Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hey Draylo, SHUT THE FUCK UP...

You want a great example of why Final Fantasy XI is a dead shell of itself there only to make a few extra bucks for Square-Enix now?

Here's the latest missives from the elitist fuck camp, in response to a Matsui article in the Official Forums...

After a fairly peaceful first page, the fun begins with this post by Olor on page 2:

"Mules are only usable in place of real players in serious content because of 3rd party programs. Frankly, it's part of the "not taking" people problem. The problem boils down to people being selfish though. SE shouldn't let people blatantly brag about cheating with zero consequences, it's certainly doing nothing to help the game. Yeah if the only way to get content done is to use 3rd party programs and have 2 accounts it does nothing to attract and keep new players playing. It's toxic."

That's the idea, Olor.  There's nothing more nor less to say about it.

What these people have been saying is that bots and illegal play are the only realistic manner in which the game ever has been remotely playable.  Without them, there is not only no player-base, but no game.

"I recognize that banning everyone who uses 3rd party tools at this point would annihilate the playerbase - and I know my viewpoints on them are not popular, but there needs to be some action taken so that it doesn't devolve further into "no 3rd party tools? No invite" than it already has."

This is one of the main reasons I don't complain about the current soloable state of Final Fantasy XI.  Because, barring that, you can't play this game without being a Draylo or a Thornyy or some other RMT/3PP piece of shit who needs to get belted up side the face.

"Or they need to just link to windower from the official website and make it clear that in order to play competitively you'll need to use it. The status quo, where spellcast and other 3rd party tools that automate gear changes are officially against the rules but people feel comfortable enough breaking the rules to all but brag they are using it on the official forum... it's not sustainable. Those tools are a big part of what's dividing the playerbase. "

Again, it's a question of what the player-base actually is:  Is it a bunch of cheating pieces of shit who are sustaining a game which needs to be shut down as a legal fraud, or is it a bunch of people who are trying to fight this shit and, because of economic reality, is hamstrung because the game is being built for the cheaters, and perhaps by them as well.


As one might expect, Draylo came to town with it:

"Don't speak for me you idiot. Alliance content opens up more challenging fights by design, compared to 6 man (legion was 10x harder than Delve 2.0 at release.) Alliance content lets you include MORE jobs and people to play with. With the current delve it actually penalizes you for bringing anything more than what is necessary to win (three people lol.) Any new person you add that might need to clear the zone for KI or just to have fun is adding 68k HP.... The drops are the exact same as if you went with three people and you have to share all of it. It's hardly me asking for EXCLUSIVE content just because I wanna be special, its asking for fairness. Divine Might was a perfect system but SE didn't follow through."

Here's your "fairness", you piece of shit...

If you believe the way you play the game and the illegal tools you use are that necessary for the game, then you get banned from the game any player who does not use them.  Period.

And, because you are a fucking moron, you don't realize you have the means by which to make that charge.

There is no "fairness" under a system which rewards outright criminal behavior.  It doesn't matter what the system is...

Criminal behavior begets criminal behavior, Draylo.  You and Thornyy, personally, might want to keep that in mind in the near future.

"You sound like a gimp idiot who detests windower and "cheaterz" because you aren't a good player. Nowhere in my posts have I stated I two box or that I cheat, I simply said that you can "trio it with mules". That is hardly saying anything. For your information you don't need "cheatz" to two box, most of the jobs in this game are extremely easy to play like BRD where you cast 4 songs and afk."

You admit it in this paragraph, you fucking jackass...

Being a "good player", in your opinion (and you've made a career on FFXI doing this), requires Windower.

Anyone who, through gear of legal type or illegal type, is not optimized is a "gimp idiot" who "[isn't] a good player".

"So they should remove all the lore and quest from the game because some person quit for FFXIV and is now coming back because that game is boring? Do you know why its boring? EVERYTHING is handed to you, the quests right now are exactly as you say, go to Point A, then B, then get reward. They aren't hard to do, and certainly aren't "time consuming" they take like 10~20 minutes per job or AF quest. The game is more accessible now than it ever has been, you can get to any area incredibly easy."

Why not, if they're going to allow you to have everything in the damn thing handed to you because you have illegal tools and they either won't or can't do anything about it?

This game ain't big enough for you and me, and one of us needs to have serious legal action taken against us for our conduct with respect to Final Fantasy XI, Draylo.

Trust me, Draylo, with your mouth, I can make my half of that happen real good and quick.

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