Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, Comeatmebro can not say he never gave me anything...

Dynamis-Xarc solo tonight, was going to get the L5 part for the axe -- until I forgot that I already had the pop for it...  in my Storage!

Still got the replacement Necropsyche.

And a surprise...

Comeatmebro decides tonight is the night, because he's bored and "we're buds" (God, if that ain't sarcasm...), to give me an Archon Cape.

(Now, before anyone panics...  Consider how much he and his crew do ADL.  Yes, that's the backpiece Arch Dynamis Lord drop.  Hell of a drop for Dynamis work.)

I do think he has something in mind, but I will give him something in return.

It is this, since I know he reads the blog:

I don't think I've ever adequately explained, on the blog, why I support the efforts against 3PP.

People have to remember one simple fact:  There are three separate platforms on which this game is played in the same environment, at the same time.

Players on all three of those platforms should have the same chance to play content, regardless of the platform they are on.

Many of the Terms of Service that I continually rant on (third-party programs, etc. and so forth) are there, at least by my read, because those tools are NOT AVAILABLE to all three platforms.

Now, there are claims that the JPs on their PS2s have made illegal tools of their own (All-Seeing Eye, I think, was one referred tool) -- and they use this as justification for their actions.

If Square-Enix were to, tomorrow, abrogate the rule and let people use user-created third-party programs to play FFXI, then I would regret the decision (bots, etc. -- I'm thinking of Adoulin content here...), but it is their choice to make.

I don't write these rules, contrary to the opinions of many who read this blog.  (For example, my understanding is that they actually want people to create UI aids for FFXIV:ARR.)

I just think that far too many people (yes, him included, which is why I always asked about the $100/mo he's putting in -- not to mention that he has to find a way to buy 8 codes for Adoulin at another $240) do this to make money.  I know that a lot of people do it to denigrate other players.

I've just seen too many athletes on steroids to avert my eyes (even when my own character is involved -- see the whole reason I left Siren and what I did when I discovered who I was really playing with there!) on the matter.

Four weeks can't go by fast enough.  Sheesh.

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