Thursday, May 31, 2012

VanaFest News: Stream Schedules Released, and the US Whiners Kill the Random Deal Event

So, they basically do listen, when it is to the detriment of the players.

Announcements on the forum today on the "Random Deal" Event:
  • Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean Weapon coupons have been removed from the event.
  • One try per day
  • Reselling prohibited
  • and Limited # of people can try
In short, the whiners here killed the event.

There is NO REASON, really, now to do this event -- or, doubly, for SE to charge for it (if you're that dead-set on doing it, just make a code item part of the benefit for entry for the ticket!!)

And most of the people are saying, "THEY DID THE RIGHT THING!"

No, the whole premise to the event (especially with the Nomad Mog Bonanza) was so flawed that the "right thing" would've been full cancellation of the "Random Deal" event, or to make 1-2 tags available to every SE account, for the approximate same price.


And the stream schedule is also up.

There will be two streams.  One in Japanese for basically all of the stuff on the main stage, one in English for mostly recaps and the like.

Day 1:  Saturday, June 23 (Friday night PDT in the States)

Opening ceremony is 5:30 PM PDT on Friday.

After that, a new battlefield will be revealed for the game in the 6-7 PM slot.  At 6:30 PM, the English stream will talk about that battlefield for half an hour.

Then the Dev Team, one hour in Japanese at 7-8 PM, followed by a music performance by Naoshi Mizuta for 30 minutes.  At 8:30, the Japanese stream goes dark and the English stream starts up again for 30 minutes, talking about the Dev Team revelations.

Then the Cosplay Contest at 9 PM PDT -- both streams.

Then the History Director of FFXI will come out for an hour.  The Japanese stream will carry this live at 10 PM PDT.  The English stream will delay it by one hour at 11 PM PDT, with a Live Quest quickie on the stage for the JP stream.

Kumi Tanioka of The Star Onions performs at midnight PDT Saturday morning, followed by the Nomad Mog Bonanza.  Tanioka on the JP stream, Bonanza on both.  English recap of day one after closing at 1 AM PDT.

Day 2:  Sunday, June 24 (Saturday night)

Same thing, basically, 5:30 - 9.  Battlefield Examination is in the slots 6-7.  There is a second Dev Team talk, though it is not clear, with two separate admissions, as to how much of the Friday panel would be rehashed, especially with everything being streamed.  Mizuta again at 8, English recap of Dev Team II at 8:30.

Then, the "Trans-Vanadiel Vrtra Quiz", both streams, 9-10 PM PDT.  Probably in the style of the JP game-show "Ultra Quiz", with probable awesome prizes for the one eventual survivor.

Then, on the English stream ONLY, a "Foods of Vana'diel" segment 10-11 PM, with another JP stream Live Quest segment in there somewhere.  Probably to look at some of the recreated recipes which have been talked about on the forum.

The music performance for night 2 is:  Nobuo Uematsu!!!  He's 11-11:30, followed by the at-event Mog Bonanza on both streams, and a day 2 English recap at midnight PDT, one hour earlier than the Day 1 ending.

All I have to say is this:  That battlefield better be something huge, and not just a dungeon crawl that we've seen on the roadmap.

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