Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The attitude of an FFXI player seen as successful...

Though the poster is lying through their fucking teeth vis-a-vis not needing third-party software to do it (especially given that I found this on BG), I felt this would give a good idea of the elitist view of FFXI these days:

Aksannyi wins Asshole of the Day:

"God, these people are so good at completely missing the point. YES, we want people to assimilate, INTO PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME."

First off, bullshit. You believe you're the only fucking people who can tell them how. Hence, you're effectively the only people who you believe have the right to.

Second off, most of the ways you guys "KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME" are fucking illegal, both with ToS and probably with respect to law.

"No one is saying that they need to start using third-party programs..."

Then why does your site advertise them all over forums Square-Enix claims to have read?

Fucking liars, the lot of you.

"or seeking out gimps to make fun of..."

Isn't that the whole reason you play, to Lord yourself over the rest of the playerbase? Go kindly fuck yourself, AND perform anatomically impossible acts.

"... just learn how to fucking play."

You first, without those programs and exploits and RMT and all.

No Parser, no Windower, none of it.

And you wonder, with an American audience like that, why Square-Enix is in such bad financial trouble.


CidBahamut said...

TPing in haste gear is against the terms of service?

Starcade said...

Much of the stuff you use to be able to do so is, Cid.

CidBahamut said...

/equip hands "Dusk Gloves"
macros are cheating?

Starcade said...

Again, much of the stuff you use to do that kind of stuff is, Cid.

You don't seem to get how much your group openly advertises and embraces illegal _additional_ methods to the game.

Let's put it this way:

Killing a bee in South Gustaberg is cheating -- if you're using Windower or other third-party aids.

CidBahamut said...



Starcade said...


You're trying to be an idiot to conceal the rampant cheating and fraud, and I wish you'd basically admit to it.

CidBahamut said...

You have absolutely no understanding of the people you're attacking.

People don't want you to use shady third party programs, they just want to educate people to the point where we don't have to yell at folks for refusing to use the gear swapping utilities that are BUILT INTO THE GAME.

Person playing on PS2 using gear-swapping macros: CHEATING!
^ That is what you sound like.

You're a raving lunatic who refuses to observe and acknowledge very simple truths.

Starcade said...

And there's the fucking problem:

The site openly advertises (by major threads in the very same forums Square-Enix claims to read -- and I guess I have to explain that to a collective IQ of about 3 who posts there) illegal programs, and, hence, loses all right to tell anybody how the fuck to play the game!!

You lost the right to do that before you even started trying to tell people how to play the game!

What you say may be what I sound like to a playerbase who is so Hell-bent on the status quo, they wouldn't care if Square-Enix went under tomorrow (and, keep it up, you fuckers, and they will -- very soon!!).

CidBahamut said...

So knowing how the game works disqualifies folks from educating other players as to how the game works. Right, because that makes sense.

You're a nut job.

Selfish too.

Everything in the game and the community must be held to your unreasonable standards BECAUSE YOU SAID SO. Not SE's standards, but yours. You. Starcade. The guy who thinks he knows what's best for everyone and cannot even begin to conceptualize the possibility that he is dead wrong.

Get over yourself and try confronting reality. You've been hiding from it for far too long.

Starcade said...

I already gave you the standards I would invoke if I were in charge, moron.

The fact you play the game illegally disqualifies you from that, not "knowing how the game works".


If you got banned or suspended for Salvage, YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT HOW THE GAME WORKS, and that's even if your name is Kaeko.

You don't get it!! And you won't, because you obviously have somebody in your back pocket, whether you paid them off or not...

CidBahamut said...


I won't get it because you are wrong.

Starcade said...

I am "wrong" because most of the playerbase (at least the English-speaking one) is a cheating piece of shit.

No wonder the company is in so much trouble when dogs like you are it's audience.

CidBahamut said...

Protip: The JP playerbase uses Windower too.

Starcade said...

And you act as if you are proud of it, you son of a bitch.

CidBahamut said...

Proud of what exactly?

Starcade said...

You act as if you've taken the one honorable and legitimate playerbase in this game and steered them out of what made their participation in this game valid or even desirable.

Quit excusing your cheating bullshit, fucker.

CidBahamut said...

I don't understand your last statement at all. Be more specific.

Starcade said...

What, do I have to spell it out that you act like you own the fucking joint?

OK. See next post.