Saturday, June 4, 2011

I guess I can now put the comments not fit for the forum...

First off, you can make it official: LM-17 as of this morning. I will do everything (within the law) in my power to destroy your gaming community.

Here's the comments I was hoping to get a Dev or an STF member or other administrator to read:


This may very well be my last post as an FFXI player, because I'm almost sure you guys may well have me game-banned for telling you off.

This is basically to the forum admins, GMs, SGMs, and Community Team, who are completely blind to the freaking fact that your forums have turned into only a slightly more civilized version of the piece of crap cheater-fest which is BluGartr, which Square-Enix OPENLY states it has been reading for a long time, yet refuses to even remotely investigate rampant RMT, third-party program, and bot usage, as well as open and blatant content monopolization and denial, admitted and encouraged on the forums.

Hell, during my suspension, you had an OPEN ADVERTISEMENT to Windower in your Gameplay: Other section of your Holy Official Forums up for at least 24 hours!

The players want Windower.

The players want to abuse other players and lessen their play experiences.

The players want to feel they are the only players fit to play this abortion of an MMO.

I'd even make a guess the better number of players want RMT - which see Abyssea-leeching and turbo-levelling 30-90.

When are you going to come to the freaking realization that your game is full of:

-- griefers

-- trolls
-- cheaters
-- players who openly dominate content to monopolize it
-- players who openly dominate content to deny content to all others
-- freaking elitists who basically believe they are the only people who should be allowed to talk about the game, because their equipment, and ONLY their equipment, actually stands the test of anything in FFXI
-- assholes, and if you don't like that term, I'm sorry... That's about the kindest way I can describe them.

Some of these idiots need to be slapped. And since you aren't going to do anything to them, you sanction their blasted behavior, in-game and in all manners surrounding it!

Look, if you guys don't want to freaking care about the amount of violations and cheating that are going on in the game, then do yourselves one Hell of a favor and ban me from the game. If this is the community of FFXI, I want it destroyed and will do what I can to see it destroyed.

The actions of the administrators, as well as Square-Enix as a company leave one with no choice but to understand that you and the company have ZERO INTEREST in game fairness, game balance, or anything else the players basically have abused almost since the moment you first put the game out! This goes back to the days where players would openly attempt to disconnect a competing player to deny him content by spamming useless job abilities to force the player to "lag out".

You have basically been blind to seeing this game turned into a cheater-friendly playground where the only player with any social acceptance is the type of player for whom the only remedy for them denying the rest of us content we have, in fact, successfully claimed and accessed is for US to suck less?

The degree of arrogance of the "players" of this game is utterly shocking, and you expect me to respect these jackals? What planet do you live on?

It appears, in your eyes, players like ME are the problem, not the cheaters, trolls, content-deniers, botters, RMT, etc. and so forth and so on!!!

It's like I tell people: It would appear that players who openly abuse the game, yet retain and (sometimes as a result) enhance their social standing among the community are more valuable to you as a company than anyone demanding the rules be upheld!

Listen: What you are doing and allowing is fraud, by it's purest definition. This is true in the respect that no player who actually expects a fair game is getting what they paid for. I wouldn't pay $12.95 a month if I absolutely knew that you guys were going to completely ignore that the game has been turned into a dungeon full of little rats (and that's the players), and a company which has disgraced it's hallmark franchise brand by ruining it's first MMO by allowing cheating, enabling cheating, encouraging cheating, and, in many cases, _requiring_ cheating!

If the "community" and the "social aspect" of this game are so important that your in-game rules are effectively nullified, then your MMO division can go straight to Hell and XIII-2 will be the LAST purchase I make from your company -- and that's if I make it that far!

There's a reason XI is faltering and XIV is a non-starter -- because you guys can't run ONE MMO fairly or equitably. So you let the little brats in because you need the money so bad because XIV is a complete Epic Fail I wouldn't touch if you paid me to do so -- so much so that it's still in Gamma Test since it's release last September! (Nice way to instill confidence, by the way -- Battle System Revamp nine months in...) Those little brats make both games inaccessible to new players, and unrecommendable to same!

And now you guys want to start up work on a THIRD MMO? No thanks. I'll touch that one even less than I did XIV (ZERO).

