Friday, May 15, 2015

Big Story from Azeroth: Blizzard needs to shut down WoW PvP...

Only being put here because it's so similar to a lot of my Final Fantasy XI rants (and what's with the damn download times on the update, even BEFORE the free login period begins, SE???)...

Big news in the gaming community this week that Blizzard banned a number of users for using bots in World of Warcraft PvP competition.

... because that number is SIX FIGURES of six-month suspensions.

Various reports put the number at somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 banned characters (or is it accounts?).

That's 1-2% of the 10 million subscribers WoW has, and, PvP being the sole raison d'etre for a lot of these immature shitheads to play WoW, I would have to think we can add at least that number to the two million or so subscriptions which have fled WoW in the last few months.

Basically, it appears as if the entire PvP metagame (and if it's not all of it, it's a large, large fraction!!!) was based around the bot HonorBuddy, which allows players to farm honor in PvP play without actually committing to PvP.  No engagement is necessary.

They're still looking, but it now appears that this is a problem even an order of magnitude or two above the Salvage bans of 2009, which basically exposed FFXI for what it really was, and set the table for the company to transition to FFXIV.

There's really only two solutions:  Reset ALL PvP in World of Warcraft, or shut it ALL down until gameplay can be rebalanced.

This isn't 1 or 100 accounts.  This is the classic case of "If you owe the bank $100, it's your problem.  Owe the bank $1,000,000, and it's the bank's."

It is now clear that no meaningful PvP play is going on whatsoever on World of Warcraft, so it either needs to be reset or shut down.

This, on the heels of Blizzard actually doing something SE may have tried to do ONCE:  Blizzard won $7,000,000 from a WoW bot maker in court.

I always knew most WoW players were immature little pieces of shit, so none of this surprises me.

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