Friday, September 7, 2012

The taste of cheating-bullshitter QQ is so sweet...

(Thanks to Tohihroyu for the inspiration on the title and on the subject...)

I have said, and it largely remains so, that Final Fantasy XI is largely on cruise-control, pre-Seekers.

(Hopefully some more word will come in about two weeks, at Tokyo Game Show.)

But something from Producer Matsui has got the BluCheater Brigade up in arms, as another example of the complete and deserved disain for the top level American players:

Around the time that the new "SP Abilities" (known as "Two-Hours" now, but the timer may be reduced or reduce-able soon) are brought into play, they're nerfing Perfect Defense and Embrava.

And, oh you should see the QQ...

"But that'll kill NeoNyzul and Legion and Arch-Dynamis Lord completely!"

GOOD!!!  Get rid of at least the first two.  If clearly-broken game mechanics are the only means of victory against a game endeavor, then get rid of both the mechanics and the endeavor which renders them necessary!

I've got no problem seeing Neo-Nyzul killed, since it was created as a cheat-detecting device and was never meant legally-winnable.

I've got no problem seeing Legion killed, as it's not meant to be played by more than the cheating portion of the playerbase for American players.

I've got no problem seeing ADL left alone for a while, because it almost seems like they built him and his "Split and Aga everyone to death" motif came straight out of the playbook of Pandemonium Warden, and we all know that was never meant legally defeatable at 75.

"But that'll mean no one will want a Scholar or a Summoner ever again!!"

If I had my way, Summoner wouldn't even be in the damn game anymore -- the job exists to abuse and break the rules.

As for Scholar, it certainly lags far behind Dancer of the two Wings jobs if you nerf Embrava.

So let me drink your tears, North American Cheater Brigade.  Maybe they do need to take some of these events out of the game if such unbalancing effects are necessary to win.

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