Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another week toward the abyss...

And that's about how I truly feel about things...

First, the FFXI stuff:

Wednesday Dynamis: Couldn't attend -- person heading roommate's projects had a tornado slam through town, and had to make sure everything was upright, including his cat. So the roommate had to take over on an emergency basis.

Sunday Dynamis (8/16): The heck if I can remember now. Just got through one today. Probably Bastok, with the win.

New project is levelling PLD to a manageable level. 37 now, about 38.

Also doing some light zeni farming for not much particular reason.


Someone has to tell me why I continue to bother, since it's clear that the world has gone God-damned insane!

Every time I walk out of the apartment now, I really feel there's a chance I am not coming back. More and more, people just going off on each other, more and more malfeasance everywhere you look, and then everything you once believed in is going to shit in a shingle.

And just when you think you've seen everything, Khan Noonian Favre is a Viqueen.

Bite my entire ass, you sanctimonious fucker, Brett.


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