Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week-end update and some odds and sods...

A light week today, as I'm keeping eyes out for RL stuff at the moment.

A few things:

2 Dagger merits and an Evasion merit.

Sergeant Major rank acquired and first rank point from there as well.

Dyna Sunday: Bastok. 8 AF and 6 Wootz, none of it to me.

Dyna Wednesday: Valkurm, for Tavnazia access.

Yeesh. Ow. Chainspell-Stun is important on the Mega Boss... Lost.

No progress on Verthandi nor on What Price Loyalty, though there seem to be six interested if we can get all of us on at the same time for the latter!


Odds and sods:

-- Before I begin, read this:

Up 50-0, powerhouse team forfeits to first-time team, all parties benefit.

An all-you-can-eat buffet to a starving man indeed, Mr. Reilly. I needed that pick-me-up, badly.

-- To Kimiko: Sad to hear the big-time shell didn't work out, but, given how much a lot of these shells spend for illegal shit to even be "allowed" to "play" the endgame, am I surprised that they would want your real life to be subjugated to their HNM camping and all that shit?

They would NOT want me around. Seriously...

-- Nyzul Isle loves spitting in everybody's face.

Earlier this week: 1-5 run to help three people get started. Floor 1: Family -- three SOULFLAYERS!! We win only the one floor and take the rank points, my 1 being the 25th for rank-up! But isn't that a wonderful way to introduce new players to Nyzul Isle?

Who playtested this shit?

Friday I: A 20 run. Four puddings on 18.

Friday II: A 40 run. FIVE chariots on 38!

Someone doesn't want people to get to 100 or get the A/D/G gear, don't they?


-- To reiterate: Your gear is your rep. And if they have the ability and willingness to ninjar your lots (or bot them outright, something making Campaign Unions abjectly worthless!!!), who are they to care about your perception of their reputation?

It really makes me wish I could reach through the screen and choke them out.

-- Promathia being "unchained" is a big topic of discussion lately. I'll be interested to see how it works out -- there are definitely ways it could help (including a couple of long-standing quests I've been holding off on), but...

-- Extension of Magian quests to include tweaking of requirements? Perhaps cutting the number of drops needed from VNM III's to 5? 3??

-- Will get Mog Bonanza Inventory Space -10 next week. :) (Final date for ticket purchase is next weekend.)

-- Wed. shell is getting into Limbus on Tuesdays and looking at a lot more...

Have a safe holiday weekend, and thank you to BP, for fucking killing the entire Gulf of Mexico!


Jud said...

Nyzul Isle takes a group of six players with decent skill and decent gear who can communicate... And it takes practice.

Entering this event with the proper items and a party of jobs suitable for completing the objectives is only half the battle.

Ask yourself if this event really is too hard or if you just haven't had enough practice or aren't actually prepared properly.

I imagine anyone who takes (wastes) the time to read your blog is tired of hearing about how "hard" it is.

Buy items from the box at the fist if you can afford the tokens. Try bringing a party of two healers and four solid damage dealers all with meds, food, decent equipment (merits help, this is 'endgame').

I've got my Runic Key and 14/15 Nyzul gear and it's not because I'm some epic 1337 hax0r.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Your attitude indicates otherwise.

Jud said...

Yes, I'M the one with an ATTITUDE problem. Is it any wonder you've practically alienated yourself from anyone who could possibly help you?

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

You damned right -- you come across as a sanctimonious prick (like most of the people I am seen to "alienate" in this game).

You think I would trust someone like you, especially the way you come across as just another elitist fuck?

Not everyone in this game can get groups at the drop of a hat, idiot.

Jud said...

I'm going to address each of the fallacies in your last comment and then never darken this sad corner of the internet again.

1.) I'm neither holier-than-thou, nor in any way pretending to be. I only offered friendly advice. You can take offence at my tone, but it is one born of frustration not condescension. You want sanctimonious? Someone hand this gentleman a mirror.

2.) I never actually asked you to 'trust' me. The advice I offer is common sense and not some new and radical untested theory. Check the wiki related to this game we love playing so much for more info. Thanks for calling me a fuck... That makes you sound so much more intelligent, now doesn't it?

3.) Everyone in this game CAN get groups at the drop of a hat, it's called '/shout'ing. A 'pick-up' group is an effective way to get people together to achieve a common goal.

On a final note, outside of my parenthetical reference to time wasted reading this blog, I wonder if anyone else following your exploits actually thinks my advice was given in poor faith or intended to specifically raise your hackles.

Really, think of how many friends you've passed on because you insist that everyone is out to get you.

Good luck with all of that. I'm certain your response will dazzle and delight... you.

Jacinda said...

One of the hardest things I find about Nyzul Isle is getting a solid group. Unless you are in a static, it's always a gamble.

It's not hard per se, but it can definitely be frustrating. I've had runs where you had to kill Chariots while trying not aggro Soulflayers and avoiding gears. All on the same floor.

Communication is key, no matter what. Hang in there.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Jud, then please go the fuck away. But, as you do, I'll sit down and refute your refutations, because, frankly, your bullshit needs an answer...

I don't play this game to "make friends", asshole. I play this game to escape Real Life for a little while, because, the more I experience the latter, the more I want to choke people out.

1) A statement like this does not come across as "friendly", but as the same kind of "sanctimonious prick"-dom that I would expect from a laughing little bot-head:

I imagine anyone who takes (wastes) the time to read your blog is tired of hearing about how "hard" it is.

You take out one parenthetical word, and we probably would've had a reasoned discussion, but, frankly, in vino veritas -- "in wine, comes the truth".

2) You seem to think that the "common sense" invoked by most players is actually a good thing, when, what you fail to realize is that well over 90% of the prominent NA players cheat their fucking asses off.

Yes, it IS a matter of being able to trust people, and I don't do that very well in this game. Hell, even people who were my "friends" on Siren were withholding key information from me in the name of my "progress": Mainly, that the player providing a lot of it had no business on FFXI in the first damn place.

Jud, I've been "around the block" a lot more than you think. You seem to think that I'm this gimp n00b (I'll spell it like that so you can understand it) who doesn't know the first thing about the game.

I tend to think the opposite: Most _other players_ don't have to know the first thing about the game -- their bots, illegal Windower, etc. do it all for them!

3) You ever been to fucking Whitegate?? I've seen it take two hours to get a sixth for a group because that group just HAS -- TO -- HAVE -- THAT -- BARD -- OR -- THE -- GROUP -- FAILS.

There is really very little versatility in this game. Many of the major events simply cannot be done without the right puzzle pieces in the right places.

I can understand having healers, but being forced to bring just the right level job with just the right spells/abilities and just the right gear makes it a lot harder than someone like you might think.

As for your last comment, I don't anticipate many will -- but, here's the thing. Read a lot of the shit that goes on in this game and openly wonder who your "friends" really are.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

The problem is, Jacinda, that it just seems like the randomness of the floors has it in for you from time to time.

I mean, not everyone in this game has the consistency of time (not just an issue of having the time, but the consistency of that time as well!) to have that kind of a static.

Jud said...

My advice at this juncture? Get a therapist... And a dictionary.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

My advice to you:

Quit before you get further behind.

Both this argument, and your involvement in FFXI.