Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I knew I smelled something foul today in town...

Churchill from BluGartr said he came through.

Whether he did or not, even the implication of that bitch coming through fouled the air this morning.

Next time, I think a little "adjustment" might be in order, though this hick piece of shit city might be more to your liking than it is mine...


Not much else to talk about -- game's in a holding pattern, and I'm working toward my Industrial Strength Polearm up Blu-Gartr's Ass:  My Gungnir is one fragment fight and about half a Stripeshell away.

Then, to get the Mandau to go with it.  :)

ON EDIT:  No, the gang-thug mentality of this piece of shithole would more suit you and your BG friends, Churchill.

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