Friday, September 28, 2012

God, I haven't updated this in a while...

OK, so a bit of an "Around the Horn" here to just basically say what I've been up to:
  • 99's:  DRG, BST, DNC (main three), THF, MNK, SAM, PUP (yes, got the PUP to 99!), RDM (and defeated Maat on it too)
  • 90's not 99:  WHM (kinda just left that one alone)
  • Relic Polearm:  All items acquired except the last 25 or so Jadeshells.  Shells have been becoming harder to come by in Upper Jeuno-Mart, but Dynamis Tonight is still running when our schedules don't go abjectly berserk.
  • Working on finishing my OA2-4 Dagger in Magians, and a Mandau is eventually in the cards, as that goblin is crafting my L3 as we speak.
  • Thanks to Tohihroyu and Argusx for helping out on Beaucedine (1/13 on the Polearm Attestation drop!) and Xarcabard farming -- and Tohihroyu and Domone for finally getting me off that damn Spitewarden fight.  (When Wills Collide)
  • Thanks to Tohihroyu for finally getting me completed on Treasures of Aht Urhgan earlier this week, and, after the WWC clear, I went 1/4 on that double-Lilith fight to finish Wings of the Goddess as well!  All four disc expansions are complete...  (Round 1: What's with all the hate bouncing to me?  Round 2:  Got a little too brave near the end or I'd have won it then.  Round 3:  Meteor -- see ya.  Round 4 was the win.)
Speaking of disc expansions, I decided to look up something after the lack of information at Tokyo Game Show on Seekers of Adoulin:

According to what I've read, the length of time from announcement to release on Wings of the Goddess was a little over 6 months.  This latest (buggy) update has added the Seekers logo to the front page of the game.

A comparable length of time would have this expansion come out right at the first of the year or so.  So are we getting more news soon?  Please???

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