Saturday, August 15, 2009

This week has legitimately felt like a month...

Oh, where do I begin? Why not with the FFXI stuff, then I'll rant and rave on a week which nearly was the death of me...


Going to get DNC 66 tonight, pending need of helping of roommate.

BLM 20, PLD 31, maybe 32.

Sunday Dynamis: Snow. No win, for some odd reason -- we usually win at Snow.

Wednesday Dynamis: Sandy. No win either.

Hopefully the summer's end soon will bring us some more luck.

ACP Final: 0/1. Moogle Kupo d'Etat Mithra Fight: 0/2.


And then we get to Real Life, which made even FFXI a real grind this week. I have said numerous times that many more weeks like some my friend has had will be the end of my friend.

I had one of those weeks too.

Sunday, my roommate became part-owner of her online project that the roomie has been working on. Congratulations.

Monday, she almost lost her roommate (me).

Went out to get some groceries for the roommate.

Decide to go out for supper, witness one robbery at the restaurant about 2 miles from here in Riverside. This was about the third such event I witnessed within 2 miles of my apartment in the last 2 weeks.

#4 was me, at apparent gunpoint.

I won't even dignify what I might think of the guy, since I basically blasted someone for generalizing all of them into such derogatory manners, but this guy basically was prepared to kill the next person who didn't give him money.

After replacing my roommate's money (and calling the cops), it got me to thinking: Have we completely lost our fucking minds?

What I found out on Thursday confirmed it once and for all...

I used to be a fan of the NFL. I used to be a big sports fan -- sports getting me through a three-month stretch of anxiety attacks and other sicknesses which made the last part of my junior year an utter blur in high school.

Then, I began to notice three very simple things:

1) The level of play was deteriorating to the point the games were unwatchable.

2) The level of conduct was deteriorating to the point the players were unwatchable.

3) The league's integrity was deteriorating to the point the sport IS unwatchable.

Thursday, the fucking idiots reinstated Dog Killer -- Ron Mexico -- whatever the fuck you want to call that piece of shit, and the Iggles signed that fucker.

Fuck the Eagles. Fuck the National Mafia Felon League. Fuck the rigged games, the criminals all over the place, the sport itself, etc. Fuck Roger Goodell, "Commissioner G".

People are so glad to see him get a second chance. This motherfucker should never have gotten a FIRST chance!

Believe me, if I won the lottery, I would pay to see Mr. Mexico crippled or worse before he goes and finishes what obviously has been his destiny since he started dogfighting at about age eight. And I think we all know what that is.

This ghetto-banging, gang-loving, More Hardcore Than Thou culture has to stop. I'm sicking of watching commercials and seeing brands telling us to Be Tough, with No Excuses, and That's G.

Fuck being "G". Fuck Ghetto. Fuck Gangsta. Fuck all that it brought into our culture and all that it sucked out of it!!

It's to the point that I can't enjoy anything in life without thinking I should've killed someone by now for the fucking "street cred", which seems to be more important than anything in life.

I see it in FFXI with all the goddamned cheating.

I see it in all sports with the steroids, rigged games, criminality, enablers in the leagues, and what have you. 'Cause we all know what would happen if someone actually cleaned up the NFL from the point it is now:

"With the first pick in the 20XX NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select (insert player's name here), University of Wisconsin-River Falls..."

I see it in robbed anime. BTW, there's a person about 15 miles from me that wants to fight. He'll get it, on my time.

And we're all supposed to "Shut up and enjoy the show." Whether it's the rigged American Idol, the National Mafia League, FFXI, anime, or whatever.

I can't. I can't, in good conscience. You don't want me living in that world.

Of course, given that we are probably one or two more good swipes from TS(literally)HTF, I begin to wonder if it's even going to matter anymore.

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