But the fact is that if you guys are going to openly encourage the type of players you see on this forum, you don't want me at Fanfest (because there would be a serious incident there), and you don't want me on XI anymore. Forget the forum, you've allowed that to be turned into BluGartr Lite!

If you want me to follow the rules, start freaking enforcing them in the game!!!

(Or will that mean that you will have to admit to everybody there would not be a game at that point?)

And one more thing: Now that I've had some time to do some research, your Holy Official Forum _IS_ BluGartr Lite -- they've taken over. They're laughing at you almost as much as they are laughing at me. You honestly believe you're going to to get anything positive from those cheating jackalopes, please do them a favor and have me banned, since their money and their pwnage is more important to you than any fair play.

Here's an example: The guy I would want to belt, Mrbeansman? He was trolling YOU guys and finally drew a two-week forum ban, much to his pleasure.

They think they not only own MY experience, but YOURS, Square-Enix.

Deal with them, or with me. Choose.



Anonymous said...

Why are you so angry over a video game? Would it make you being banned from FFXI less difficult to deal with if Debbie was the one who did the banning? You could then obviously justify the rape threats and whatnot.

Nattack said...

I don't think theres a violin big enough to match your melodrama.

Starcade said...

Fuck off, the both of you.

The fact is: It's attitudes like yours which make me sure that this is not going end pretty.

To the hexadecimal jerk: If that was the case, that, at minimum, would've been a felony in the state of New York.

Anonymous said...

The real tragedy is that you choose to expend so much energy being outraged at something like this when one third of the people of the world have no access to clean drinking water. There are people suffering in your own town, wherever that may be, on behalf of whom you could direct this energy. Doing so might actually serve to make the world a slightly better place in a real and tangible way.

But hey, why bother actually trying to do something to help somebody else when you can just yell about meaningless things you know you have no power to change anyway, right? Less pressure when failure's inconsequential!

Starcade said...

Mr. Hexadecimal:

I have said time and again and repeatedly that much of the in-game conduct mirrors and is duplicated by similar conduct outside of game.

What I can easily say is that a lot of the conduct within the game indicates attitudes which allow a number of these wrongs to take place!

I believe a lot of these in-game wrongs are hardly inconsequential, because the same attitudes are applied in real life, causing many more wrongs outside of game.

But, hey, have your fun at the expense of everyone else, right?

Bonefish said...

Why is it so important to you to "expose" this company or playerbase's alleged wrongs? To whom are you exposing them, and for whose benefit? There are few new players coming into FFXI. You've acknowledged yourself that they've reduced the number of servers for the game by half over the course of the last year. Is it really worth worrying about so much?

Your zeal for this game seems obsessive and is frightening to other people. Telling someone their attitude is what makes you sure that "this is not going to end pretty," sounds threatening, and I saw another comment where you mentioned that you would've taken someone up on their offer if you could've found out where they lived. I can only assume they taunted you with something to the effect of "say that to me in real life and see what happens," but I may be wrong there.

I'm not saying this to be mean or funny, but I really think you should consider seeking some help. Publish this comment or don't, but this kind of anger and obsessive behavior isn't healthy. It seems like this game controls a large portion of your thoughts and possibly a large portion of your life, even though you no longer play. By continuing to spend your time on this to stick it to all the "cheaters" and "shitheads" and whatever other names you have for these people, you're allowing them to win in another way. They are continuing to drag you into an endless dialogue where you're ridiculed and belittled, and apparently very frustrated by it. Someone I know once called it "allowing people to live in your head rent-free."

It's really okay to just let it go. Things happen in our lives that seem supremely unfair at times, but when we become so fixated on those issues that we can't go forward, it's a problem. Even if you don't see it that way right now, ask yourself what you're gaining from this situation. What positive things are coming into your life as a result of your behavior as it relates to FFXI?

Sometimes people need help moving on from an event that's emotional for them. What has no effect on one person may be greatly disturbing to another. We're all different and nobody has the right to say what should or shouldn't affect you. There's no shame in asking for help so you can do that yourself. Nobody has to know about it but you. Do something positive and healthy for yourself and talk to someone, because this is not a constructive activity.

Just saying this as one concerned human being to another.