Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh come on... Griefing has now come to THIS...

From the Official Forums, through FFXIAH's forums:

Rukkirii, the Community Rep, posted:

"Currently, the way that spells/abilities are set up fall into one of three categories: Self/Party Members/Anyone. Therefore, we can’t just make an adjustment to allow something to reach alliances only. If we were to do this, it would have to be done so that the spell applies to "Anyone."

In that case, we have to worry quite a bit about harassment and griefing that could result from that change. For example, when players have to be visible to interact with something (like a door), someone can cast invisible on them to grief them repeatedly. Secondly, players would be able to disrupt someone who is trying "pull with sound aggro" by casting sneak on them before hand.
Furthermore, casting invisible on someone else and making them disappear without their consent is a major point of harassment.

These reasons are why we haven't moved to change the properties of Sneak/Invisible beyond their current party member limitation."



You motherfuckers have to wish you could start resorting to grief-invising (thereby preventing most door/NPC interactions) to disrupt people's play because you think this shit is FUNNY?


I mean, I know that griefing is effectively legal in FFXI (servers would probably have to be halved again -- beyond the probable impending post-VanaFest 2012 server merge -- if they really enforced that it wasn't), and content denial can be at an all-time high (just try to do Dynamis-Valkurm during Hippogryph JA-proc times), but you idiots have basically decided that you believe it right to go around and just start invising people to prevent them from actively being able to take part in the game?


Please go kindly take a flying leap...

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