Saturday, June 4, 2011

Couple of shitheads' misconceptions I need to clear up...

Vana'diel rejoices? I can believe it. And fuck them all for it!

Couple of BluGartr shitheads need to get a correction.

First, the concept that "every female in the game is now safe".

Who's safe? Do I have to play the "Who the fuck are you?" card again?

Second, the lawsuit would not be for me getting banned. Hell, taking this long for it to happen might well be another cause to sue.

My point is: If I were to sue, it'd be for the absolute breach of contract that Square-Enix has committed against the legitimate players (what few there are).

As of right now, your $12.95 a month doesn't even get you the right to play. It basically gets you the right to log in, maybe!

Trolling is legal.

Griefing is legal.

Third-party programs are legal.

Content denial/"denial of enjoyment" is legal.

Content monopolization is legal.

Hell, with the recent revelations of Chinese jails formenting RMT farmers to pay off protection money for the wardens, I would say the base black-letter law of the game that Square-Enix owns the entire game and everything in it is now null.

Hence, RMT is legal in FFXI.

All of this is true under one caveat: "Enough" players have to be doing it to make it socially acceptable.

So, for whatever value of "Enough", here's Rule #1:

You no longer have the right to play Final Fantasy XI without the consent of Square-Enix and "Enough" of the playerbase.

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