Monday, May 18, 2015

My Reputation Finally Following Me To XIV?

I think I've seen two people in Duty Finder parties now who recognize me from my rants on here and on XI.

First one was harmless:  Drew Ultros on my Trials Roulette and the guy asked, recognized me, told me to keep it civil, we did.

The second guy was an asshole.

Couple of nights ago, drew Amdapor Keep (Hard) for my Expert/Alexandrite run.  My friend Arg came with me to farm tomes.

Basically, the main mental midget was the healer. I'm certain the guy knows me from BG...

  • We're on Anchag.  The third time around, I get the draw for the lightning, and do not make it back to the statue in time.  So, Douchenozzle Healer decides to /pray, /pray, /pray some more, and eat about 2/3 of his life when he gets AoE'd because he's too interested trying to figure out whether he wants to dismember my corpse or have sex with it.  The Swiftcast Raise FINALLY comes, but basically too late.
  • Boogyman, second boss.  Nothing much a problem here, except the dickhead decides, out of very much nowhere, to /slap me.  Mental note made, I also make the note in my FC chat, which Arg is in as well.
  • Final boss, and I'm getting heat for sucking.  Yep, full-scale Bluegartr reject, whether he's actually BG or not.  I get heat for using the limit break to finish off the DPS check before we die to it (mainly because healer and tank cannot be arsed to break everybody out of their pudding).  I tell him to shove it, he lets me die when the Cankerous Goblet decides to hold me in place.
  • By this point, I know the jackass ain't gonna raise me, so it's on from here.  Arg finally has to break it up (after he, as the only DPS the tank and healer ever gave a damn about, much less two), and the healer says Arg was the only one doing anything, with far lesser gear than mine.
You know, if I wanted that, I'd post on Bluegartr.


Do me a favor -- you think I suck shit that badly, you and your buddy kick me.

But you'll lose the person single-handedly responsible for bringing me on XIV once he takes the 30-minute penalty too.

PS:  He suggested that, next time, I report you for harassment. Well...

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