Friday, May 4, 2012

And people wonder why I am glad that most of the game is soloable...

Reading my favorite cheatinous-motherfucker farming, and I spy this from a "Churchill" on Lakshmi:

"People were just tired of this shit. I always attribute it to the increasing lack of drama as the game aged, but that may just be why I got more bored as the game went on. Epic trolls and drama llama's became more and more rare and I don't think I'm alone in saying that was the best part of HNM's. There was no PVP, but you sure could fuck other people over pretty hard. Monopolizing stuff so only your shell had the best gear, etc."

 So the main excitement you got from the game is to fuck other people over.

Well, sir, FUCK YOU.


When I heard of all the announcements at VanaFest 2010, I was happiest about the move from 75 to 99 -- though I felt it took way too damn long to do it -- in that, in the right hands, it would BLOW UP THE ENTIRE FRACKING POWER STRUCTURE.

Well, it took to 99, but it probably has.  I don't mind that most of the game is soloable.  In fact, glad to do it.  Glad that I don't have to depend that someone else in my shell is a griefing bitch like this fucker.

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