Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, this week is over, and a bit of a hit or miss one...


I just mean it, *groan*...

Let's see, Campaign in the Northlands is going to shit, my roommate has a very somber anniversary tomorrow...

and now Fed Ex wants to join in on the goddamned package smashing bullshit!!!!!

Now they have decided, in their infinite wisdom *snork*, that my friend isn't entitled to ship through them EITHER. They literally sat on one of her boxes, or so it appeared, and the store which sent it is not pleased.

So little pleased that (pending availability and the like), they might actually come from Costa Mesa to Riverside (and, really, Fed Ex, it takes you two days to ship something which we could take on the bus and get point-to-point in a fucking hour and a half????) to see the damage and replace the shipment themselves!!!

(To which they would probably ensure a future customer in my roommate, who would probably just use the aforementioned busses to do a full-day trip out there to get what she wants from that company.)

Needless to say, I AM NOT FUCKING AMUSED!!!

My roommate is trying to hold things together on a very tough weekend for her, and another shipping company has to shit all over her business and property. I will not be held responsible if my roommate is pushed one nerve too far.


*sigh* Again...

Well, to get to FFXI stuff:

Sunday: Bastok win. 10 Bynes for me. No Wootz, but I do think I got an AF of some kind (maybe MNK), but the memory is a little fuzzy.

Wednesday: Jeuno win -- a bit sloppy, per our normalcy. Kiana was back for his first Wednesday in a while, and I declared for the first Big Money.

Only five of them dropped!!! I got one, the second declaration got one, and three more went to free lot.

Anyhoo... Then, got a Molydenum Ingot from a Campaign drop in the Northlands, so I decided to abandon the Grand Greedalox Bank and just become a Grand Greedalox! WOO HOO!!

Last couple of days got a bit sloppy out there, so I've been off a lot more than on.


Noticed a BUNCH of people doing gaming marathons this weekend for Child's Play.

The Returners, for Final Fantasy
Save Point, doing ALL of FF7 -- all the sidequests, etc.
Another group is over a week now on getting 2 characters to level 80 in WoW using only 3 players.
And I've seen a couple more...

None have raised a ton of money like The Speed Gamers did, but... check em out

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