Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick update and two charity efforts to report about:

First, was in Vegas for a few days for some R&R and P&Q... God, has the world gone mad...

Anyhoo, quick update on my first week back on Leviathan:

Sunday Dynamis: A real rough run through Ice -- five drops, only a few NMs defeated.

Wednesday Dynamis (Lengendary + Dreamers): Snow -- Boss pull got screwed up. Will explain policies of Dreamers later. They're pretty close to Lengendary's.

Got the Allied Ring, and have used two charges to go SAM 61 -> 63.

THF has been taken from 15 -> 20.

Will finish the Arcana level tonight on the Magians dagger.


Two charity efforts to push this weekend:

1) -- The Speed Gamers are back again, doing a Mother marathon for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer. As of writing, at 11 PM Pacific, the marathon had gone for 7 hours even and had raised $2,420 of a goal of $10,000.

EDIT: As of the end of the marathon: $10,400+ -- Congratulations!

2) For three reasons, I post this second one:

a) Always an affinity to this performer
b) It'll piss at least one reader of the blog off
c) And it's such a unique and wonderful idea, I couldn't pass up posting it... -- the official website of Deborah Gibson -- is doing a unique auction between now and May 12th, is doing an auction: "Only in My Jeans". (Yes, she cues the cheesy joke several times in her video -- in which she also explains her "Gibson Girl Foundation", who awards tuition to an entertainment camp (not sure if it's necessarily Gibson's "Camp Electric Youth". She also tells the story about how her camps have changed the life of one 16 year old autistic youth.)

No, she hasn't broken out the closet, but she's asked a lot of other people to help her.

Yes, she did put one pair of her own up, but got help from the likes of these celebrities who autographed jeans for the effort:

-- Jonathan Knight of the New Kids on the Block
-- Rob Thomas
-- The cast of "Glee"
-- Hayley and Hilary Duff
-- Lance Bass
-- Rick Fox of the Lakers
-- Ryan Seacrest

and a number of others. By the actual auction site, it lists the closing date (and at least some of the items (if not all) do have a clearly-stated reserve price) as midnight eastern at the end of May 25th.

So, there's a second charity thing to look for...

But I do have to say: Shaq didn't get the memo.

Shaq does have an item on Deborah's auction. But, Shaq-Fu, the idea was an auction for jeans -- Shaq autographed a single sneaker and sent it for the auction. It's up there -- and has some bids on it!


Anonymous said...

/approve of the charities, thanks for the heads up! Another you might think is interesting is the Humble Indie Bundle ( which allows you to put the proceeds of your sales towards EEF, Child's Play, or the developers of the games, or a combination of any of those. It's nice to see charities being pushed by community members though :D

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

If you check Ustream, there's usually at least one video gaming marathon going on every weekend, and, with the kiddies out for college soon for the summer, I think it might be a good assumption that more might be coming...