Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If people wonder why I get pissed, it's nights like tonight which should answer your question...

OK, we just finish a decent, though not great, run on Abyssea-Konschtat with Dreamer.

MMM shout group goes up -- specifically asking for 75+'s, for a Bird Killer maze.

We're wiped within four, because the BRD can't bother to recast because his first attempt got We-sisted... WAAAAAAAAH...

They don't even know how to do MMM - and, given their level of incompetence, either bought or Astral Burned the shit to 72-76.

They didn't even have the basics of the basics down with respect to anything...

We either got sabotaged or griefed, and I don't take kindly to that shit. Neither does the person who put the group together.

Vashielx and Hellbunny, fuck your asses. Your incompetence is fucking scary.


adam westwood said...

Sabotage you say? /Evilgrin

CidBahamut said...

I think you give them too much credit. Hanlon's Razor.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Keep it up, bitch.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Hanlon's Razor... Haven't heard of that one before...

Or at least by it's name -- I've heard of the concept before:

"Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity..."

And that's fine. But answer me this question:

If you don't believed they RMTed the characters or botted or Astral Burned their way to 75+, how the Hell could someone so stupid get there?

*awaits corny Adam Westwood idiocy here*

CidBahamut said...

The same way plenty of other people have. Fields of Valor, Campaign, Leeching their way through exp parties on birds or just good old fashioned soloing.

You didn't really give me much context to work with so it's just a stab in the dark.

Jacinda said...

We're in a time where 75-80 does not mean that a person knows or completely understands their job. Leveling has become incredibly easy now; almost to the point where you can level while being afk most of the time.

I can definitely understand the frustration, but don't let yourself believe that Lv. 75 = skilled.

Volkai said...

"If you don't believed they RMTed the characters or botted or Astral Burned their way to 75+, how the Hell could someone so stupid get there?"

All I gotta say about this:

There are level 75 Black Mages out there that don't know how to Magic Burst.

This is because they soloed their way from level 1 to level 75.

You don't get the opportunity to Magic Burst when you solo. So, if you solo all the way, no opportunity to Magic Burst, no opportunity to learn how to Magic Burst.

....But you're still gonna look at this BLM75 that doesn't know how to Magic Burst and assume he bought his character or Astral Burned to 75, aren't you. Because you don't know that they soloed to 75, and you don't seem inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Volkai: I would hope you understand what kind of patience it takes to level a job solo (without cheating or ABing or the like) from 1-75.

I've done it at least twice if not three times.

The reason I "don't give people the benefit of the doubt" in that regard is that I know what kind of dedication it takes and I don't think these little fucking trolls have it.

I don't.

I don't think they have the conviction to get up in the morning and do one positive thing anymore, because their negative and damaging bullshit continues to get reinforced by a community which gets off on it.