Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This blog is soon to be removed from the TTTO by it's founder...

Frankly, he should've done it 18 months ago.

Got the message from him tonight that he wants to hear from me first, that he doesn't like the threatening tone here.

Frankly, my mere presence in XI has been same. I see the types of people who play this game, and, frankly, cannot live and let live.

As was basically stated the first time they wanted me yanked, I want to destroy the "community", because it serves no one but the cheaters, the RMT, and a Square-Enix which I must question whether they fulfill the minimum required not to have the entire enterprise declared fraudulent.

This game serves no one but the little shithead griefers who have turned the Internet into such a malicious mess that I am certain I will either be dead or in prison in the next 18 months.

It is sad, really, but it is clear that the player-base has made it's material decision. May they take the final step and have me removed from XI.

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