAME!!!

That took about 30 posts on the XIV Official Forums.

This one might well be a temp unless they realize it's the same guy from the XI forums, at which point I'm probably done there.

We have an RMT apologist on the XIV Official Forums, name Tocsin, I think from the Jenova server.

Goddamn bitch decides he wants to be against RMT, by allowing Square-Enix to sell the gil, making the game Pay to Win!

I'm gonna tell you right now.  I don't think SE has the manpower to start and RMT/P2W operation -- the credits to 2.55 seem to indicate they have no manpower to stop it.

What I hope isn't happening (and what I fear happened in XI) is that SE got a cut of some of the profits to leave them alone.

And it sounds like this piece of shit on the Official Forums would rather see this game decline to Pay To Win status.

Take that shit to MMMRPG XI, shithead!!  We don't need you here!

We've got enough of a problem when communication between players becomes damn near impossible/unfeasible because of talk and shout RMT spam.  We don't need RMT/Pay To Win encouragement here.

Otherwise, this game becomes XI, and it's fucked.  Period.

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