Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wow... That was... underwhelming.

Took me longer to download the updates than to complete Rhapsodies I.

I have two songs to describe Rhapsodies I:

"This song...  is pretty damn short."


"This is your birthday song...
 It isn't very long..."

I think it's clear that when XI becomes an MMMRPG, the whole thing is basically going mobile.

The new area and battle system is _OK_, but there just isn't enough meat and potatoes to it.

As for the storyline, interesting but not nearly up to even Adoulin standards, much less 2.55.

Be interesting to see if I even THINK of resubbing, barring circumstances.


Anonymous said...

It's funny looking back over your old posts, and how you keep insisting the game isn't going to survive, and yet here it is, one of the longest-running MMORPGs ever. It's only dying now because the PS2 dev kits they make new content on are wearing out.

Starcade said...

What didn't help matters was the absolute crash of XIV 1.x.

Since you did read a lot of my old posts, you already understand that the first real word that Square-Enix was de-emphasizing XI and pushing XIV as the forefront of their MMO division was right after the Salvage bans of 2009.

XIV 1.x nearly killed the entire company, much less the MMO division. That's one of the reasons Yoshida is now revered within the XIV community.

We don't get Seekers of Adoulin without 1.x being such a disaster. The only question was self-sufficiency.